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What Is Healthy Eating?

 What Is Healthy Eating?

what is healthy eating

5 Food addiction symptoms that point to What Is Healthy Eating?

What is healthy eating?  Your body is not designed for the types of eating disorders so common today.  We are also not meant to respond to the whims of self-proclaimed diet experts.  Our body does not adapt.  It evolves.  That means it evolves and changes at the speed of nature.  That’s a very slow speed indeed. The food we eat today leads to food addiction. That causes overeating, food cravings and binge eating.  This makes us eat even more food.  So we get fat. That leads us to dieting.  Whatever weight loss we achieve, it will all be back soon  after. So how do you know what is healthy eating to your body?  And how do you know if you are addicted to food?


what is healthy eating
What is healthy eating?

These are 5 things that suggest you have a food addiction

  1. You are always a little hungry
  2. You binge eat
  3. You have a sweet tooth
  4. You choose foods you know are bad for you.
  5. You have a weight problem
  6. you get food cravings


Before food addiction, knowing what is healthy eating used to be basic knowledge!

what is healthy eating
What is healthy eating?

We are not meant to get fat.  I know there are many “diet experts” out there who claim to have a diet that will eliminate obesity. But such a diet does not exist. A diet may work for a while to lose weight – but no diet has ever worked to permanently eliminate excess body fat.  The fact is, when you diet, the weight is guaranteed to return.  Your own body is programmed to make sure of it.  After each diet it adds a little extra weight, to protect you against the next diet.  You will always end up with a little more  body fat than when you began.  To keep a slim body comes back to what is healthy eating. How to eat and not get fat?

When you diet you are fighting nature.  Your body does not adapt – it evolves.  It has not evolved to understand self imposed food restrictions.  It’s interpreted as a famine.  When famine threatens, our body is programmed to slow our metabolism and prepare to store body fat. Losing weight is a struggle we will never win till we make friends with our body.  So I’m not going to talk to you about how to stop overeating .  I’m going to prove to you that diets are both unnatural and unnecessary.  Nature provided us with an internal system that was designed to take care of our health and regulate our weight.  All it requires is the right types of food.  We used to know those foods by instinct. When you know what they are.You will know what is healthy eating.

 How important is it to know what is healthy eating?

what is healthy eating
What is healthy eating?

Your life may depend on it.  You see, forty years ago we foolishly abandoned a traditional diet that had served us for centuries. These were the types of food our internal body required to do the job nature intended.  Instead, we switched to the flashy, new food pyramid, which was based on the exact opposite foods.  That laid the groundwork for today’s food addiction.  How to stop overeating became an impossible task.  Gradually, everybody began to get fat.  This has led to a culture of diets and dieting. Forty years ago, the vast majority of people were lean and healthy and dieting was for sick people.  Dieting was never a normal thing to do.  Today the majority of people are fat and unhealthy and almost everybody diets.  It has become a very normal thing to do.  We have brought this on ourselves.  But we can still change it.  I would be honored to have the opportunity to teach you how!

what is healthy eating
What is healthy eating?

Here are a few things about diets and Food addiction you need to know!

1. Dieting Dieting is not just ultimately, unsuccessful.  It is utterly futile.  It goes against nature.  Our body does not adapt, it evolves.  Evolution take eons, not a few decades.  When we diet our body responds to famine.  it slows us down and prepares to store body fat.  When the diet is over, it immediately goes to work to restore every ounce of fat we have lost.  It then adds a little extra to protect us against the next famine.  That’s nature.  Fighting nature is never a very smart thing to do. 2. Human Evolution I have tried every diet invented and it has taught me that a diet never works. It can’t.  Our body is not designed to adapt to new food.  Our internal system is neither changeable or adaptable. We may look very modern on the outside.  But on the inside we are the same people who survived the last ice age.  Our body is not designed to suffer self-imposed famines.  Or to eat processed pretend food created on a modern assembly line. 3. A healthy Lifestyle does not require a diet.   But it does require that you take a look at yourself from a different perspective – that of your own body’s.  It is designed to control and balance your weight naturally.  That was never meant to be your job.  All your body expects from you is that you eat the types of food it understands and is equipped to process.  I don’t know about you, but personally, I think that’s a very reasonable expectation. 4. Normal weight Everything I teach about how to get back to your normal weight comes from lessons I have learned over a life time of 72 years.  I experienced my own struggle, of being overweight for more than twenty years.  I teach nothing that I haven’t already done for myself.  I have seen hundreds of ‘diet experts’ come and go.  Their advice is unscientific and unhelpful.  I can prove, without a shadow of a doubt that their message is not only false, it has contributed to the cause of obesity. They have placed our future and that of our children’s, in jeopardy. 5. The right energy food I will not bedazzle you with graphs and flow charts about the right energy food.  I’ll not impress you with nonsensical diet talk and pseudo-science.  I will simply appeal to your common sense.  I will tell you in everyday language where your food goes after you eat it and what your body does with it.  This is not scientific knowledge.  These are basic facts that even school children used to know. 6. Food Addiction I would like to teach you how to cure your food addiction.  How you can get a weight loss that will last for the rest of your life.  Without dieting, without a meal plan, without detox, without counting calories and even without exercise.  I will teach you the right food types. How to successfully stop  being addicted to food.  And how to eliminate your cravings for fast food and sweets.  Once the cravings are gone, food will no longer control your thoughts and actions.  I’ll teach you how to make friends with your body.  This will guarantee you’ll never need a diet again.

In summary;

Begin by reading the wealth of information about what is healthy eating, freely available on my website Click to download the free Report.  Sign up to my RSS feed. Read the comprehensive information about my book.  Then take a look at the unique membership support group, where I can help you, step by step, to cure your addiction and lose your weight for good.  There is no other membership like it.  If for no other reason: This membership actually works. Please give me your comments.  They mean a lot to me. I hope to get to know you and to earn your trust.  I genuinely want to help you and I have ways to do that, that you will not get from anyone else.  Let’s face it. A permanent weight loss is the last thing the diet and weight loss industry wants to hear about!  Yet, is that not the only weight loss that really counts? Learn how to cure your food addiction and lose weight for good. Learn what is healthy eating through the membership: Just click here. 

I hope to hear from you and to eventually see you in my membership group! I truly can help you.


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