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The most common addiction today is sugar addiction. It has led to an obesity epidemic, morbid obesity and diabetes type 2. During human evolution, nature provided us with natural foods. But as always, we could do it better.

Richard Branson asks What Inspires Me: Game-Changing People Everywhere!

What Inspires Me? Sir Richard Branson is best known for his Virgin brand of over 360 companies. His first successful business venture was at age 15 when he launched Student magazine. His next venture was a record mail-order business in 1970. Two ...

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Eating Disorders We Don’t Talk About!

Eating Disorders!   The Psychology of Eating Disorders | World of Psychology http://psychcentral.comThu, 08 Aug 2013 10:23:08 GMT According to statistics provided by the National Association of Anorexia Nervosa and Associated Disorders (ANAD), there are up to 24 million people ...

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Hi By now you probably wonder why you should buy a book about the Food Industry. All you hope to do is get some weight loss tips.  Find some food addiction help. Stop binge eating and get a weight loss result ...

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Food Addiction!

Is Food Addiction Becoming The Tobacco Addiction Of The 21st Century? We are unknowing victims of a food addiction. We are constantly encouraged to eat processed foods. Like the tobacco industry, the food industry, survives and thrives on the back ...

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Fast Food Addiction, What Is it?

fast food addiction! What Is Fast food addiction? Before  fast food addiction appeared, Our normal diet was based on fresh, natural food.  Not that fast food wasn’t available.  We just weren’t addicted to it.  Forty years ago we did something very foolish. ...

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6 Reasons You Must Cure Your Food Addiction!

So how do you cure your food addiction? First establish where you stand with these 6 questions: *Are you sick of advice about best diet foods that always disappoint you? *Does it frustrate you to always end up fatter? *Have ...

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Ways to Not Consume Addictive Food!

. Ways to Not Consume Ways to not consume addicting food! .?. !! Ways to not consume [/ caption] Ways to not consume addicting food will certainly stay a secret till we re-learn to consume the ideal kinds of food. ...

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Can’t Stop Eating Processed Food?

Today we are aware of obesity statistics and the dangers to our health that go with it. We can’t stop eating processed food. There is a simple reason! We are being ignored to safeguard the interests of the manufactured food ...

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Food Addiction Help?

You don’t ask drug users why they don’t stop using, or alcoholics why they can’t stop drinking, or why smokers can’t stop smoking. You don’t ask because you know the answer. They are victims of an addiction. They are robbed ...

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Fast Weight Loss With Diet Terminator!

Why The Diet Terminator?   This fast weight loss membership is not a diet. Nor is it an exercise program. So lets establish something right up front: Diets don’t work. Diet experts have had forty years. To prove they know what ...

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