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Binge Eating Disorder, An Addiction?

Binge Eating Disorder

binge eating disorder

Binge eating disorder!

Binge Eating Disorders – Sometimes Misunderstood – Canopy Cove http://www.canopycove.comFri, 30 Aug 2013 15:00:36 GMT A Binge Eating Disorder deserves to be recognized for its complexities and severity – yet many times are minimized and thought to be the “Lack of Will Power Disorder”. This label falls far short of accuracy but the truth is 

 binge eating A binge eating disorder is something we all recognize.

We all know someone who has the disorder.  Maybe we experience it ourselves. We know it is not a trivial thing.  Eating disorders make us feel powerless.  It’s another way of saying we have lost control.  To get control of a situation.  It is necessary to identify the cause and find a remedy.

binge eating

Binge eating Disorder

When it comes to any kind of food disorder. This is very difficult.  You see, most eating disorders are basically a food addiction.  The manufactured food industry. Depends on food addiction to stay in business. And continue to grow.  It’s just like the tobacco industry.  Nicotine addiction.  Has kept it in business for a hundred years. If we cure our food addiction. We lose our cravings for processed foods.  That means, the food industry loses another customer. If we begin to talk about food addiction.  The conversation will spread. And the food industry will panic.  That’s why cereal companies. Have in-house “research” departments.  They churn out misinformation on a daily basis. This has become a kind of pseudo science.  “Diet experts” depend on it for credibility.  They become the front line troops for the food industry. This is not some far flung conspiracy theory.  This is reality and it is happening to all of us.  Bit by bit, we are all getting addicted.  Whether from candy cravings, pasta binges or hunger for bread.  We are all heading in that direction. Already obesity statistics show that more than 60% of the population is addicted. By 2030, that number will be 86%.  If we don’t protect ourselves with the facts.  Who will?  Do you realize that your body does not adapt.  It evolves.  Unless you give it the food it understands.  It can’t do the job it’s designed to do.

A binge eating disorder is not permanent. It can be cured!

binge eating disorder

Binge eating disorder!

Do you realize that when you diet. Your body has only one point of reference: Famine.  It is programmed to handle a famine.  It slows your metabolism and prepares to store fat.  When the famine/diet is over. It begins to recover every ounce of fat you have lost.  It then adds an extra layer of fat.  That’s to protect you against the next famine.  That’s nature.  If you fight with nature you’ll always lose. So how do you lose weight?  You cure your food addiction.  When you do that. The weight loss simply happens. How do you do that?  You visit the site below and read the section about the membership.  It is the only certain way. You can get a complete weight loss.  And never have to diet again.   Is that even possible? Of course it is.  People didn’t diet in the past.  Their metabolism controled and balance their weight. They had a connection to their body. It was an instinct.  They knew the right foods to eat.  You can learn to do that.  Step by step. To cure your binge eating disorder. Just click below:

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