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Carbohydrates Food Led Me To Addiction!

Carbohydrates Food

carbohydrates food

Carbohydrates food!

There are two types of carbohydrates food.  First there’s the natural carbohydrates food that nature created for us to harvest and use in our diet.  Our digestive system was specifically designed to process those foods.  Along with protein foods, they are the healthy foods we are meant to eat.   But then there processed carbohydrates.  These are processed foods.  They are the opposite to natural foods. Video About Good Carbs And Bad Carbs! Learn all about the many good, natural carbs you can eat!

carbohydrate foods

Carbohydrate foods!

So here are some carbohydrate facts!

carbohydrates food

Carbohydrates food!

Our digestive system is not designed for processed foods.  They did not even exist till the 20th century.  They are created by factory processes that renders what may have begun as a carbohydrate. Into a packaged product that carries a food label.  Our digestive system has never been tested to determine if fake processed foods are safe for human consumption.  There is compelling evidence that fake, processed foods have already caused a food addiction. Till I was 43, I did’t eat carbohydrates that were not natural.  In other words, I never ate processed foods.  The only carbohydrates that passed my lips, were those provided by nature.  Today, I’m a fit, healthy 72 year old woman, who has travelled the world.  I am always ready to learn and absorb new information. I’m always compelled to ask: Why? – When something does not make sense. During the seventies, I was on the fringe of events that triggered a media scare campaign about cholesterol. It drove millions to abandon our traditional protein foods.

traditional protein foods

Traditional protein foods!

Almost a decade later, I was tested for cholesterol and had a very high cholesterol reading.  Because I acquired a thyroid condition, my doctor insisted that my weight would become an issue.  he referred me to a dietitian, to get a ‘proper’ diet that would keep me lean and healthy.  I later realized that the diet was identical to the food pyramid, that had roused my suspicions a decade earlier.  But I felt safe because I was under medical supervision.   As I began to gain weight, like most people, I did not connect the dots.  I was assured that if I followed the diet correctly, I would lose the weight. Yet, I was gaining weight.   This is when I should have remembered the things I had learned and witnessed a decade earlier.

processed food

Processed food!

If I had done that, I could have saved myself a twenty year struggle with weight problems.  How?  Because all along, I had the knowledge and critical facts that few people knew and nobody wanted to talk about.  I even had the ability to collect my thoughts and ideas and write them down.  But like most people, I was seduced by all the ‘diet talk’ and I simply did not want to go against medical advice.

carbohydrates food can kill

Carbohydrates food can kill!

So despite the fact that I knew I should avoid it, I still became addicted to carbohydrates food.

It’s hard to believe, but I was bedazzled by ‘new pseudo science’ and got swept up in the trend.   I spent 20 years being overweight, frozen in indecision and lack of confidence. My mistake was to listen to self-elected ‘experts’ when what I call my innate “BS” barometer was screaming: ‘this is all wrong’!

Was my mistake about sugar and other carbohydrates food also your mistake?

the experts promote carbohydrates food You see I listened to the wrong people till it was almost too late.  They were the ‘experts’, most other people listened to them with reverence.  How could I be right and they be wrong?   Logic was already beginning to nudge me.  Everybody seemed to be on a diet, yet, everybody was getting fat – it didn’t make sense! Like you, I wanted to believe these people.  What they said was new and modern. I was seduced by simplistic slogans like: If you eat fat you get fat! Green equals healthy! Carbohydrates are energy foods.  It was complete nonsense.  All I had to do was to stop and remind myself of how the inside of my body actually works. But like everyone else, I was too busy with my outward appearance and getting addicted to my new types of food.  I was also falling victim to a prevailing new attitude.  It was no longer good enough to eat the food we thought was right.

Carbohydrates food led us to food addiction!

carbohydrates food

Carbohydrates food!

We now had to eat the food that ‘experts’ thought was right.  Bit by bit I joined the schizophrenics society.  I began to see myself as two different people.  First there was the outside. My exterior.  I spent endless hours with my friends,  as we worked out in the gym, fuzzed about our hair, our make-up, our body shape and clothes. No detail was too trivial.

the importance of trivia

The importance of trivia!

Then there was the inside of my body.  I once took great pride in knowing how it worked and what it needed. I liked to be in control.   But I had lost confidence in that knowledge.  It seemed outdated.  I was bedazzled by the pseudo-science and diet talk prattle that emanated from people who appeared on TV and called themselves ‘experts’.

Carbohydrates food led me to food addiction and obesity!

I began to ignore my internal body.  After all, I had experts now to look after that.  I ceased to worry if my body was happy, if it was healthy. If it cared for the food I gave it.  I chose to ignore it.  If I had cared, I would have been forced to question the gap between what I had always known as a fact and what had become the ‘new dogma’.

example of carbohydrates food

Example of carbohydrates food!

 One of the few benefits of growing old is that you become more skeptical.  You look down your  telescope to the past and remember how it was before. You have had time to realize that it’s not about what people claim to know.  It’s about where their claims originate and what they are based on.  You come to the realization that ‘experts’ are not always expert and they do not always know what they are talking about.  I finally got back in touch with my body.  I put my good old BS Detector to work and began to use my common sense. That was nine years ago.  I have been slim and healthy ever since.  The one thing I’ll never do again is to diet and eat processed foods.  if you want to know what I did when I gave up processed carbohydrates food and lost all the weight, click below to learn about the membership.

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