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Carbohydrates foods Cause Food Addiction!


Carbohydrates foods!

carbohydrates foods

Carbohydrates foods!

 Carbohydrates Foods That cause Food Addiction!


Carbohydrates foods can be a danger to our health.  Every day, millions follow a diet, believing it’s based on genuine information about carbohydrates foods.   In reality, diets based on processed carbohydrates foods are created at the whim and mood of self-nominated diet experts.  Their pseudo science and information comes from in-house research set up by a self-serving food industry.

carbohydrate foods

carbohydrate foods

Processed carbohydrates, are simply manufactured, processed carb foods.  To Our body, this is alien food.  Our internal body is identical to that of the cave people who survived the last ice age.   It has not evolved to process and digest human made products labelled food.

As a result, we have developed a food addiction.  The food industry has led us by the nose, straight into the arms of  an addiction.  If all this sounds familiar, it’s because it is.  The food industry has copied a successful model created by the still influential tobacco industry.  They set the benchmark on how to profit from a dangerous, legal addiction and get away with it.

The carbohydrates foods are the source of our addiction to food.

We suffer hunger pains and food cravings because we are addicted to processed foods.  We can’t stop eating them.  We pass our addiction to our children because they eat what we eat.  The food industry has successfully created a food addiction.  They can now sit back and enjoy profiting from it for generations.  Harsh?  Well, let’s look at some facts.

carbohydrates and food addiction

Carbohydrates and food addiction!

Healthy diets today,  are said to be a “low carb diets”.  Logically, that should be a high protein diet.  But protein foods are rarely mentioned.  They present a huge threat to the food industry, because that’s the food we need to stay alive.  We have no need for processed foods.  We also have ‘The balanced diet’, which tells us to eat a balance of everything.  That’s lazy and a little ridicules!   Then there’s the low fat diet.  That may yet prove to cause the most damage of all.  The one thing they all advocate is processed foods.  The average person today eats a diet made up of around 60% processed foods. These foods are all based on carbohydrates.  We know we don’t need them because they did not exist till the 20th century

carbohydrates foods

Carbohydrates foods!

If we want a long healthy life.  We need to avoid further damage to our internal body.  We need to start eating the types of food our body understands.  So how many carbohydrates foods are enough?  Actually, it not a matter of how many carbohydrates, it’s a matter of eating the right carbohydrates.

Carbohydrates facts about good carbs and bad carbs?

There really is only two types of carbohydrates that matter.  Good carbohydrates.  are the natural foods, harvested from nature.  They have evolved with us from the beginning.  Our body understands fresh carbohydrates because we have evolved with them.  Our body evolved to process them.  Along with protein foods, they form the basis of what we know as our traditional foods. Bad carbs are simply fake foods produced in factories and processing mills.  They did not exist in our diet, or in our grocery stores  till the twentieth century.  Since human beings do not adapt, they evolve.  Our body can’t adjust to processed foods.  Evolution takes eons, not a few decades.  Our body may never learn to process fake food.




More about  Carbohydrates foods!

Even today, protein foods are the most vilified and feared words in the dictionary. At least to those people, businesses and corporations, who depend on our food addiction. Every day, more victims become addicted to carbohydrates like sugar, pasta  and other addictive processed foods.

 But how did it all begin?

Forty years ago we had a well-documented media scare campaign about  cholesterol. Some people, who later called themselves nutritionists, claimed to have invented a health diet that would cure cholesterol problems.   The new diet became known as the Food Pyramid.  It was an exact reversal of our traditional foods. The pyramid diet was never tested. No trials were ever held. And no appropriately qualified person have ever conducted tests to verified; that this is a healthy diet for the human body.



Over the past forty years, many hundreds of diets, have come and gone.  They all share some common features: None of them were ever tested. They were and still are, based on carbohydrates.  It’s been forty years since millions of people, driven by fear of cholesterol, abandoned our traditional food.  That food was made up of at least 60% of protein food.  This was always our traditional food. It had evolved with us for centuries. It had seen us through many famines, harsh winters and even an ice age.

Carbohydrates facts that cause food addiction!

carbohydrates foods

Carbohydrates foods!

We survived and thrived for centuries, on a diet based on protein foods, along with fresh, natural carb foods, when they were available.  Our sudden switch of food groups was triggered by a fake cholesterol scare campaign. Almost everybody tested, had high cholesterol.  Today most people know that the test methodology used, was completely wrong. There’s no doubt, with a correct test, very few people would have had high cholesterol. But it took more than thirty years to inform the public and fix the error.



To this day, no person with authority; has been prepared to answer one simple question: “Did a sudden, radical change in our diet, course any serious, negative effects to our body and to our health”? Today there is no longer a need to ask; the evidence is everywhere.

Without carbohydrates facts we cannot be protected against food addiction!

protein foods

Protein foods!

What’s so bad about processed foods?  Processed foods WILL, eventually cause food addiction followed by obesity. They expose us to fatal diseases.  They age us prematurely and shorten our lives.  They can even destroy the latter part of our lives by causing Alzheimer’s disease.When we eat carbohydrates, we are trained by experts not to worry about what they do inside our body. That’s for experts to worry about.  It’s not good PR, to talk about what our body does with the food we eat. The people who advise us are not qualified to discuss our body.  They want us to focus on our exterior.  We have learned to do that really well.

More carbohydrates facts about good and bad carbohydrates!

body facts

Body facts!

Our body does not discriminate. All carbohydrates, good and bad, end up as glucose. That’s what our body uses as fuel. But the experts don’t want us to know how much fuel we actually need.  Because it’is a whole lot less than we produce.  That’s information we are not supposed to know.  Why?  Our body can’t store glucose.  What it doesn’t use, is converted to body fat.  That means, the more processed food we eat.  The more excess glucose we produce.  And the fatter we get. Our body is designed to process the types of food that evolved with us.  Unlike the fat we eat, body fat is the only kind of fat that actually makes us fat. Very few people, except perhaps top athletes, can use more than a fraction of the carbohydrates the average person eats daily.  Yet we eat carbs in the erroneous belief that the more the better.  We will continue to get fatter till we finally learn the facts about carbohydrates foods.

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