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Lifestyle News v Use Of Bottled Tap Water!

Lifestyle News

lifestyle news

Lifestyle news!

Lifestyle news and bottled tap water!

 lifestyle news

Lifestyle news!

Today’s lifestyle news, shows there is a considerable gap between, our Desire For Green, energy foods, and our tendency to gravitate to products that are fast, cheap and convenient.  Basically, products that offer no value or benefit, to a healthy lifestyle .  This gap is driven by advertisers and is known as a Manufactured Demand.

 Nobody is more eager and ready to embrace lifestyle news than advertisers.

It helps to keep the wheels of industry turning. It opens opportunities  and makes it possible  to create new products.  It also makes it easy to produce a lot of useless products.  A manufactured demand for a product is easily created by advertisers.  They can evoke emotion and desire for something that has no actual value or purpose.

lifestyle news

Lifestyle news!

They do this with words and images that depict happy people enjoying a healthy  lifestyle.  Many advertisers have claimed that with the right illusion, people can be encouraged to buy just about anything.  A good example is bottled tap water. In this case, advertisers have convinced us that a plastic bottle of water, straight from the tap, is more convenient.  And is a healthier, greener choice. Than the same water, filled in a glass at home.

We prefer it because it’s delivered in a clear plastic bottle with a pretty label and a price tag.  By having been processed, we believe bottled tap water has instantly been enhanced.   This means it will promote a healthy lifestyle and make us feel good. To get this feeling we are prepared to pay the price.

lifestyle news

Some time ago there was a successful promotion called ‘Canned Air’.  it was said to be the purest mountain air you could get.  The can looked enticing. You could feel health and vigor literately oozing from the label.  When you flipped the top of the can you got a whiff of escaped air. It was said to create a fresh, euphoric sensation.

In Australia, this was quickly followed by an equally successful campaign of canned Koala bears. The toy variety in case you wonder!  It can be a little scary to discover just how gullible we can be. In the past few decades, we have seen a boon in manufactured food and diets.   Literally hundreds of products have found their way into our homes.  Particularly into our pantries. There is an increasing emphasis on so called healthy options. These include  breakfast cereals, and other processed carb foods.  Food that can thrive in a pantry have one major flaw.  They are not real food.  They have been put through a process that allows them to stay ‘fresh’ for months.  By no stretch can that be considered healthy for our body.

lifestyle news

Lifestyle news!

Because we are so preoccupied with our appearance, it is easy to think that we are very adaptable creatures.  In fact, we don’t adapt at all.  We are part of evolution.  Any changes to the internal workings of our body are measured in millenniums, not decades.  We are making food choices our body doesn’t understand  Yet in reality, every day, more and more carb foods are being wrapped and packaged in plastic. You want a carrot? You can have three on a plastic tray wrapped and ready to go. You want pork chops for dinner? You can have them drained of blood and fat and colored pink. They will look just like real fresh meat, at least when viewed through pink tinted windows or screens.

lifestyle news

Lifestyle news!

Even our fresh produce goes through a sterilized, homogenized process before being wrapped in plastic and presented to us as normal food. The fact is, these foods are neither fresh, or healthy.  By the time fresh fruit and vegetables reach our shops, at least a few days, sometimes a week or more has passed since it was harvested.  We will never know how much time they spend in a cooler, waiting for shelf space.

By the time our food has been packaged or wrapped and presented for sale, every bit of organic goodness has died.  Fresh produce begins to die the moment it’s harvested.  Within a day they have lost most, if not all of the vitamins and nutrients that were present when they were alive.  Coolers will slow the process, but they won’t stop it.

There is a sort of tacit pretend game that goes on between shopper and vendor. The vendor agrees to present the produce as fresh and appetizing  in appearance as possible.  The shopper agrees to accept the produce as nutritious and healthy. The deal is that this is not hurting anybody.  But it is also not good for anybody. Whatever these foods are – they do not represent healthy, natural food.

lifestyle news

No wonder most people are so ready to accept foods direct from the factory.  The foods are packaged to look colorful and ‘fun’.  The label says they are healthy, filled with nutritious energy that will give us…What? .Something!  Who knows what? We will never really know exactly what is in those packets and boxes, whatever the label says.  Anyone who has paid a visit to a food manufacturing plant can tell you that when food is being processed it smells worse than a decaying cadaver.  Surely that cannot be a good thing to eat.

lifestyle news

Lifestyle news!

Whatever this stuff is that we so willingly put into our body, we need to realize that our metabolism and digestive system has not been designed to process it.  Even if we think it is good for us, it cannot be good for our body.  We must come to the realization that if a food is not good for our body it cannot possibly be good for us.

Manufactured carb foods are detrimental to our health.  They cause food addiction which leads to obesity and diabetes type 2.  Just how seriously this damages our body, has yet to clarified.  Neither business or governments are in any hurry to push for the science that will find out.   But processed, fake food clearly is not going to promote healthy lifestyle news!


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