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Obesity Statistics, Do They Matter?

Obesity Statistics

obesity statistics

Obesity statistics!

   Do obesity statistics matter?

early food addiction

Early food addiction?

Of course obesity statistics matter.  There is a growing realization that at the rate obesity statistics are are growing, 86% of the population will be obese by 2030.  At this rate we will eat ourselves to extinction before the end of the century.  Obesity is out of control.  People want to know the causes of obesity and they want to obesity facts.

What they most want a healthy lifestyle.  but they seek it in all the wrong places.  Conflicting, even dangerous information abounds.  There is not a diet in the world that can cure obesity.  Why?  There are 2 reasons.  The obesity epidemic is not caused by eating to much food.  It is caused by an addiction to processed foods.  If we want to eliminate our obesity for good, we have to cure our food addiction.  We will never succeed with a diet.

body fat

Body fat!

When we diet, our conscious experience is very different to our body’s.  We think we are losing weight.  But our body assumes we are in a famine.  That’s the only point of reference it has.  A famine is something our body is programmed to deal with.  It goes to work to prepare our body for the event.  It slows our metabolism and waits.

The moment the famine is over and we return to normal amounts of food, our body goes to work.  It begins to restore every ounce of fat we have lost.  it then adds an extra layer of fat to protect us against the next famine.  Think about it.  The more we diet the fatter we get.  But if only it was that simple.  The big question to answer is; why do we begin to get fat?

Obesity statistics prove we are eating the wrong food!

obesity statistics

Obesity statistics!

Obesity statistics don’t just happen. We get fat because we have allowed our diet to be reversed.  Forty years ago.  Till then, most people were lean and healthy.  It stayed that way because they followed a high protein diet handed down through generations.  Sure!  it got embellished with fast food and other delights. But it remained fundamentally a high protein diet.

When it changed, it was much more than a change of diet.  We were coerced, and pressured, with warnings of danger to our health and the welfare of our families.   We were scared into following a new modern diet based on processed carbohydrates.  The diet became known as the food pyramid.  It started our obesity statistics.   The whole story of what scared us, and why we willingly changed our food is told here:

processed carbohydrates

Processed carbohydrates!

But the worst thing that happened when we reversed our diet is that we changed from a diet of natural foods, to a diet of manufactured processed foods.  Fake foods that have proved to be highly addictive.  For those who are already addicted to foods, like sugar, pasta, bread etc.  The first priority is to cure the addiction.  So why aren’t efforts made at an official level to inform us of the dangers of this addiction and encourage us to cure it?  After all, this has become an addiction that affects more than 60% of the population. The answer is:  There are too many  ‘vested interest’.  People and corporations who have a stake in making sure we remain addicted.

How do obesity statistics indicate our future health?

Just as the tobacco industry did in the past, the food industry enjoys being able to profit from a legal addiction.  They expect us to pass that addiction on to our children.  So far it has progressed to a 3rd  generation.  But we must first know when obesity began and what triggered it.  Without knowing that, we cannot expect to stop it or reverse it.  Till forty years ago most people still favored the protein foods that made up our natural food.  It was our traditional food that had evolved with us for at least 70,000 years.  Throughout that time, new foods were found and incorporated.  But it always remained a diet based on protein foods.

Before obesity statistics, was obesity common?

It was rare and confined mostly to people who had an illness like diabetes or an overactive thyroid.  It’s a strange fact that no one has ever asked if abandoning our natural food could be detrimental to the human body?  Could our metabolism and digestive system suffer some ill affect?   Was it wise to force our body to accept fake,  processed foods that were clearly addictive?

obesity statistics

Obesity statistics!

To overcome these uncomfortable questions, people were assured that the human body will always adapt. The fact is the human body never adapts, it evolves.  Evolution takes centuries, not a few decades.  The human diet was never expected to change.  Our body had no protection against human made foods it could neither understand or process.  It was not long before digestive problems became common.  People began to grow fat.   A new disease appeared, called diabetes type 2.  Soon we heard that heart disease, colon and bowel cancers, were increasing at a rapid rate.

A healthy lifestyle was becoming an increasingly remote possibility. Our food markets changed radically.  Shelves were now stocked with faked packaged foods while real food was pushed to the far end of the store.  Clearly the intent is to eliminate them completely and substitute them with a packaged alternative.

When it became clear to most people, that the food pyramid work,  the ‘experts’ were quick to develop the low fat diet.  This invigorated the food industry with a whole new range of low fat products.  The more people dieted the more people became addicted. The diet experts made sure that every new diet included a big helping of processed foods.  We are being fattened like a herd of cows, to satisfy the greed of the food industry.

Our experts were supported by the cereal, snack food and diet food industries.  They received a constant flow of  pseudo science to justify the benefits of processed foods.  The food industry were not just growing a world-wide conglomerate.  They were growing a huge, constantly expanding market of addicts.

Addicts who would unknowingly pass the addiction on to the next generation.  So far, 3 generations have become victims.A myth was fostered to suggest that a certain amount of processed carbohydrates were essential to the human diet.  We now see attempts to suggest that too much protein foods can be dangerous.  Both these notions are ludicrous. Human beings were originally nomadic.  They evolved on protein foods.  They added whatever natural food they could gather, to supplement their diet.

But not till people settled in hamlets could they begin to grow seeds.  Even then, carbohydrates were never more than a supplement.  They were subject to seasons and were even interrupted by an ice age.  How can I prove we can exist without carb foods?   I don’t need to.  The Eskimos have been proving it for centuries.

The diet food industry has observed and learned from the tobacco industry.  They have seen how easily lies can be made to stick.  There is no better or more successful product than the one that gets people addicted.  It not only grows a market.  It grows fanatic support. It’s time to accept that the food choices we consider healthy options , are making us fat.  What’s worse? They turn us into victims of addiction.  They account for the staggering obesity statistics.  Processed foods age us prematurely. They are known to cause Alzheimer’s disease.  They shorten our lives.  So when are we going to learn?

Forty years ago most people were slim and healthy.  Today most people are fat and unhealthy.  What can we do about it?  We can stop the diet talk and tune into our body.  We can learn how it works.  That’ll help us make friends with it.  it will then help us cure our addiction and teach us to eat the natural food it understands.  Only then can we lose weight for good.  Not with a diet, not with exercise, but with the help of our own body.  If we want a healthy lifestyle we must stop and reverse the Obesity statistics.

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