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High Protein Meals To Lose Weight!

High protein meals!

high protein meals

High protein meals!

High Protein Meals should be simple.  And they used to be.  But then we didn’t have to contend with a gigantic manufactured food industry.  An industry that thrives and survives on our food addiction.  The manufactured and processed food industry.  Has an annual turnover measured  in the billions.  It produces a constant flow of new packaged carb foods.  Ever ready to feed our addiction.

Why are high protein meals better for us than meals with processed carbs?

high protein meals to lose weight

High protein meals to lose weight!

Why is the problem always carb foods and not protein foods?  High protein meals are natural and non addictive.   That makes them unpopular with the food industry.  There is also no money in high protein meals.  Manufacturers have tried, but have managed to produce only beef jerky and pork rinds.  Hardly enough on which to base a multi-billion dollar empire.

Some facts on high protein meals!


facts about high protein meals

Facts about high protein meals!

The food industry choose carb foods because it can produce hundreds of varieties of thousands of products.  There seems no limit to what they can do with processed foods.  Unlike protein foods, processed foods are of enormous value to the industry because they are addictive. That’s why high protein foods have been downplayed and ignored for decades.

Would it surprise you to learn that apart from one or two cereal companies.  And a smattering of snack foods.  The only food we had available till forty years ago was good old fashioned natural food.  What might surprise you even more is that back then,  the majority of people were slim and healthy.  Diabetes type 2 and morbid obesity did not exist.  The very few people who were obese, were usually diabetic or suffered a thyroid condition.

High protein meals are essential for a healthy lifestyle!

Important facts about the enemy of  
high protein mealsCompare fast food to what we call a healthy lifestyle today.  Each passing day more people become obese.  Diabetes type 2, is an epidemic waiting to happen.   Heart disease, colon and bowel cancer have reached the highest numbers ever.  These are diet related diseases.  Latest research suggests that processed carb foods are also responsible for Alzheimer’s disease and premature ageing.

You’ve got to stop and ask yourself: Is it worth it?   Is food really what life is all about?  Sadly, to an addict it is.  But does it have to be for you?  You do have a choice.  An addiction can be cured.  Food addiction is not a constant landscape.  it will always gets worse unless you cure it.

Here is a healthy protein Pizza recipe.   I have cooked it many times myself. Proof that you don’t have to limit your variety to eat high protein meals. With this, you can still cure your addiction and lose weight.

The food industry makes sure that temptations are everywhere.  Particularly where your kids are.     They get them as infants, with sugar spiked milk formulas.  They get them at school age.  With mandatory school lunches, loaded with heavy carbs and sugar.  They get them as young adults, with sweet cola’s and alcoholic popsicles.  And when they mature and settle down and have their own children. They assume they’ll get them too!   It’s a never ending cycle.  We like to call it a healthy lifestyle.  And it is killing us!

food industry v high protein meals

Food industry v high protein meals!

Does healthy cereal exist?  We can expect new blatantly false claims on our breakfast cereal box.  Claims that the carb foods inside actually contain protein foods.  It is silly and outrageous at the same time..  It proves only that big corporations have big influence over government regulations.  The rules that govern packaging.  Apparently apply only to companies that lack influence.  Breakfast cereal, no matter how it’s being marketed, is and always will be fake, processed carb foods.

facts on high protein meals

Facts on high protein meals!

We are all promoting it because we eat it and pass it on to our children.   So why don’t governments step in?  The public is not the government’s first priority.  Is that so hard to believe? Not to those who still remember the tobacco industry scandal. It was a court room drama.  it shocked people around the world. It was an expose’ that revealed an industry, devoid of a moral compass.  Founded on an addiction and promoted with blatant lies and deceit.

Life repeats itself all the time!

After weeks of courtroom drama; a few people got a sharp rap over the knuckles.  So here they are, decades later, still in business. Still pushing cigarettes to our children. They never actually left. All is now forgotten – literally. And hey! Tobacco growers never had to lose any sleep.  Somewhere, during the last few decades, we have lost our connection to our internal body.  We were encouraged to focus on our exterior.  Our face, our hair our body shape our skin and our clothes.

facts on high protein meals

Facts on high protein meals!

When it came to our metabolism and digestive system. We were advised to leave that to the experts.  Since our internal body is somewhat boring.  We were happy to do that.The trouble is; these were not genuine experts. People with actual degrees.  Have never been interested in the human diet.  Not till obesity or diabetes type2 becomes a potential healthy  threat. Nutritionists qualify themselves. They rely on phony research.  It emanates from the board room.  At the headquarters of cereal and Diet food manufacturers.

It’s time to realize that if we want high protein meals.  we are on our own.

We need to realize, that when the question is how to be healthy, we are on our own.If we want to act to change things. And learn how to lean and healthy. Without diets.  We will get no help from governments or institutions.  But if you are ready to act and learn the importance of  high protein meals.  Just visit the membership page below!

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