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Causes Of Obesity, The Skinny!

Causes Of Obesity

causes of obesity

Causes of obesity!

Summit explores causes of obesity!

Cleveland Clinic’s 2013 Obesity Summit explores causes, prevention and … – Phys.Org

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Kevin Lal Shrestha, a cardiology researcher at the Cleveland Clinic.

Cleveland Clinic’s 2013 Obesity Summit explores causes, prevention and …Phys.OrgWednesday, Sept. 25, 2013, Cleveland: Cleveland Clinic’s 8th Annual Obesity Summit will bring together a diverse mix of healthcare practitioners Oct. 16 and 17, 2013, a …

The causes of obesity must be examined!

How important is it that we find a way to prevent the causes of obesity and eliminate the obesity epidemic for good?  When you consider that today, one in every 3 adults and one in every 6 children are obese.  Don’t, even for a moment, think it will stop there.  Obesity statistics predict that by 2030, 86% of the population will be obese.

The big question is: If this trend continues, where will it lead us?  Possibly to extinction before the end of the century.  This is not acceptable on any terms. But least of all, because we still pander to a food industry whose products have caused a food addiction.  One of the symptoms of food addiction is that we get more hungry.  That means we eat more, which in turn makes us fatter.  Eventually, food addiction must heighten the risk of diseases like morbid obesity and diabetes type 2.

causes of obesity

Causes of obesity!

Are the causes of obesity eclipsed by the vested interests of the food industry?

Of course they are.  There is nobody out there advocating a health review of processed foods.  Nobody wants to rock the boat. And risk upsetting the food industry.  They have been allowed. To prosper and grow their business on an addiction.  It’s an addiction they themselves created.  They are so powerful. They have been able to enforce “the Food Plate’. As a national standard.  They have influenced the content of school lunches.  Over the heads of parents.  The are actively working towards their goal. The complete substitution of every natural food.  For a similar, processed alternative.

Why is that so terrible?  First of all, the food industry’s customer base. Are food addicts.  By definition. They have lost the ability to control their food choices.  Eventually they do what they are expected them to do.  Pass their addiction along to the next generation.  Addicts live in denial.  It is simply out of their control.   You might think this does not apply to you. Because you do not eat much processed food. And you are not addicted.  That’s probably true. But you still need to know the dangers.  They are far more insidious than just watching our diet.

causes of obesity

Causes of obesity!

Take a look in one of the large supermarkets.  Notice how packaged foods. Have taken over the shelf space?  two thirds of the store is filled with them. But it doesn’t stop there.  Look in the fresh produce section.  The trend there is to plastic wrap fresh fruit and vegetables. Why?  Genetically Modified foods are on the march.  Nobody knows how safe they are.  But the fact that so little is said about is of great concern.

The biggest cause of obesity is – food!

Obesity is caused by the types of food. Our own body has not evolved to process.  They say our body adapts to food. But that’s a bare faced lie.  Our body does not adapt, it evolves.  Our digestive system hasn’t changed. At least not since our ancestor left Africa. Some  70,000 years ago.  We are eating food our body doesn’t understand.

causes of obesity

Causes of obesity!

But it understands famine. So when we diet our body slows us down. And prepares to store fat.  When the diet is over. Our body does what it is programmed to do: It recovers the weight as quickly as possible.  It then adds an extra layer of fat. That’s to protect us against the next famine.  That’s nature!  That is also why diets never work for long.  Our body has not evolved to work with diets.

How did obesity happen?  Forty years ago we were scared into reversing our diet.  It was the result of a world-wide media scare campaign.  it was about cholesterol. It was a huge boost to a then fledgling food industry.  They have not looked back since.  But to people like us? We went from a traditional diet of natural foods. To a diet that consisted of 60% processed, unnatural foods.  Two thirds of us are already addicted to it.  So when you ask; what are the causes of obesity, the answer is food addiction.

causes of obesity

Causes of obesity!

The solution to the obesity epidemic. Is to cure our food addiction.  If you want to know what you can do. To fight the causes of obesity. And cure your own food addiction.  Just click here to learn more;


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