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Heart Disease Caused By A Diet!

Heart Disease!

heart disease

Heart Disease!

Our present diet causes Heart disease . It also causes Obesity, Diabetes Type 2 and food addiction.  Our diet consists of more than 60% manufactured, processed foods.  These are fake foods based on carbohydrate.  They are alien to our body. And have triggered a food addiction.  Our body converts all carbohydrates to glucose.  That’s our fuel.  Most of us eat way too much processed foods.  If we don’t have the energy to burn the fuel.  Our body is forced to convert it to body fat.  That’s the fat that makes us fat, clogs our arteries and nestles around our vital organs.  It causes heart disease.  Processed foods make up more than 60% of the average persons diet.

heart disease

heart disease

Given that it is protein foods that give us energy. And carbohydrates merely provide the fuel (glucose). When we have enough energy to spend.  We are clearly on the wrong track.  Most of the food we eat today. Is not a replacement of the food we used to eat.  it is in addition to the food we used to eat.   That’s because processed foods are not feeding our hunger.  It is feeding our addiction.

Food addiction is the trigger. That makes us constantly hungry. It makes us crave the foods that cause our addiction.  That means we eat a lot less protein foods.  yet, that’s where we get our energy.The fatter we get from processed carb foods. The less energy we get from proteins.  Only a small amount of our cab foods. Will ever get used for energy.   The rest ends up as body fat.  It causes heart disease and other serious conditions.

Processed food does more than lead to heart disease!

If you have a food addiction.  A weight loss doesn’t mean anything.  It will never last.  A long term weight loss cannot be achieved. When you are addicted to food.  It can only happen. When you cure your addiction. And reconnect with you body.  To succeed. You need to eat the foods your body understands.  Forty years ago. We were coerced to abandon our traditional diet.  Instead of eating a healthy natural protein rich foods. A diet that had evolved with us for centuries.  We switched to a diet of 60%+ unnatural, processed foods.  This led to a food addiction, an obesity epidemic, diabetes type 2, and a massive increase in heart disease, colon and bowel cancer.

heart disease

Heart disease!

Why does this continue?  When you analyse the bottom line, it is always about money.  The food industry is very powerful.  They are well established. And accustomed to profiting from our addiction.  They have had 40 years to get used to it.  They rely on each generation. To pass the addiction to their children.  This has proved very successful.  The food industry. Has followed the example of the tobacco industry.  Despite decades of negative publicity. They are still in business.  And their products still kill people.  It would be a massive boon to any business. To own an addicted market.

Heart disease statistics prove we are less healthy today. Than we were 40 years ago!

The plain fact is. If we don’t step in and protect our own family. Against this manipulative evil.  Nobody else will.  Too much money. And too many vested interests. profit from food addiction.  If we don’t change the foods in our homes.  Our children are guaranteed to end up addicted. That means a future of obesity. And other diseases that’ll shorten their lives.  How do we prevent it?  We arm ourselves with facts.  Admittedly, thats’ no longer easy. The food industry is protecting their market. They haveflooded the internet with pseudo science. Most diet experts use that same material.  That makes genuine information hard to find.  You may want to start by visiting the link below.  You’ll find a tonne of free information. It will help protect you and your family. From a ruthless industry. That believes it owns you. And has a right to own your kids. 

Despite amazing advances in medicine.  Heart disease becomes ever more prevalent.  Just over one in 12 U.S. service members who died in the Iraq and Afghanistan wars had plaque buildup in the arteries, around their hearts – an early sign of heart disease, according to a new studyContinue Reading

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