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What Is A healthy Lifestyle?

What Is a healthy Lifestyle?

What is a healthy lifestyle

What is a healthy lifestyle!

We all know that What is a healthy lifestyle can be very subjective!

what is a healthy lifestyle

What is a healthy lifestyle?

What is a healthy lifestyle, to us, depends on us knowing what is a healthy lifestyle to our body. We need to get to know our own body and understand what it needs.  Unless we do that our lifestyle is meaningless.   One thing both we and our body can agree on is that laughter is good for the health. Few things have more effect on our state of mind than laughter.  It frames our mood and influences everything that follows.   Yet, these days, when something peaks our sense of humor, we have learned to check ourselves to first see if it’s politically correct to laugh!

Our sense of humor is supposed to get us through hard times and feelings of loss, inadequacy, and frustration.   Instead it has become yet another filtered behavior scrutinized by our self appointed thought police.  The types of food we eat today is a good example of self proclaimed expertise gone mad.  We may be very modern and accepting of new ideas.  But our body is not.  It hasn’t changed in eons and it no longer understands the food choices we make.

We are never short on healthy lifestyle tips.  Today it takes an army of experts to determine what types of food we should eat each day.  It’s the very foundation of our present  lifestyle.  It’s what establishes our customs and family values.  In a thousand little ways,  self proclaimed experts assume the right to chip away at our pleasure and spontaneity.  There is always someone just dying to apply a new rule to enforce their personal views.

 Take spontaneity, it can be a great asset to our lifestyle and good living.  

what is a healthy lifestyle

Yet, our free thoughts and actions are ever more burdened by other people’s rules and regulations.  We all want healthy options.  Everybody wants to improve their life.  But a whole lot of people want to influence what we can say, what we can do, how we play our sports, how we view our entertainment, how we bring up our children and what we eat.

What is a healthy lifestyle when it comes to the right types of food to eat?

How do we develop healthy lifestyle habits.  Only by going against the present flow of misinformation.  We finally have real, psychical evidence of damage done in the name of health, by people people who profit from our obesity and food addiction.  Processed foods are sold as a benefit to humankind.  And silently accepted by the food industry’s as their right to profit from our food addiction.  They created it. Why shouldn’t they profit from it?  Take a good look around. We are all getting fat.  If nothing else, this should tell us that we are doing something wrong.  So far, 60 % of us are nearing obesity.  According to obesity statistics, that figure is expected to rise to 86 % by 2030. Does that look like evidence of a healthy lifestyle to you?

Today, What is a healthy lifestyle includes the foods that make us fat!

what is a healthy lifestyle

First of all, Mother Nature did not design our body for diets.  Till forty years ago nobody in their right mind went on a diet. Not unless it was prescribed by a doctor for the treatment of diabetes or an underactive thyroid.  Diabetes type 2, first appeared not long after dieting became a common thing to do.  It is the result of our present diet and  lifestyle.   In other words, for the sake of somebody’s latest ideas of what is the right diet and lifestyle,  we have forced our body to deal with human made foods that evolution could never have planned for.

what is a healthy lifestyle

What is a healthy lifestyle?

These are human made carbohydrates, produced in factories.  They are fake foods and they are dangerous to our body.   Our body does not adapt, it evolves.  It was not prepared for a sudden, complete change of the types of food that had been standard for centuries.   A healthy lifestyle does not include artificial,  manufactured foods. None of today’s diets, including the low carb diets, the low fat diets or any other fad diets being promoted, can be considered healthy for our body.

So how do we know what is a healthy lifestyle?

If it is not healthy for our internal body, how can it be healthy for US.   The fact that are bodies are not equipped for dieting should be obvious.  In the forty years since we switched from the traditional protein foods, to a multitude of manufactured carb foods,  –  we have developed sugar addiction and other food addictions.  We have caused obesity type 2 and something horrible called morbid obesity.  We have triggered a spike in heart disease, colon and bowel cancer.

what is a healthy lifestyle

What is a healthy lifestyle?

Healthy lifestyle changes are necessary if we are to cure our food addiction and learn how to make healthy lifestyle choices.  We may not have done this personally.  But we have allowed self elected experts to do it on our behalf.  We have let diet talk win out over genuine science talk and basic common sense.   Everything has its price so none of this should surprise us.   We are left with a choice. We can continue down the path to sugar addiction.  bringing our kids along for the ride.  Or we can stand our ground, cure our addiction and subscribe to the healthy lifestyle that Mother Nature approved.  All we need to learn is what is a healthy lifestyle?

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