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Breakfast Cereal We Had To Have – Or Not?

Breakfast Cereal!

breakfast cereal

breakfast cereal

Breakfast cereal!

Breakfast cereal is standard for kids everywhere.  But whatever description we find on the box. Breakfast cereal is a processed food.  It contains chemical sugars and salts, trans fats, preservatives, colorants and many other unhealthy substances.   What it does not contain is any real food.  So what does that mean to us?  It means we send our children off to school on empty carbohydrates that slow them down and cloud their focus.  They make learning more difficult. 

Breakfast cereal is no way for kids to start the day!



breakfast cereal that gets kids addicted

All breakfast cereals are a processed food derived from carbohydrates. Processed foods are artificial foods. Our digestive system is not evolved to process it.  I know you are led to believe that carbohydrates give us energy.  That is grossly misleading.  Carbohydrate foods provide us with fuel.  Natural carbohydrates can provide us with all we need.  We can only use the fuel we get from carbohydrates, if we already have the energy to spend.  All our energy comes from protein foods.  Without protein, we are not going anywhere. Another self-serving little gem is that only carbohydrates can provide us with fuel.  Our body is fueled by glucose.  it can turn any food into glucose.  Think about it!  How else do the Eskimos get their energy?  The fact is, when protein foods provide us with energy, our body will provide us with the fuel.  It may prefer to use carbohydrates and body fat, to conserve our proteins.  But it will always get us the fuel we need. All carbohydrates are converted to glucose.  Our body cannot store glucose.  Whatever we don’t burn is turned into body fat. The more excess carbohydrates we eat, the fatter we get.  That’s why the most important food for kids, is protein foods.

Breakfast cereal leads to food addiction!

A processed food like breakfast cereal, starts out as an ugly, bland substance.  Chemical sugars and salts give it a crunchy texture and a pleasant flavor.  Trans fats will add more flavor and colorants give it an appealing look. Preservatives will finally give it a long shelf life.  Nothing in this process makes it a genuine food.  To call it a healthy food is an insult to real food.  So what does this ‘food’ do to our children’s bodies.  it turns them into food addicts.  They grow up with weight problems.  They become prone to obesity and diabetes type 2.  Their lifespan is shortened.  The food industry profits on our food addiction.  They can safely assume we will pass our addiction along to our kids.  After all, they eat what we eat.  Processed foods, including breakfast cereals, snack foods and diet foods are not energy foods.  Kids need energy food even more than adults.  It’s crucial to their growth.  To send them off to school on glucose (liquid sugar) is a recipe for a very unhealthy future. 

snack foods

Processed foods, including breakfast cereal, cause food addiction.  That makes us eat more processed foods.  It leads to obesity, diabetes type 2, heart disease, colon and bowel cancer.  In other words: It wrecks our health and shortens our life.   Our digestive system is not equipped to handle the amounts of food we eat.  Most of it ends up as body fat.  Body fat is the fat that makes us fat.  Breakfast cereal and snack food manufacturers claim their products give us energy.  It’s like saying that your car is driven by the fuel you put in the tank.  When in fact it’s driven by you.  Your car won’t go anywhere till you get behind the wheel and drive it.  Neither will your body. 

Cereal food Killer To grow, children need protein foods.  But protein foods have been demonized for forty years.  A lack of protein is dangerous, for children.  They won’t grow healthy and strong on processed foods.  When it’s all broken down, processed carbohydrates are just another form of sugar.

We train our kids to eat breakfast cereal every morning!

The result can be seen in any school yard.  Kids are getting fat.  Many suffer diabetes type 2 and some are morbidly obese.  It’s a cruelty perpetrated by people who want to groom the next generation of food addicts.   Their business plan is to grow food addiction. Proteins were once called ‘the building blocks of life’.   Throughout history, human beings have often  lived without carbohydrates.  Eskimos do it all the time.  But we can’t exist for long without protein foods.  It is no coincidence that the standard breakfast food, for generations, was a pure protein meal of bacon and eggs.

cereal makes our kids fat

Cereal makes our kids fat!

What if you don’t get enough carbohydrates?  How will you get the glucose you need for fuel?  When your body needs fuel it will first use the available carbohydrates.  When there isn’t any, your body will  convert some protein or body fat to glucose.  It will always provide you with the fuel you need.  What if you eat too much protein?  Your body does what it does with your carbohydrates, -converts it to fuel. We are not designed for obesity  Our problem with food addiction is not nature’s work.  It is the work of people who can take advantage of us because we are addicted to their products.  60% of the foods we eat are processed foods.  Our body doesn’t understand it and can’t process it.  We are eating ourselves to extinction. Why is protein so vital?  It builds and repairs your skin, bones, muscles tissue and vital organs.  When little Joey falls off his bike and scrapes his knee, it’s protein that’ll mends his wounds.  If a serious illness strikes you down.  It is protein that comes to your rescue. It will strengthen your muscles and repair your skin and vital organs. What can carbohydrates do in a crisis? – Nothing!  Your body will convert it to body fat.  it will be stored till you recover enough energy to spend some fuel.

cereal to die for

Cereal to die for?

The fact is, we can live and survive, without carbohydrates.  We have done it  many times, for long periods, throughout our history.  The one thing we cannot live without, is protein foods.  Depriving our body of essential protein foods is dangerous.  Depriving growing children of protein foods should be criminal. Why do we get so much misinformation?  Processed carbohydrates are big business. The food industry is the biggest industry in the world.  Big business is about making money.  There is no money in protein foods.  There are no processing plants churning out dried meat and fish products, to feed millions of desperate protein addicts.  There are no protein addicts.  The food industry uses in-house “research” to justify fake theories and pseudo- science. Their objective is to legitimize fake food. Protein foods do not cause food addiction.  To the food industry it all about profitability.  Fortunes are made on breakfast cereal, diet food and snack food products.  We have an endless variety of sweet, salty and savory products. All are highly addictive. The food industry is growing a hungry market of food addicts.  It is a market that will grow as long as food addiction exists.  It’s based on a proven business model .  The tobacco industry has used it successfully for a hundred years. So what can you do for yourself and your family?  Start by curing your food addiction. Discover how to make friends with your body. And lose the weight for good.   Human beings are not designed to be fat.  Consider what your body likes, rather than what you like. You’ll soon find it won’t be breakfast cereal.   I have designed a step by step membership that will cure your food addiction and lose the weight.  This will be a weight loss like no other.  It will last as long as you remain friends with your own body.  Trust me, before breakfast cereal, that was the norm for everybody!

Somebody has to break the circuit!

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