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How to stop overeating Over Christmas!


How To Stop overeating!

how to stop overeating

How to stop overeating requires a plan!

How to stop overeating over Christmas.  Today’s diet it’s killing people and preventing a  healthy lifestyle.   A healthy life is not meant to be this difficult.  We had 70,000 years to get used to our traditional food.  The human body does not adapt to artificial, processed foods.  A healthy person is not a food addict.  Nor is a healthy person obese!

how to stop overeating

How to stop overeating!


 Why not write down a New Years resolution on how to stop overeating?

If we cure our food addiction, our body fat is gone for good!  It we don’t,  we will continue to get fatter. Our kids eat the same food we eat. So they too will get fatter, some of us, maybe even our kids, will develop diabetes type 2.  And more health problems will plague our communities.  The solution to how to stop overeating. Is not how to diet to lose weight. It’s to lose weight without a diet.  That’s the only weight loss our body will support.

healthy lifestyle

Healthy lifestyle!

We have had 40 years to prove that diets don’t work.  They can’t, our body won’t let them.  If a single diet had ever worked, it would make world-wide news, because it would mark the end of diets.  Do you really think the diet and food industry will let that  happen?  Diets are not meant to be a permanent solution.  They are certainly not meant to be healthy.  Yet, the more we think we change, the sooner we find ourselves back to square one.

If we want to lose weight for good, we must learn how to stop overeating.   Enlist your own body to help you cure your food addiction.  Your body does not want the addiction anymore than you do.  But it needs your help to make it a reality.  Imagine actually working with your body, instead of against it.  It’s strange that this is so strange to us!

Nothing will change unless we make it happen.  Diets continue to be launched. People still push the ‘low fat’ fantasy barrel. It has given us thousands of new processed foods.  These are not healthy options. They please the food industry and add more risks to a healthy lifestyle. As long as we fill our body with fake, processed foods, Food addiction will continue to spread.  More people will become morbidly obese.  Heart disease, colon and bowel cancer will keep increasing.

How to stop overeating for a healthy lifestyle!

Eliminate food addiction and lose the weight for good, we need to return to a diet of protein food.  Protein foods, are the building blocks of life. They are feared  by the food industry and diet experts hint at the dangers of too many protein food. That’s not only false, it’s insane.  Protein foods were the basis of the human diet for our first 70,000 years.  The killer has never been protein foods.  Only processed foods can claim that honor.

how to stop overeating

How to stop overeating!

Sugar is the most concentrated processed food.  Sugar addiction, is the most common food addiction.  It is on track for another successful year. It is the biggest contributor to our growing obesity statistics.  it is the cause of diabetes type 2, and the emerging disease, morbid obesity. 

 The biggest problem is misinformation.  Not since advertisers could promote cigarettes as “safe and harmless” have we seen so much misinformation. Particularly about the existence of food addiction and the types of food that cause it. The Food industry, along with an army of diet experts, go to great lengths to avoid the word ‘addiction’. The cereal and snack food industries have learned a lot from the tobacco industry.  It is a business model that begins with; “just promote the product as a healthy food.  If challenged, ‘deny, deny deny’.  The tobacco industry practiced it for close to a century.  They are still in business today.They know, just as the manufactured food industry knows; there is no better platform on which to build a business – than an addiction.

This is how the tobacco industry has prospered for so long.

It should surprise no one that the manufactured food industry plans to do the same.  We have been outfoxed and dumbed down with pseudo-science, and quasi medical jargon. Behind it stands powerful business and gutless government. Food addiction is all about political support, power and self-interest. What is being created under our very noses is a false new dogma that says; carbohydrates are essential to life.  And All fats are bad fat. Both these claims are self-serving and completely false.

Carbohydrates are not an energy food.  Only protein foods can give us the energy to burn the carbohydrates. But this false nonsense gives ‘diet experts’ a role in our kitchens and in our schools.  It enables the cereal and snack food industries to create their own ‘research’ to determine what constitutes a ‘normal diet’.  They then enforce it in our schools.

The fake foods that cause food addiction

The fake foods that cause food addiction!

These are are some of the foods that cause addiction!

There is only one place where WE hold all the cards. Where we can ignore diet experts and their vested interests.  Where WE chose the types of food we want.  That place is our home.  Sure, they invade us by electronic means, But because it’s Our Home we have a choice.  We can turn off and tune out.  We can pack a school lunch and teach our kids why they should eat our food, instead of the the fake food and bad carbs, the school offers.

We can’t save the world, but we can change things in our own homes. –  one kitchen at a time.  If we don’t we will end up part of the latest statistics that say; 86% of the population will be obese by 2030.  At this rate,  unless we learn how to stop overeating we may be extinct by end of the century.

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