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Addicted to food? Top 10 Q’s and A’s!


Addicted To Food?

addicted to food

These are my responses to the 10 top questions about being addicted to food!

They are listed in no particular order.  I hope you find them enlightening and helpful.

addicted to food

Addicted to food?

Q. Surely the threat of being addicted to food, is nothing like the threats presented by drugs, tobacco or alcohol.  It is not even a ‘real’ addiction – is it?

A. In fact, being addicted to food is a greater threat than any of the others.  Around 60% of the population is already affected.  Statistics suggest it will reach 86% by 2030.  Food addiction is more common than all the others combined and what’s worse? – It’s perfectly legal.  We are encouraged, even expected, to pass it on to our own children.

Q. What food addiction symptoms can you expect as a food addict?A. Symptoms are very similar for all addictions.  They are known to include craving sweets, binge eating, hunger pains, withdrawals, fatigue, high blood pressure, depression, anxiety, headaches and other pains.  These symptoms lead to life threatening diseases like; morbid obesity, diabetes type 2, heart disease, strokes, colon and bowel cancer.   In addition, you become susceptible to other less deadly diseases, like Alzheimer’s disease and Premature Aging.  They won’t kill you, but you might wish they had.

Q. If processed foods are so bad. Why doesn’t the relevant authorities act to put a stop to food addiction?

addicted to food

Addicted to food!

 All governments are under pressure from the giant cereal and snack food manufacturers.  Grain growers also demand protection.  The corporations have their own in-house ‘science’ labs. From there they support the government and self-elected diet experts, with election funds and fake science.  It is ‘experts’ such as these,  who preside over government inquiry boards.  They make decisions on what our kids can eat in schools.  Till that changes, nothing will change.  The obesity statistics, that are of concern to children and adults alike, will be passed on to the next generation.  No government has the will to step in and try to stop us being addicted to food.

Q. If you have a weight problem, should you automatically be worried about food addiction?

A. If you have a persistent weight problem, and you have experimented with several diets, you are most likely addicted.  If you suffer from food cravings, including sugar, you are most certainly addicted.

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 Q. Will cutting down on fat help you lose weight and prevent food addiction?

addicted to food

Addicted to food!

A. If you reduce your fat intake, you will increase your hunger and that will stimulate your to eat the foods that cause your food addiction.  The type of fats we digest do not make us fat.  Only body fat can do that.  What is body fat? It’s the fat your own body manufactures from your excess carbohydrates. Those that don’t get burned for energy.

Butchers these days have a lot to answer for. They have been bullied into emaciating and ruining the flavor and texture of our meat.  much to the detriment of our enjoyment and good health.

addicted to food

Addicted to food?

Q. How is it possible NOT to get fat when you eat a lot of fat food?

A. Edible fat is digested and processed along with the rest of your food. The problem is the manufactured carbohydrates you eat, and don’t spend on fuel.  Your body cannot store the fuel it produces from carbohydrate.  It is forced to convert it to body fat.  That’s the fat that makes you fat. The more excess carbohydrates foods you eat, and don’t burn in energy.  The more body fat you accumulate and the fatter you get!  The proof is all around you.  We all eat way too much processed carbohydrate.  We would need to be high powered athletes to burn even half of it!

Q. What is the food that makes us addicted?

A.  That food is manufactured, processed food.  Our body does not adapt – it evolves.  Evolution is a very slow process.  We may have adapted ourselves on the outside. But our internal body is no different to the that of the people who left Africa 70,000 years ago, to populate the world.  Our body doesn’t understand manufactured food.  Our body has not evolved to process those foods.  They are highly addictive and jeopardize our health.

addicted to food

Addicted to food!

Q Will a low carb diet help you lose weight?

A.  A low carb diet is useful only if you are not an addict.  Cutting down on carbohydrates is no different than cutting down on drugs, alcohol or tobacco. The addiction always wins the struggle.   You cannot just manage it.  You have to cure it.  If you don’t, sooner or later the fat will be back.  With each succeeding diet, you will get a little fatter.

Q. Which diet will make you lose weight for good?

A. No diet in the world can do that. When you diet, or detox, you declare war against your own body.  It hasn’t evolved to understand diets. It responds as if you are in a famine.  It slows your metabolism and prepares to store body fat. As soon as you return to a normal amount of calories, your body is programmed to begin to restore the weight you have lost. It finally adds an extra layer of fat to protect you against the next famine.  That’s why each diet will make you a little fatter.

Q. Is there anything you can do to lose the weight for good?

A. Yes!  But it begins with a cure for your food addiction.  As an addict, you cannot safely be around tempting food any more than a drug addict can be around free drugs.  But unlike a cure for drug addiction – you will not have to give up food.


Q. What happens once you have cured your food addiction?

A. You lose weight till the excess fat has gone.  By then your cravings and binges will have disappeared.  You free up all that time you have spent eating and thinking about food.  You will be free to enjoy your  body and to put some fun back into your life.  You will no longer be addicted to food!


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