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The Weight Loss Foods Your Body Always Loved!

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I want to tell you how I lost 30 pounds in 6 weeks.  And how, so far, I have kept if off for 10 years. I’ve done it without dieting, counting calories or worrying about food plans or exercise. I have never been healthier or felt better in my life.  If this sounds as appealing to you, as it was for me, it will cost you nothing to learn more.  I want to share my weight loss secrets, and I know you’ll be glad I did.

I got this result by using the Diet Terminator Method.  It is a method that does not treat weight problems.  Instead, it treats the cause of your weight problems.  It teaches you how to overcome food addiction and eliminate the weight for good.  The weight will never come back as long as you eat the food that nature designed for you digestive system.  But you can’t do that as long as you are addicted.

Till I was 43, I had never experienced a weight problem.  Then, through medical circumstances I was forced on a diet.  This triggered a twenty year struggle trying to learn how to stop overeating and lose some weight for more than 5 minutes.  I kept eating too much.  My routine became: Start a diet and lose some weight. Stop dieting and gain it all back, plus a little extra.

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I was constantly hungry.  As my weight increased, my self- esteem plummeted and I began to hate the person I had become.  I couldn’t bear to look at myself in the mirror.  It was no longer me.  For more than twenty years I never enjoyed a normal meal.  I was either on a diet, or trying not to regain the weight. I became ‘the enemy’ to my own body.  It never occurred to me to find out how my body felt about my diets.

With each diet solution, I ended up a little fatter than before. It took twenty years to bring me to my senses.  It was clear nobody was going to come to my rescue. In fact, everyone around me was going through the same thing. Like me, they were waiting for a miracle that would show us how to stop binge eating.  If I didn’t take action, I would remain on the road to obesity and self-destruction.

I began to think of a lot of stuff I used to know. I had filed it away in my head as obsolete. Yet the answer to my weight problems were there all along.  I just didn’t listen to my internal body anymore.  My natural instinct for Intuitive eating, once used by everyone had vanished.  I had been encouraged to view my internal body as too complicated. Something that required a diet experts.

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Then I had this EUREKA MOMENT!  I realized I did not need help to lose weight with yet another diet.  I needed food addiction help to eliminate my weight problem for good, without a diet. There is a world of difference between those two options.  I had to learn how to beat food addiction.  And I had to UNDO the damage I had caused to my body, with twenty years of yoyo diets and bad advice.

So I learned how to beat food addiction.  I eliminated it, using my weight loss secrets.  I got rid of the 30 pounds I had gained in just 6 weeks.  Not only did that make me happy, it made my internal body even happier.  I know this because my metabolism went back to work to control and balance my weight as it should.  I got my energy back, along with the body I thought I’d lost forever.

What did I learn from this?  I learned that diets can only fix the symptoms – The Weight.  But no diet in the world can win a battle against Food Addiction. The weight will always return with a few extra pounds.  I Learned some new healthy lifestyle habits.  I learnt to stay slim and healthy without a diet, without exercise, without counting calories and without binges and hunger pains. I was no longer addicted to food.

I called my method  The Diet Terminator.  I created  6 comprehensive modules that will guarantee your complete, permanent weight loss.  I set up a Skype group membership where all members can contact me at any time.  This is your opportunity to duplicate my results.  I’ll be there to help you, every step of the way.  Download the PDF: http—kirstenplotkin_com-the-diet-terminator-review-

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