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Addiction Definition V The Food Industry!


Addiction Definition!

addiction definition

 An addiction definition? – Unbelievable?  Not when you remember the tobacco industry scandal some twenty years ago. The industry was disgraced and their lies were exposed in court.  It became news in every newspaper in the world.  A few people were made scapegoats. But as to the industry, business never lost a beat.  To this day they continue to sell their poison to our children.



 The addiction definition tells us we are eating the wrong food and its killing us!

According to addiction definition, how is it possible for us to claim we also have a healthy lifestyle.  Surely, we are beginning to realize that our much promoted ‘healthy options’, are turning out to be nothing but a short cut to food addiction.  Clearly the manufacturers of breakfast cereal and snack foods, have adopted a self serving, very successful business model.  We need to stop being victims and begin to take control of the food we eat.

We need to cure our food addiction and prevent our children from suffering the same fate.  The fact is, we are eating the wrong food.  It is very addictive food. So we eat too much of it.  That means we get fat, so we begin to diet.  Dieting will only make us fatter.  The only available solution is to cure our addiction.  If we do that, we will stop the cravings.  We will eat a lot less.  We will lose the weight.  And our children will be safe!

Manufactured, Processed foods dominate the addiction definition!

food addiction

Food addiction!


Food addiction is a boon to the Food industry

The food industry will do all they can to grow their market of addicts.  They have had 40 successful years growing the addiction on which their business is founded.  Food addiction greatly serves their course.  They expect you to pass your addiction on to your children.  They depend on our food addiction  for their ongoing success and profits.  We are a captive market.  And nobody knows the addiction definition better than the food industry.

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