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Facts About Protein You Need to Know!


Facts About Protein!

facts about protein

Facts about protein  and about healthy eating.  They were once known to every school child. But forty years ago, we had a panic about cholesterol.  It was driven by a media scare campaign. Literately millions of people were pressured to have a cholesterol test.  What shocked everyone?  Most people proved to have high cholesterol.

protein foods

Protein foods!

People were urged to abandon our traditional protein diet.  And replace it with a modern new processed foods diet. It was a healthier diet they said.  It would eliminate cholesterol problems.  There was enormous pressure to adopt the new diet.  It was said to be the only cure for high cholesterol.  It seemed almost everyone had high cholesterol.

So we  gave up our protein based, natural diet.  And accepted the new fake carb foods instead.  We believed the people behind the new diet.  Were obviously backed by research and science.  We gave up protein foods because we thought we had no choice.  Somebody should have raised an alarm.  Because almost everyone tested, proved to have high cholesterol.

They did not know the facts about protein!

The facts about protein and healthy eating.  Would soon prove the new diet was fake.  It was just an expedient reversal of our traditional diet.  It was the fastest way to produce a modern new diet.  Nobody questioned why we abandoned our natural diet.  Yet, we changed our natural protein foods.  For fake manufactured, processed foods.  Was it safe for our body?  It’s doubtful anyone gave it a thought!

facts about protein

Facts about protein!

We accepted what became known as the food pyramid.  With great relief. We were protecting our lives and our children’s future.  As a result, forty years later.  We are faced with an obesity epidemic and a food addiction.  Who were these people?  Who made us change our healthy, protein rich diet?  Today they call themselves nutritionists.  But forty years ago.  They were just a group of people with determination.  They wanted an authority niche on the fringe of medicine.

They had produced a modern new diet.  It was based on modern new human made foods.  It was not a diet for weight problems.  There was no demand for that – At least not yet!  It was a diet for better health. And a cure for high cholesterol.  Instead, they have caused a monumental health disaster!

Their goal was to create a healthy lifestyle that would require their services.  They could monitor the diet with guidance and support.  Their goal was to become indispensable to anyone who wanted a healthy lifestyle.

facts about protein

Facts about protein!

The timely solution to the cholesterol problem was Big News!  The media scare campaign went into overdrive.  It ensured the new food pyramid was well promoted.  Even doctors sent their patients to dietitians to get on the diet.  The claim that the food pyramid  was designed to lower cholesterol.  Inferred that science was well and truly involved.   But nobody ever thought to ask for proof.

Facts about protein were never considered!

the original food pyramid

The original food pyramid!

The food pyramid became a big hit.  The creators, rode a wave of publicity that only a scare campaign can generate.  Many became celebrities and to this day, continue to appear on television, in magazines newspapers and on the internet.

The first question that springs to mind is: Why did most people have high cholesterol?  The answer is simple.  The tests were wrong.  Instead of gauging the HDL LDL ratio, the lab technicians  added the numbers together.  This invariably produced a high reading.  There never was a genuine cholesterol crisis.

But here is the most unsavory thing about this whole story.  It took thirty years, for the people involved, to correct the mistake and fez up.  By then, the damage was done.  Millions of people had abandoned the traditional diet.  They already had an addiction to food.  And most were obese. Diabetes type 2 was an epidemic waiting to happen. We were fast eating ourselves to extinction.

More facts About Protein Foods!

what is healthy food

What is healthy food?

So far. Three generations have fallen victim to this farce.  So let’s take a closer look at what has happened to our once healthy lifestyle.  A look inside any supermarket tells the story:  The facts about protein. Is that they are being eased out the door of our supermarkets.  That’s because there is no money in protein foods. They don’t lend themselves to manufacture.  If the food industry has its way.  All natural food will be replaced with a processed food substitute.  The pressure is on to make it as soon as possible.  It is a matter of time.  It has already happened to 60% of our healthy natural foods.

The facts about cholesterol

The facts about cholesterol!

The food pyramid was not a quaint new diet.  it was not made of nature’s carbohydrates. This was a diet made up of 60% manufactured, processed foods.  It filled up the bulk base of the food pyramid.  These were foods our body had not evolved to process. We now know they are highly addictive.  It was a boon to the fledgling food industry.  They could finally spread their wings and create more than breakfast cereals.  Even better, they could freely grow a market of food addicts.

More facts about protein!

food addiction

food addiction!

Millions of people adopted the food pyramid.  Seemingly, nobody noticed they were getting addicted.  Sugar cravings were called a sweet tooth.  Pasta cravings were perfectly normal.  People felt safe believing that their diet was safe and tested.  Yet, no genuinely qualified person has ever asked the most obvious question:  How does a complete reversal of food.  Affect the human metabolism and digestive system?

The only answer came from our self-elected, nutritional experts.  Unfortunately, they were the least qualified to make it:  “The body is designed to adapt” they said.  On the surface, a good answer.  But the fact is the human body is subject to evolution.  It does not adapt – it evolves.  Evolution takes a little longer than forty years. Or forty centuries, for that matter.

about evolution

About evolution!

The people who reversed our traditional protein foods, lacked a basic understanding of how the body works. Their actions were ignorant and self serving.  Today we can look back on forty years of diets.  We can review the damage that has been done.  Forty years ago most people were slim and healthy.  Diets were for sick people and vegetarians.  Today most people are fat and unhealthy. We already have an obesity epidemic.  Diabetes type 2 is a looming, medical crisis.  Heart disease, colon and bowel cancer are booming. We now have a new threat which is beginning to affect our children.  It’s called morbid obesity. We are killing ourselves with the wrong food.

facts about protein

Facts about protein

 Today’s normal diet misses the facts about protein and it’s beginning to show – particularly with our children!

Our body was not designed for processed foods.  Products that roll off an assembly line.  In some factory are not suited to the human digestive system.  Even if the human body could learn to digest such ‘foods’, it would take eons for it to happen.  Evolution could not have anticipated that people would begin to manufacture artificial food.  Nor that we would begin to starve ourselves.  When that same food begins to make us fat.

 Facts about protein?

Replacing protein with processed carbohydrate, makes us fat.  But what’s worse.  It causes a food addiction.  What follows is food cravings and binge eating.  That makes us even fatter.  So we begin to diet.  Our body does not understand diets.  When we diet it responds to famine.  It slows us down and gets ready to store body fat.  As soon as the famine is over the body begins to recover every ounce of fat we have lost.  To cure our food addiction we must first get the facts about protein. We need to learn that the more we diet the fatter we get!

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