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Processed Carbohydrates, What are They?

Processed Carbohydrates!

processed carbohydrates

Processed Carbohydrates are not our energy food. –

They just provide the fuel!


Some processed carbohydrates to which we are addicted

Some processed carbohydrates to which we are addicted!

Processed carbohydrates  supply us with fuel. Protein foods give us the energy to use it.    Our body converts all carbohydrates to glucose.  That’s the fuel we use when we have the energy to spend.  Eating too much processed carbohydrates means our body will be stuck with a lot of excess glucose.  It cannot store glucose. It’s forced to convert it to body fat.   What does that Mean?

The more processed carbohydrates we eat the fatter we get!

But that is not the worst thing about processed carbohydrates.  You see, there are 2 types of carbohydrate.  First there is the natural carbohydrates we have used in our diet for centuries.  They are our good carbohydrates.  The bad carbohydrates are the manufactured, processed carbohydrates to which we are addicted.  These types of fake foods never entered our food chain till the twentieth century. That’s when packaged foods arrived.

processed carbohydrates

It’s important to realize that our body was not designed to adapt to new types of foods.  Least of all fake, processed carbohydrates.  We are one of nature’s creatures.  We do not adapt -we evolve.  From the very beginning of our evolution, a natural diet evolved along with us.  That diet was built on nature’s natural foods.  Without it, we would not have survived.

The seventies was the era of social change.  Everyone was an expert on something.  Everything old, was worthless. Everything new was superior.  It was inevitable that someone would find a reason to replace our traditional diet.  A bogus media scare campaign about cholesterol became the perfect foil.  The quickest, easiest way to create a completely new, different diet was to reverse the old one.  To guarantee it’s success it was called the only cure for cholesterol problems.  The new diet became known as the Food Pyramid.

processed carbohydrates

Fear of cholesterol, made us give up a healthy natural protein diet that had sustained and nurtured us for centuries.  Instead we were given a new diet that consisted of 60%+ fake, processed carbohydrates.  This forced our digestive system to deal with foods it had not evolved to understand.  As a result we have a food addiction.  This has been followed by an obesity epidemic.  We are currently threatened by a looming epidemic of diabetes type 2.  What are we doing about this?  Absolutely nothing!

processed carbohydrates d

Processed carbohydrates

Processed Carbohydrates, The Bitter Truth!

We are paying a high price for foolishly accepting  fake food.  The natural protein foods that are designed for our body, are not only ignored, they are demonized.  That’s because they work counter to the interests of the food industry. Protein foods are thier only threat.  Their aim is to replace all our natural foods with manufactured substitutes.  They are close to succeeding. 

If we really want to slim down and get a healthy lifestyle. Why not begin to eat the right types of food?   Of course, it’s never that simple. The fake foods we eat every day are very addictive.  They lead us to obesity, diabetes type 2, morbid obesity, heart disease, colon and bowel cancer.  They are made up of chemical salts and sugars. Transfats, dyes and fillers of dubious origin.  

 For more than 30 years, we have been lied to about processed carbohydrates!

processed carbohydrates

Processed carbohydrates!

Not silly, little lies.  I’m talking about lies that kill people.  Lies that have allowed diseases like morbid obesity and diabetes type 2 to occur.  We have been cajoled and exploited, with quasi medical jargon, by unqualified people who don’t know how the body works.  They are supported by the food industry, who churn out mountains of misinformation to keep us in line. 

Carbohydrates lead to obesity

Carbohydrates lead to obesity!

Like the tobacco industry, the food industry thrives on the back of an addiction.  They produce their own research to fit in with the benefits they ascribe to their products.  To see the result of their work, you need only Google the word; ‘carbohydrates’, to be flooded with fake science and misinformation.

In the past forty years, we have seen processed foods, like sugar, flour and salt, invade almost every morsel of food we put on the table.  Processed foods are highly addictive.  They benefit only the corporations and people who promote them.  They call it energy food and promise it will lead to a healthy lifestyle.  They lie!

Seriously! How can we trust people who depend on our food addiction for their own benefit!

If we continue to eat the “healthy diet” we are recommended today. We are guaranteed to become obese. Unfortunately, that will also apply to our children.  They don’t get to chose their food.  They eat what we eat.   They will become obese by default.  Unless someone intercedes, so will our grandchildren.

carbohydrates cause food addiction

Carbohydrates cause food addiction!

If we don’t break this vicious cycle, we will end up morbidly obese, with diabetes type 2.  Don’t expect to be rescued. Don’t look for others to act.  We are up against The food industry, probably the biggest, most influential industry in the world.  They depend on us not only to remain addicted.  They expect us to pass the addiction along to our children.  We obey, by sending our children off to school on a bowl of fake, processed cereals.  This is ‘food ‘ guaranteed to slow them down and impede their learning.  The food industry has great influence with with governments and institutions. Individuals, even communities cannot hope to be heard.  Nothing will change in your family unless you change it.

How do you change it?  First you listen to this video. You will learn the science and medical information that is so crucial.  You need to realize that this is not a point of view expressed by industry, or vested interests.  It is simply the facts about processed carbohydrates that cause food addiction.

 This is about real life and death!  If you eat processed foods – this is about you!


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