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Can’t Stop Eating Processed Food?

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Today we are aware of obesity statistics and the dangers to our health that go with it. We can’t stop eating processed food. There is a simple reason!

We are being ignored to safeguard the interests of the manufactured food industry. This is not about us and the right weight loss food. It’s business.

We see that clearly by the fact that 86% of people – and that includes our kids, will be obese by 2030. This is a staggering statistic which cannot be ignored.

Yet it clearly is. There is no food addiction help from the food industry, self-nominated diet experts, or anyone else who so readily exploit our food addiction.

They all make a buck on the misfortune of those addicted to processed foods. Why do these corporations and people so willing to greedily ignore our plight?

Their business depends on you and everyone else growing fat and obese.  They want you to diet and they have invented the perfect solution; processed food.

Their product is highly addictive. Once we become addicted they rely on us to pass the addiction on to our kids. Their tips for losing weight have made us fat.

In just 40 years, since dieting became normal, people have changed from being mostly lean and healthy – to being mostly fat and unhealthy.  Why unhealthy?

Nobody can seriously suggest that you can be healthy and also be an addict. Unless we learn how to stop overeating, it will be impossible to stop this disaster.

It is not possible to equate the word health, with the wrong weight loss foods. We are trapped in the advertising speak and rhetoric of self-declared ‘diet experts’.

For forty years, we have had processed foods forced down our throats on the premise that fake, manufactured foods, like cereals, can be healthy for our kids.

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We are fed a diet of nonsensical slogans like; “a balanced diet is healthy” (A balance of what?)- or, “Diets work, it’s people who let them down”.

We are told “cereals are a health food”, – and the most ridicules: “Fat is BAD, processed food is GOOD”. If we weren’t already brainwashed, we would wonder!

Why ridicules?  Because, – Processed food IS FAT.  The fat that is stored on your body doesn’t come from the fat you eat, it comes from the processed food you eat.

That’s the carb foods and fat foods your body is forced to break down into glucose. These “foods” slow down your metabolism and your energy.

What’s so terrible about processed food? It’s not real food. But you are told our body always adapts, Right? That’s completely false. We never adapt.

The internal human body never adapts, it evolves. There’s a good chance we have already evolved to our full potential. We eat the wrong foods for weight loss.

Today’s weight loss foods are killing us. Even if our body could one day begin to evolve and incorporate human made food. It would take eons to see any change.

What is in it for us to want to eat bland, processed food, pumped up with chemical sugars and salts. Fake ‘foods’ That add no benefits to our body whatsoever.

The reason is simple and disgraceful. The food industry is sanctioned to promote and profit from an addiction they invented 40 years ago.

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That’s why it is so important that you get to know and understand your own body. It converts all Carb foods, including processed food, to glucose.

Glucose is the fuel that drives your body. Your body can’t store it, so what you don’t burn is converted to fat. We call it body fat because it’s made by our body.

To look for the best diet foods to lose weight is useless. Your body will hang on to the fat because dieting signals famine. It needs the fat to protect you.

The only way to learn how to lose weight naturally, is to cure your food addiction and learn about the foods for weight loss that your body wants you to eliminate.

The weight loss you get from dieting is always temporary. To lose the fat for good is to learn the right weight loss foods and cure your food addiction.

I have this strong belief that once we fully understand something it’s a lot harder to lie to ourselves. We can no longer ignore ours and our kids addiction.

By then you will at least know exactly what you are doing to yourself.  That also means you have to think of your family. If you are addicted, so are they.

Don’t let yourself and your family become statistics!

Forget about diets, they are only a Band Aid. Learn the non-diet solution that lasts a lifetime!

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