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How to be healthy and Stay Slim?


How to be healthy!

how to be healthy

How to be healthy!

How to be healthy without getting fat.  It should have been simple. It certainly was in the past.  But it became a big issue for me some 10 years ago.  I thought I was eating healthy.  I following a recommended healthy diet.  But that morning, I had stepped on the scales, something I didn’t do too often. And to my horror I had reached 80 kilos.  My heart sank. It was the heaviest I had ever been.  It made me realize that how to be healthy meant changing what for 20 years I had thought was ‘healthy food‘.  I could no longer trust the experts who told me what I should eat.  I had one of those life changing moments that come along once in a while.  I was faced with a big decision.  Stop listening to the experts and find a way to lose the weight for good.  Or do nothing and accept becoming yet another fat person.

how to be healthy!

How to be healthy!

I was in my early sixties. You might think I should have given myself permission to stop worrying about my weight.   Why not just slip into a fat comfortable old age. But then I wouldn’t be me.  When it came to my food, I always had this uneasy feeling. The way you feel when someone tries to con you.   I felt an undercurrent of something very wrong.  But till then, I never thought to examining those feelings.  I have always been active in body and mind.  I have always worked out with weights every day.  I decided I deserved better and I would find a solution.

 How to be healthy and stay slim!

When I looked back on the preceding 20 years, I could not remember a day when I was not on some kind of strict routine involving somebody else’s food choices. In all that time, I was always in the middle of a diet to either lose weight, or to stop regaining the weigh lost from the previous diet.

Of course, the easy way would have been to give up and just go with fate. Eat the food I liked and age with dignity.   The hard way would be to spend the rest of my life, always a little hungry.  Always craving something.  Alwaysbattling with my weight and always losing the battle.  It’s a little difficult to show dignity when you suffer constant food cravings and you can’t stop binge eating.   Both options added up to a very poor quality of life.

how to be healthy for life

How to be healthy for life!

My choice on how to be healthy was made even more complicated.  I had a thyroid condition and was considered pre-diabetic.  I had been told that to avoid full blown diabetes and not get obesity, I would always have to be on a regulated diet.  Under my doctor’s advice. I had been making weekly visits to a dietitian for twenty years.

So I paused and I gave it a lot of thought.  I’m very lucky in that I can draw on a  vast array of experiences.  I have traveled and lived all over the world.  Over the years, fate often put me in the right place at the right time.   The one thing that haunted me and kept me going was the fact that till age 43,  I had never had a weight problem.  Nor had any family members, friends or acquaintances.  Diets were for sick people, or silly people. And weight problems were simply not an issue.  So then?  What had changed?

How to be healthy had become very complicated!

how to be healthy

How to be healthy!

I could look back on twenty years of experience with just about every diet ever invented. I’m well read and have had a really good education in history.  I have also, always had a deep interest in science and the human body.  I witnessed and was closely involved in some events, around 40 years ago. They would go on to change our  traditional food, and kill our natural, healthy lifestyle.

healthy food

Healthy food!

When I looked and remembered things I had once known, I began to realize why my diets never worked for long.  I finally knew what to do to get my body back in shape.  And recover my healthy lifestyle.  I realized I would never have to diet again.  It all came back to one simple strategy.  Cure my addiction to food and get back to eating the types of food that had never made me fat in the past.

Of course, I knew, nobody would believe what I had done.  But all I really cared about was getting my own result.  I was not in the diet business and had no interest in it.  The last thing I wanted was to discuss my weight with yet another ‘diet expert’.  All that mattered to me was to cure myself, get back to normal weight. And never again have to worry about how to stay lean and healthy without dieting.

How to be healthy also became; how to be slim!

You see, what I had found, was a third option.  By doing one simple, logical  thing.  I eliminated my food cravings along with the weight.  I would never have to diet again. It was a ‘no brainer’.   I have been lean and healthy for almost 10 years.  Yes, I won’t pretend it was easy. It took some will power.  And a good memory that I could draw on for help.  Most of the time I wished I could share the experience with someone else.  But  I understood the process of how the body works. And I had the benefit of some very relevant, little known information.

how to be healthy

How to be healthy!

For example, I clearly recall a time, around forty years ago, when only sick people dieted.  It was normal to be slim and healthy.  A healthy lifestyle was a given.  I did not know anyone with a weight problem.  People did not base their lives around their meals.  We enjoyed our food. But we were not obsessed about it.  I then saw how a few people were able to foster a scare campaign to make most people give up their natural, healthy food and change to a diet based on human made processed foods.

how to be healthy

How to be healthy!

Once I changed back to my old healthy lifestyle and began to make the right food choices.  I soon found myself back to 65kilos.  I have hovered between 65 and 68 kilos for the past ten years.  I never count calories. I eat as much as I want. I have not been near a diet.  And I have not had a single moment where I craved food.  Not even sugar temptations like a piece of birthday cake.  That’s not will power.  I have simply lost interest.

But what has really shocked me is that my pre-diabetic symptoms, that had made my life a hell for more that twenty years.  Vanished the day I started my own plan.  I can honestly say that today, my health is vastly better than it was thirty years ago.  My Healthy lifestyle is genuinely healthy. To me, that’s an amazing result.

I must confess; during the past ten years, I have expected someone, more qualified to publish a science paper about the very thing I had uncovered. Particularly since during the same period, we have seen obesity statistics skyrocket.  And diabetes type 2 is now close to epidemic proportions. To my amazement, no one ever has.

I have come to realize that no one ever will, at least not till they are forced to.  A solution to our rising obesity statistics is not what the world is looking for right now.  At least not in the world inhabited by the food industry and the various diet professions.  They have established an industry based on our addiction to food.  If the addiction goes, where do THEY go?  How do they continue to make money?  How do they justify themselves to their shareholders?  Lessons on  how to be healthy are a dangerous proposition for a lot of powerful people and corporations.

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