The information you will find on my site is hard to find anywhere else. Eating too much is not a natural human trait. When you can’t stop eating, you have become a victim of food addiction. No diet in the world can help you. So how do you beat food addiction?  It’s as hard as curing a drug addiction.  That’s why you don’t want your kids to experience it.  To prevent that you need the truth about how to cure your addiction. It’s about the future of you and your kids.

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The genuine food lovers diet that everyone followed till forty years ago, is gone. IThose were the real weight loss foods that nature designed for our body. Human beings do not adapt. We evolve. We didn’t evolve to eat fake, processed food. If you want to learn the real weight loss secrets.  Like how to stop overeating, how to stop food cravings and how to overcome food addiction. This maybe your only chance to get the facts.

Like – How to never have to diet again.

When you cure your food addiction your weight problems disappear forever – unless of course, you return to your old eating habits. That’s why I wrote The Food Industry Exposed!  When you know the truth you’ll never be trapped again. You need to understand how you got addicted to processed food and why. It’s hard to believe the biggest industry in the world, knowingly profits from an addiction. They have powerful friends and we don’t.  Only the truth can save our families. Don’t under-estimate the food industry. It has gambled its very existence, on our addiction to their food. They go to great lengths to ensure you don’t learn the facts. They expect you help them get your kids addicted.

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The industry denies that food addiction even exists.  Instead they call it a binge eating disorder.  Why?  An eating disorder is a psychological condition.  It requires long term analysis and medication.  They can blame it on the victim. A binge eating disorder is a mental problem it cannot be blamed on the food industry. The same cannot be said about food addiction, which can be cured in a relatively short time. It’s the food industry’s worst nightmare.

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