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What Foods are Carbs and Is There A Limit?

What Foods Are Carbs?

what foods are carbs
What foods are carbs?

What foods are carbs?   The question that leads to a mountain of misinformation.  The truth is always less complicated.  There are only 2 important kinds of carb foods.  First there are natural carbohydrates.  These are carb foods that are produced by nature.  If a carbohydrate does not grow in nature, it is not a natural carbohydrate.  Throughout history; Whenever natural carb foods were available, they were part of the human diet.  The 2nd kind of carb foods are

carb foods
Carb Foods!

What foods are carbs and what do they do?

carb foods
Carb Foods!

We have 2 distinct types of carb foods.  Throughout history, whenever they were available, our ancestors enjoyed natural carb foods as a supplement to our traditional, high protein diet.   Our body converts all carb foods to glucose.  That is the fuel our body prefers to use when it has energy to spend.  Our energy comes from protein foods.  Natural carb foods are seasonal.  In the past, they were often unavailable.

The 2nd kind of carb foods are known as processed foods. These are manufactured carb foods that did not exist till the twentieth century.  In other words; our body does not need them to survive and thrive.  These are human made foods. They are not natural to our body.  Till the 2nd world war, they consisted of corn flakes.  In the past 40 years, since we reversed our everyday diet, processed foods have sky rocketed. Today, unnatural carb foods make up around 60% of our daily diet.

The human body does not adapt, it evolves.  It has not changed for thousands of years and does not understand human made foods.  This has led to a food addiction.  The result is an obesity epidemic.  A new disease called diabetes type 2, and an increase in heart disease, colon and bowel cancer.   The fact is; we are eating the wrong food for our body.  it may suit our taste buds, but inside, it is killing us.  Since we live in that body, we should be very concerned.  Because, the more excess carbohydrates we eat, the fatter we get.

what foods are carbs
What foods are carbs?

What foods are carbs?  Aren’t there both good carbs and bad carbs?

During and after the 2nd world war, our traditional protein breakfast of bacon and eggs, was hard to come by.  Processed, breakfast cereals were promoted as a cheap, food substitute.   Even so, our traditional protein diet remained largely in tact till the 1970’s.  It was then abandoned for a modern new diet of carb foods.  A diet said to have been invented to cure a sudden epidemic of high cholesterol.  This began a boon in the manufacture of processed carb food products.

the food industry
The food industry!

How did our body like that change?  Nobody thought to ask.  Not even some 30 years later, when we learned that every cholesterol test had been wrong from the start.  Instead of gauging the hdl ldl ratio, as we do today.  They added the numbers together.  There never was cholesterol emergency!

Food addiction causes food cravings and binge eating.  We can’t resist processed foods because we are addicted to them.  Food addiction drives us to eat at least twice the amount of food people ate in the fiftieths.  This has led to an obesity epidemic.  More than 60% of today’s ‘healthy diet’, is made up of fake processed foods.  We are eating ourselves to extinction.

Kids are pre-programmed to crave fake, processed foods.

Processed foods are called healthy energy foods.  With each generation, the message instills the belief that fake, processed carbohydrates can produce a healthy diet.  We send our children off to school on empty breakfast cereals.  We ignore the essential protein foods. The building blocks of life that are the only source of energy food for the growth of healthy children.

What foods are carbs and which are important?

what foods are carbs
What foods are carbs?

We began with a healthy protein diet  inherited from our grandma, who inherited it from her grandma.  We ended up on an unhealthy diet of 60%, newly invented ‘fake foods’ that our body did not understand.  It was promoted by self nominated ‘experts’, who were not qualified to understand our digestive system. They decided the quickest most effective way to invent a modern new diet was to reverse the old one.  They had no idea how the human body would deal with processed foods.  The diet became known as the Food Pyramid.

The Food Pyramid continues as the Food Plate!

The people who invented the food pyramid called themselves Nutritionists.  They took advantage of a media scare campaign about cholesterol, to launch a modern new diet designed to control high cholesterol. It became the only solution to a massive cholesterol problem.  This was because most cholesterol tests shoved high readings.  It was a virtual epidemic. Today we know the test were wrong.  But it took more than thirty years to expose the error and to correct the test procedure.  By then, most people were addicted and heading for obesity.

Today it’s difficult to understand.  But then today, even with the benefit of hindsight, we still subscribe to the new version of the  food pyramid, called the food plate. We know the facts about carbohydrates. We are just too addicted to give it up!  Nobody could have foreseen that we would ever change our traditional food.  Even in the seventies, it took  more than a trend to influence the majority of people.  In fact, it took a worldwide media scare campaign about cholesterol to do it.  Today, some forty years later, we are faced with two disturbing reasons to worry.

what foods are carbs
What foods are carbs?

First the notion that our body is designed to adapt to change.  That’s not true.

carb foods
Carb foods!

We can make changes to our appearance.  But our internal body is beyond our control.  The human body does not adapt, it evolves.   When we reduce our calorie intake,  our body is alerted to famine.  It is programmed to respond.  It slows down the metabolism and prepares to store body fat.  When the famine is over, the body maintains a low metabolic rate, while it recovers every ounce of fat we have lost.  That’s its job!

We know it does not stop there.  To protect us against the next famine,  our body adds an extra layer of  fat.  That means; the more often we diet, the more new layers of fat are added.  So the more we diet the fatter we get.  With each diet,  our body learns to get more efficient at restoring the body fat.  That’s why it gets more difficult to lose weight, and so much faster to regain it.

Video by Gary Taubes:

What if it’s all been a big fat lie?

What foods Are Carbs and where does fat come into it?

It is easy to see what separates the 2 types of carb foods.  One is created by nature, to give us a healthy diet.  The other is created by the food industry to give it healthy balance sheet. It is wrong to believe  that if we eat less fat, we reduce our body fat.  It would make sense if the fat we eat is the same fat that gets stored on our body.  But that’s not the case.  The food we eat, including the fat, is processed by our digestive system.  Fat is a crucial part of our diet.



Can we exist without carbohydrates?  Absolutely!  The Eskimos have done it for centuries.  Our ancestors did it often, through harsh winters and long famines.  They even survived an ice age.  What we may not survive is processed foods.  They now represent 60% of the average persons daily diet.  It is crucial to our future that we learn what foods are carbs!


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