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Let me tell you my story!

kirsten plotkin author

Kirsten Plotkin Author



This is about me, Kirsten Plotkin.

The story about me is important because it reveals things about me, like who I am. What I know and how I came to know it.  I am a retired, 72-year-old businesswoman. I’m on a mission to teach as many people as I can, some things, which today, are known by few people.  If you have a weight problem I can save you from a life of food addiction, dieting and obesity.  I can teach you how to get slim and healthy. Not for a few months, or for a year or 2. I know the secret you’ll need to know to get slim and stay that way permanently.  In my efforts to reach the people who need me, I have had to become a blogger, writer, and author.

I’m Australian and I live in a resort city called The Goldcoast. I have a son and five grandchildren.  I don’t often talk about my life. But in this case, you have the right to know who you are dealing with.  It’s natural for you to wonder: Who am I?  Can you trust me to know what I’m talking about?  Will I deliver what I promise.  Once you know me, you will know that I’m too old to be in it for money or fame. I have already seen and experienced what the world has to offer.  What keeps me at wake these days is having a secret that can free people from obesity, diabetes type 2, and all the other diseases and problems that go with it. Why is it secret when it is so important?

It’s secret because it is important to the food industry not to have it widely advertised to the world. The diet and weight loss industries are not too happy about that either.  I find that horrifying.  You will too when you learn the truth.  My goal is to help as many people as I can while I still have my knowledge and faculties intact.  Apart from that?  The only other thing I want is time to spend with my grandkids.

The most important thing you should know about me is that I have, what’s known as ‘A Cause’.  I’m both tenacious and persistent and won’t rest until I sense that my message is being spread by others, not just me.  That’s what keeps me writing articles and books.  The knowledge I possess could quite possibly save your life. At the very least, it will make it a lot leaner, longer, and happier.  I can promise you a future with a genuinely healthy lifestyle that does not require a diet.  It is a lifestyle, you can be proud to pass on to your kids.

The people who know what I know do not want to share that knowledge. Their business and future success depend on your ignorance.  They have developed a mountain of misinformation, particularly on the internet – To keep you ignorant of the facts. ‘m Telling you about me because I want you to know you can trust me.  I have been there. Done that and I truly know what I am talking about.  I want to help you.  And I want to help your children. So they won’t ever have to grow up and live with weight problems.


The GoldCoast, Queensland Aus.

 Here are a few things about me that are important.

What does my birthday say about me?  It says I’m 74 years young. What does my name say about me?  I was born in Denmark and was brought to Australia by my family in my early teens. I married young and became a widow at 42. I set out to built a successful investment business. I worked for twenty years until I could finally retire. I always hoped to realize my dream of becoming an author.

In retirement, I chose instead to become a blogger, article writer, and yes, even an author. Because I have this gut instinct that if I do not reveal certain facts.  Nobody else will have either the interest or the courage to do so.  I have written 4 books and close to 500 articles about what I know. My information is of great value to anyone with a weight problem, but extremely unpopular, and somewhat dangerous to a couple of the largest industries in the world.

I have traveled the world and always looked for knowledge and understanding.  When someone says ‘don’t get involved’ That’s a kind of”GO” sign to me.  I have learned things I know are of value to many people. I speak from knowledge gained, but also from personal experience. You see, due to bad medical advice, I acquired a weight problem.  It lasted for 20 years until I came to my senses.  I stopped listening to “experts” and began to analyze all the things I had learned and almost forgotten. I finally worked out the reason for my weight problems and how I could eliminate them.  I realized I could have avoided my weight problems from the very beginning, had I only listened to my own BS Barometer.  That was a hard pill to swallow.

Till I was 43, I never had a weight problem. Neither did my family or friends.  In fact, I can’t think of anyone who suffered a weight problem back then.  Certainly, nobody dieted.  So I compared my circumstances and lifestyle back then – to now and I began to see the truth.  I realized what had happened. Who caused it and why.  And most important of all, what I could do about it.  That was around 10 years ago.  I lost all the weight very quickly.

Ask yourself: Where should you put your trust. In your body, that is central to your life and very existence.  Or “Diet Experts” who cater to your taste buds and know nothing about the workings of your internal system.  Everything I teach requires the cooperation of your body.  Without the help of your body, you will never get a lasting weight loss no matter what you do.

Forty years ago, like most people I believed that only sick people had to diet.  People with a thyroid condition or diabetes.  But then it happened to me.  During minor surgery, my thyroid was damaged. I was told I had to follow a diet for the rest of my life.  At that time, there was a world-wide media scare campaign about cholesterol.  Some people claimed to have invented a modern new diet to prevent high cholesterol. It was the first real diet to offer an alternative to our traditional, natural diet.  I discovered later that the new diet was simply an exact reversal of our natural diet.  They flipped it upside down.  It became known as the food pyramid.  It was ‘designed’. they said: to cure cholesterol problems.

Because the food pyramid was promoted as a cure for high cholesterol, people assumed it was a researched and tested diet.   The truth is, no diet has ever been researched or tested. At least not by anyone qualified. Neither science nor medicine has ever shown any interest in the human diet.   When most people tested, proved to have high cholesterol. They were driven and coerced into the new diet. The day we abandoned our traditional food and began to eat 60% of fake, processed food that the food pyramid was based on. Is the day we put ourselves in jeopardy. But we saved ourselves from high cholesterol right?  Wrong.  It took thirty years to reveal that all cholesterol tests had been wrong.  There never was a cholesterol emergency.

Learning all about me can change your life just as it did mine!

how to lose weight

For twenty years I struggled to lose weight.  When I came to my senses I asked myself an obvious question: Why till I was 43, was my weight always normal, yet I had never dieted in my life.?   Why, since the day I began to diet did my weight problems begin?  I analyzed my daily diet which proved to contain more than 60% manufactured processed food.  Before I began dieting, apart from an occasional piece of toast in the morning. I never ate processed foods. I always preferred the taste of natural foods. But once I began to eat it, I felt compelled to eat more.  That’s when it dawned on me that this was not hunger – this was an addiction.

I have written four books about food addiction and I can say with certainty, that I  have become an expert. I know how to cure food addiction. I know how to lose weight without dieting.  I know how to stay lean and healthy for a lifetime. And I can guarantee it does not involve a diet. I’m willing to teach you my secrets.  If you want to do what I did, then I recommend you read my books. But even more important, I urge you to take a look at my membership. It’s not like any other. Losing weight, even without a diet, is hard work.  Curing an addiction requires daily contact with people who understand what you go through because they are either going through the same thing. Or they have been cured. Either way, they can provide you with invaluable support.

If you are ready to get serious about your weight. Click the link below to learn about the new fast weight loss membership: The Diet terminator.


Kirsten Plotkin


Address: 14 Executive Drive Goldcoast, Qld, Australia


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