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Ways To Lose Weight For Keeps!


 Ways To Lose Weight

ways to lose weight

Ways to lose weight!

ways to lose weight

Ways to lose weight!

Of the many ways to lose weight, that we experiment with.  There is only one way to lose weight for good.  We are finally waking up to the fact that diets don’t work.  Why don’t they work?  Our body doesn’t understand dieting. It reacts to protect us against famine.  It slows our metabolism and gets ready to store fat.  When we return to our normal food, we begin to recover the weight we lost.  That’s the way our body is programmed to work. We are desperate to want to believe diets work.  So each time we hear of a new miracle diet. And it guarantees to work faster and better than the last.  We suspend our common sense.   We are like gamblers who just know the next bet will pay off.   Deep down we know the weight will come back.  But we are prepared to risk that for the sake of a brief period. Where we can be the best looking version of ourselves possible.

ways to lose weight

Ways to lose weight!

What makes the weight always come back?  Nature!  Human beings evolve. They do not adapt.  We began to get fat when we began to diet.  Forty years ago, it was still normal to be lean and healthy.  It was not normal to diet and it was not normal to get fat. What we refuse to accept is that our body is not designed to adapt.

We expect to get what we pay for. But ways to lose weight that work, still elude us!

Today there are few things we can’t obtain with enough persistence or money.  That includes enhancements to our face, our hair, our body, our style, our personality, and our social skills.  These are no longer hopes or promises for the future.  This is the future.  Being healthy and wealthy is not a hope.  it’s an expectation.  We assume good looks and self esteem will naturally follow.  After all, make-up can make virtually anyone look beautiful.  As to the shape of our body?  If the gym is too hard, there is always surgery.

 But the right ways to lose weight for keeps, are as elusive as ever!

healthy food

Healthy food!

One of the most common issues that influence our self-esteem is weight problems.  Within the diet industry there are two conflicting views about weight problems and why we are all getting fat.  First there’s the belief that many people have a genetic disposition to be fat.  Others believe most people lack the focus or persistence to stick to a diet long enough to get a lasting weight loss.

ways to lose weight with exercise

Ways to lose weight with exercise!

Diet experts will point out, that most people who diet, lose weight.  That maybe true.  But most people who are fat, have also dieted.  Usually many times.  The fact is, dieting is useless.  The weight always comes back.  And always adds a little extra weight. Diet experts lay the blame on the dieter. They failed to stick to the diet.  They didn’t keep a weight loss routine.  They ate the wrong food.  They blame the victim, they never blame the diet. There is another common view: Our body is something we can adapt and reshape.  All we need to do is diet and exercise.  Do enough of it, and be persistent.  We can then re-sculpt our body to meet our expectations.  It’s up to us to shape ourselves.  And become the person we believe we SHOULD be.  This is how we claim the blame for ourselves.

ways to lose weight

Ways to lose weight!

Take away all technology.  And there is little difference to find.  Between a person in the seventies and a person today.  People had jobs and went to work every day.  They had cars and watched TV.  They listened to music. And they shopped in big shopping malls.  They went to the movies and ate out in restaurants.  Probably more often than they do today.  They took the kids to McDonalds, Burger King and Pizza hut.  Cosmetic companies thrived and so did cosmetic surgery.  Hairdressing salons were busy. And most people visited the gym, or exercised at at home. They did just as we do today.

ways to lose weight

Ways to lose weight!

There was no reason for people to diet.  Diabetes type 2 did not exist.  A diet was something a doctor would prescribe for a sick person. Someone with a thyroid condition or type A diabetes.  It could also be a ‘counter-culture’ person.  One who was experimenting with vegetarianism.  It was after all the age of experiments and change.  But the vast majority of people still stuck by the traditional food.  It was handed down to us by our grandma.  Who had inherited it from her grandma.

the right lifestyle

The right lifestyle!

Today we have diet, food and vanity industries.  Their purpose is to adjust our lifestyle. They intend to make it suit their objectives.  They include the fantasy industries like, fashion, cosmetic, and skin care.  They were already big in the 70’s.  But today we have much bigger, more powerful corporations.  They are known as the food industry.  This implies they are our source of food.  They have the ear of governments.  They control our addiction to food.  And therefore control our lifestyle.  They make sure we pass our addiction to our children.  That’s how they grow, survive and thrive.  

ways to lose weight

Ways to lose weight!

Ways to lose weight for keeps!

Those who control our diet, control our health.  They are the food manufacturing conglomerates.  They produce endless cereal foods, sugar foods, snack foods and diet foods.   Not one of these foods are useful to our health.  Our body doesn’t understand these foods.  They did not exist till the twentieth century.  The food industry depends on our addiction to their ‘food’.  They rely on sugar, pasta and bread etc. to keep us addicted.  If manufactured, processed foods disappeared tomorrow.  The food industry would be gone.  That should give you an inkling of how determined they are.  They will stay in business at any cost.  They will do all they can to eliminate the competition.  That will be what little fresh, unprocessed food we can still get.  If they succeed, we await a bleak future.

ways to lose weight

Ways to lose weight!

To the food industry, and their army of ‘diet experts’.  Your addiction to food is their bread and butter.  They count on you to pass your addiction to your children.  And you will, unless you have the weapons to fight back.  And the willingness to do so.  The food industry always looks to the next generation.  It’s how they plan for continued growth and prosperity.  You can sit by and let it happen. Or you can act to change it.  You can break the cycle of weight problems   At least in your own family.  Learn the ways to lose weight. And exactly what to do to save yourself and your family.  Just click here:

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