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Cyber Safety For Kids, Some Safety Tips!

Cyber Safety For Kids!

cyber safety for kids

– is this healthy lifestyle news?

cyber safety for kids

Cyber safety for kids!

Cyber safety for kids presents a constant threat. The constant growth of new websites for kids makes it next to impossible to keep track.   According to Facebook policy, children on the internet must be at least 13 years of age to open an account, but children on the internet, who are capable of simple math can easily create an account by simply altering their year of birth.  And they do.  Children as young as 9 and 10 years of age have Facebook accounts, some with parental approval, some without parental knowledge at all.

cyber safety for kids

Cyber Safety For Kids

Ensuring cyber safety for kids in this technological age, makes parenting a real challenge.

We are navigating through brand new territory and there is no Dr Spock to advise us.  Parents of preteen children on the internet, need to be acutely aware of potential online threats.  A modern day Dr Spock might offer them some safety tips  that would keep them on top of their kids activities online.

Now, at first glance you may wonder why it’s so important for parents to keep on top of cyper safety for kids.  You may think that you have given your children the tools they need to stay safe.  We do get some safety tips on television. Even through the school from time to time.  However, the safety tips you are most like to get from those sources, will be advise on how to arm your child with protecting from predators.  We don’t see too much about protecting children from themselves.  here is a good example:

Online Privacy

cyber safety for kids

Cyber safety for kids!

We’ve established that the 13 year age requirement is little more than a joke, but even if it were fool proof is a 13 old child old enough to understand and appreciate the potential consequences of their behavior?  Probably not, given that most parents of children on the internet have difficulty with the concept!  There are constantly growing  dangers to people of all ages and adults MUST and should take steps to learn what they are and how they can ensure cyber safety for kids on the internet.

  1. EVERYTHING you put on the internet stays on the internet FOREVER
  2. EVERYTHING you put on the internet is for PUBLIC CONSUMPTION

Please hear this – there is no such thing as PRIVACY on the internet.  Put that idea out of your head.  If you believe that a private message you send to your BFF is actually private, you are setting yourself up for potential personal problems.  Those 2 points above are actually:

Tip #1 For Parents Concerned About Cyber Safety For Kids!

cyber safety for kids

Cyber safety for kids!

There is NO SUCH THING AS PRIVACY on the internet.  Parents of children on the internet need to accept this.  This is dangerous and not so healthy lifestyle news for parents of children on the internet. They need to teach these dangers to their children and to remind them and drill it into them on a daily basis.  Everything they do on the internet – every post they make, every status update, every tweet, every PM (private message), every email, comment, every ANYTHING is recorded somewhere somehow – forever.  It is recorded and imprinted on the computer or mobile devices you have given them.  It is saved and archived by the sites they access and use.  Sadly, even their most private personal conversations can be recorded, saved and distributed by the BFF (best friend forever), they are having a personal and private conversation with.

Remind your children and yourself, to only ever put out the things you will be 100% happy to see coming back to you today or in the future.  Only post what you would stand at a public podium and say out loud.  Only post what you would happily have recorded by a television crew and broadcast globally.  Only post what you will be proud for your future children, grandchildren, great grandchildren and their great children to have access to.  Teach children on the internet about cyber safety for kids.  Teach them to only post what they’ll be proud to show their future professors, employers, employees, investors and customers.

cyber safety for kids

Cyber safety for kids!

Hopefully, Tip #1 is now clear…  stay tuned for Tip #2 in a future post

Cyber safety for kids! is it still important news?

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