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Food Cravings, Symptom of Addiction!


Food Cravings!

food cravings

food cravings!

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Around 60% of regular people today get food cravings.

That so many people get food cravings. Is a terrible indictment on the types of food we are encouraged to eat.  So exactly what are the foods we crave.  That make us addicted?  If we take a look into any supermarket.  We will see that at least 60% of the food items are packaged, processed foods.  That is in line with the number of people who have food cravings.  And are addicted to food.

food cravings

Food cravings!

Till around 40 years ago.  The majority of people still maintained our traditional diet. Packaged, processed foods were just a small segment of the food market.  But something happened!  There was a world-wide, media scare campaign.  It was about cholesterol.  As people everywhere, rushed to get tested.  Almost everybody proved to have high cholesterol. It just happened, that a modern new diet had been created.  It was the only means to cure cure for high cholesterol.

food cravings

Food cravings!

People were too panicked to look at the diet objectively.  They abandoned the traditional diet in droves and settled on the new diet. People assumed that a diet that would cure something must have some science behind it.  It didn’t!  But it was an easy to follow diet. It came with a big poster depicting a food pyramid, spelling it all out.  It was in fact a simple, precise reversal of our traditional diet.  it was a recipe for food cravings, followed by addiction.  it was a bonanza for the food industry and the ‘diet expert’ professions.

food cravings

Food cravings!

It didn’t take long before food cravings began!

So now, with the benefit of hindsight, what do we know?

1. We know that every cholesterol test was wrong.  Instead of obtaining the hdl ldl ratio. The technicians simply added the numbers together. Thus guaranteeing a high reading.

2. We know it took around 30 years to reveal that the test were wrong.

3. The diet that was said to cure high cholesterol. Led us straight to food cravings and addiction!

These facts are not unknown.

addictedBut what does seem to be unknown is that this oversight was mighty convenient to a fledgling food industry.  An industry that has since blossomed into a mult-national- corporate empire.  This is an empire, growing and thriving on our food addiction.  An addiction they created and now profit from.  Impossible you say?

They have the perfect template to follow. – The tobacco industry.  Here we are talking about an industry that has thrived on the back of an addiction for a hundred years.  The addiction is the sole purpose of the continued existence of the industry.  Despite exposure, revelations a court case and a mountain of bad publicity, look at them now:  Still in business, still thriving and profiting from tobacco addiction.  Is it really so hard to accept that the food industry is doing the same? Since when, would an industry knock back an opportunity to legally profit from an addiction?  You can learn more about food cravings and addiction by clicking the link below:

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