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Healthy Lifestyle tips Videos!


Healthy Lifestyle Tips!

Healthy tips for the new year

To start off the new year, I wrote an article with some healthy lifestyle tips!  After I published it, I thought some healthy lifestyle tips might make a good video. My content always ends up being different, and that’s what happened here. But I think the subjects are compatible and hope you’ll enjoy it. The result can be seen below.


The full article on healthy lifestyle tips can be found here!

I always take a common sense approach to my subject. Good living does not have to be rocket science and I believe my first responsibility is to make my articles easy to follow. I am aware though, that some people cannot accept a common sense approach to the causes of obesity.  They need the scientific facts. So below is a second, much longer video, by an expert, entirely focused on the science.

This video is titled:

The Quality of Calories: What Makes Us Fat and Why Nobody Seem to care..



I hope in this way, I have given you some healthy lifestyle tips you can use!


This should help you consider your healthy options and where the evolution of life comes into it.  In short, the complete picture. You deserve no less than that.


healthy lifestyle tips include info about sugar addiction
healthy lifestyle tips include info about sugar addiction!


Healthy lifestyle tips about Obesity statistics. 60% of the population are headed for obesity.


Since this is expected to rise to 86% by 2030, I really can’t think of a more important subject to cover at this time.


If you have been led to believe that sugar addiction, or food addiction are not real addictions and should not be a cause for concern. Then let me give you a brief picture that I hope will change your mind.


Addictions, whether they are derived from illegal drugs or legal food substances, are first and foremost about money. The sums of money behind an addiction are astronomical. Illegal drug cartels and legal cereal and snack food corporations, can and do sway governments.


Healthy lifestyle tips shows us the road to good habits
Healthy lifestyle tips shows us the road to good habits!


The addicts, people like you and I, are mere pawns.  We don’t matter because we have no influence.  That’s how school children can be forced to eat lunches designed to get them addicted to carbs food. That’s just in case they are not already hooked by the ‘healthy options’ that mothers are encouraged to buy.


Till the late seventies, it was not normal to diet. Nor was it necessary. We began to diet when a media scare campaign drove us to change the food we all grew up on. In fact, what we ended up with, was an exact reversal of our traditional food.  It wasn’t long before weight problems began to get noticed.  Common sense should have alerted somebody that a change as radical as that, may not be good to the health of our body.


Get tips about diabetes type 2
Get tips about diabetes type 2

Looking back with hindsight, it’s easy to see how new diseases like diabetes type 2 and morbid obesity have been able to develop and grow.  Jus as cases of heart disease colon and bowel cancer are increasing in huge numbers. Our food is killing us and the only solution we are offered is to try yet another useless diet.


Right now, our children and grandchildren are being groomed for addiction right under our noses.


Nobody can stop this trend.  But we can still stop it in our own homes.  I can teach you how..


If you want to learn what opened the door that allowed this disaster to happen, and what we can each do to take back control of our own and our children’s diet. Then go to my website where you’ll find links to many healthy lifestyle tips you can use.

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