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6 Tips For Weight Loss!


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We are Talking about 6 tips for weight loss. They are things we need to worry about and to deal with if we want to lose weight and keep it off for good.







I know- we DO worry about it. But the fact is we shouldn’t have to.  Our body was created for the right weight loss foods and meant to control and balance our weight.  Our metabolism and digestive system were not designed for fake food.

Till forty years ago weight problems barely existed and very few people gave these 5, very serious issues a thought.  You see, we still had our natural diet.  So what changed?  We were fooled into abandoning our best diet foods.

We were told that to prevent high cholesterol, we had to accept a new easy diet called the food pyramid.  It was a dangerous diet that was ruthlessly promoted even to our children. So let me tell you some things you need to understand.

Till forty years ago it was Normal to be lean and healthy and only sick people had to diet.  People knew how to lose weight naturally and how to stay slim. Today, forty years later. being overweight, unhealthy and on a diet has become normal.

I can give you an insight that will help you make sense of the almost no sugar diet  we enjoyed for centuries. It was made of the food our body understands and is programmed to process. It was the high protein diet our body  liked.

The food pyramid and all the subsequent diets that followed have had an emphasis on manufactured, processed food.  These are foods our body does not understand.  We are persuaded to believe that they are essential foods for our body.

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No label can make a food healthy. Nor should it lie about the content. Promoting a cereal as a high protein diet food is laughable and should be illegal.  The fact is our body does not adapt, it evolves and evolution is a very slow process.

To illustrate what has happened, I suggest you Google an image of the original food pyramid. Turn it upside down and what you’ll see a very close depiction of our natural diet.  This was a diet that relied on intuitive eating.

It was a diet that had no rules. It didn’t need a protein diet plan. Or any other food plan. It never left us feeling empty and hungry. We never had food cravings, not even sugar cravings. And counting calories would have been laughable.

People lived on a healthy, easy diet of natural weight loss food.  So is there any reason we can’t live without them today. There is only one reason:  We are locked into a modern, unhealthy diet. We can’t stop it. We are addicted to it.

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Our addiction is not a cute, benign sugar fetish.  This is an addiction as deadly as drugs, alcohol and tobacco.  It makes weight loss motivation a hard grind  to master.  But the alternative is to keep getting fat till it kills you.

The manufactured food industry have knowingly created an addiction and fervently promote it, particularly to our children. They are the biggest, most powerful ‘drug’ industry in the world.   It leaves the tobacco industry in the dust.

But the food industry grabbed their business model and a couple of their CEO’s and expanded it 10 times over.  So what is so dangerous about sugar addiction?  The product is advertised everywhere. It is cheap and made to appeal to kids.

Like all addictions, it is recognized by a number of symptoms: Food cravings, binges, hunger pains, withdrawals, fatigue, high blood pressure, depression, anxiety, allergies,headaches and other pains. Caused by the wrong weight loss foods.

The consequences can be deadly. They include morbid obesity, diabetes type 2, heart disease, strokes, colon and bowel cancer.  Less serious are Alzheimer’s disease and premature ageing.  They will not kill you, but some may wish they would.

Food addiction- including sugar addiction, are a well- kept secret.  Where ever it surfaces it is dismissed as harmless and as in the case of sugar addiction, cute and forgivable.  Mostly it is passed off as a selective eating disorder.

This takes it from a physical addiction that can easily be cured. To a psychological condition that requires medication and mental therapy.  This is a great advantage to the food industry who do not want to be labelled as drug pushers.

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They are not about to be caught out like the tobacco industry and have their products labeled as addictive.  So who is driving this addiction and getting Kudos from governments and associations for their dedication to our health?

Here is a small sample:

Diet Experts who appear on TV and in numerous publications.

Online Diet Guru’s, who create diets based on keywords.

Food Experts who promote fake Processed Food.

Food Corporations who manufacture fake Processed Food.

The Food Industry who produce and distribute a constant flow of misinformation.

Pseudo-Science produced by in-house labs run by the Food Industry.

We are victims of an addiction most of us don’t even know exists.  We don’t know because nobody wants us to know.  So here is your chance to learn all about it. Then you can protect yourself and your family and never worry about it again.

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