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What Is Protein?

About Protein? In the past, kids grew up learning the answers to questions like  what is protein?   We learned this from our mother or grandma and the answers would ring in our ears:  “Protein foods grow you bones, your skin, ...

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Richard Branson asks What Inspires Me: Game-Changing People Everywhere!

What Inspires Me? Sir Richard Branson is best known for his Virgin brand of over 360 companies. His first successful business venture was at age 15, when he launched Student magazine. His next venture was a record mail-order business in 1970. Two ...

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Obesity Statistics Began With A Diet!

Once Upon A Time, Dieting Was Strictly For Sick people! Obesity Statistics Were Irrelevant!   There was no need,  or demand for obesity statistics.  The vast majority of people were lean and healthy.  Diets was prescribed only by a doctor.  For diabetics, or ...

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Learn To Be An Expert On Protein Foods!

Kirsten Plotkin,Author,         Google Contact Info: +617 55329221 kirstenplotkin@gmail.com 411A/96 High Street, Southport 4215 Goldcoast, Australia Why Is Protein foods Our Most Important Food? Without protein foods, we don’t exist.   Why should you believe me?   If ...

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How To Lose 30 Pounds In 12 Weeks!

Kirsten Plotkin Author I want to tell you how I lost 30 pounds in 6 weeks.  And how, so far, I have kept if off for 10 years. I’ve done it without dieting, counting calories or worrying about food plans ...

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What Are Carbohydrates?

How Do We Identify What Are Carbohydrates? What are carbohydrates?  There are two examples.First we have the carbohydrate foods we call our natural food.   They include all vegetables, nuts and fruits. Any food that grows in nature.  These are the natural foods ...

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Hi By now you probably wonder why you should buy a book about the Food Industry. All you hope to do is get some weight loss tips.  Find some food addiction help. Stop binge eating and get a weight loss result ...

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Healthy Lifestyle News Details!

What Does It Take To Get A Lean, Healthy Body – That’ll Last A Lifetime? SIMPLY! A cure for your food addiction, followed by eating the right types of food! Achieving a healthy lifestyle  at the very least, demands we ...

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Food Addiction!

Is Food Addiction Becoming The Tobacco Addiction Of The 21st Century? We are unknowing victims of a food addiction. We are constantly encouraged to eat processed foods. Like the tobacco industry, the food industry, survives and thrives on the back ...

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Fast Food Addiction, What Is it?

fast food addiction! What Is Fast food addiction? Before  fast food addiction appeared, Our normal diet was based on fresh, natural food.  Not that fast food wasn’t available.  We just weren’t addicted to it.  Forty years ago we did something very foolish. ...

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