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Healthy Food To Eat For best Lifestyle!


Healthy food to eat!

Our traditional diet for healthy food to eat

Our traditional diet for healthy food to eat!

healthy food to eat.  Are the same protein foods that got us to the twentieth century.  Our ancestors considered it their normal, natural food.  It was the types of food we evolved with for  70,000 years.  Diets were reserved for sick people like diabetics. Or people who experimented. Like vegetarians.  Then, seemingly out of the blue.  There was this huge media scare campaign.  It was about cholesterol.   This was something we’d never heard of.

healthy food to eat to avoid cholesterol

Healthy food to eat to avoid cholesterol!

Millions of people were scared and bullied into getting tested.   It shocked us to learn, that most people had high cholesterol.  Some people saw an opportunity to establish a new niche.  They wanted to be on the fringe of medicine. They created a diet to target the new cholesterol problem.   The diet had to be new and different. But they had to act fast.  So they took out traditional, natural diet.  And they reversed it.  Then, instead of natural carbohydrates.  They added more that 60% of the new  processed carb foods.  You can’t get more different than that! Nobody wondered how our body might feel about the change.  It was never considered.  Those involved, had little, if any knowledge about our body.  As a result;   millions of people abandoned the traditional diet.  Instead, they accepted a new, untested, unnatural diet. The food pyramid.  It was a promised solution to their high cholesterol problems.

 Healthy food to eat is crucial!

Without the benefit of healthy protein foods.  Human beings cease to exist.  But this was the foolish seventies. We believed we could do better than nature.  We thought human made, processed food.  Like cereals and snack foods, were viable. They would be a, healthy, convenient option for our kids.  Forty years ago, our kid’s were lean and healthy.  Their diet was dominated by protein foods. Today, kids are growing obese.  Diabetes type 2 has become an accepted fact.  As has morbid obesity.  We are rearing children whose life expectancy is shorter than our own.

the road to healthy food to eatWe have given up the control of our food choices.  They are in the hands of experts now.  People who get their food ideas from breakfast cereal companies.  We have lost our instincts for what are healthy foods.  Four decades ago abandoned our natural diet.  What nobody could

healthy food to eat

have foreseen, (It is  too cynical to think otherwise). Was that most people who were tested.  Had high cholesterol. They were quickly given the food pyramid. It has a bad odour doesn’t it?  And with good reason.  You see, every test was later proved to be wrong.  Instead of gauging the HDL LDL ratio.  The labs added the 2 numbers together.  This guaranteed a high cholesterol reading.    But the real kicker?  It took thirty years to reveal what was an unbelievable mistake.  Many professionals were acutely embarrassed.  In the meantime, the food pyramid.  Along with all the clones that followed.  Became entrenched in our culture.  Carb foods took the place of our essential protein foods.  They became  ‘the only diet’ that we could call a healthy lifestyle.

The Road to healthy food to eat!

For forty years, we have abused our body.  We have given it the wrong types of food.  Today we choose our food according to our food addiction.   This has enabled the food industry to develop and grow.  It has opened the way fake carb foods that are highly addictive.  Products that mother nature never expected us to eat.  Fake foods are not suited for our digestive system.

The healthy foods to eat are our traditional carb foods!

most carb foods are Not healthy food to eat

Most carb foods are Not healthy food to eat!

Yet today we eat a diet dominated by carb foods.  Most of those foods come to us via a factory assembly line.  There are serious consequences.  Manufactured, fake foods are highly addictive.  They are destroying our internal body and they are robbing our children of their future.  We cannot stop eating these fake foods.  Because we are addicted to them.  Unwittingly, we pass on our addiction to our children.

healthy food to eat is not food addiction

Healthy food to eat is not food addiction!

No medical or scientific expert.  Has ever tested, or trialed the food pyramid.  To verify that it is safe for human beings. Today we only need to look around.  We immediately see the damage.  Most people today are getting fat.  We have an obesity epidemic.   Many people are Morbidly obese.   Diabetes type 2 is nearing epidemic proportions.  Heart disease, colon and bowel cancer are at an all-time high.  We are slowly killing ourselves.  Yet, we are still not eating the right types of food.

We need to understand the right healthy food to eat!

Protein foods used to be called the building blocks of life.  There’s a good reason for that.  They build and mend our bones, skin, muscles, tissue and vital organs.  They are the source of our energy and health. Without protein foods we do not exist.

Here is a factual, if somewhat lighthearted video about our addiction to food;


healthy food to eat

Healthy food to eat!

We can’t continue to risk the health of our children, even if we are tied to our food addiction.  We can’t risk our own and our children’s lives simply because we want to believe people who tell us what we want to hear.  They shamelessly dazzle us with their false information. They may even believe it themselves.  But we are not obliged to trust them or believe them.  What we have to acknowledge though; is that we ARE to blame for accepting their advice.  Food addiction is real and we will end up obese, unhealthy and unhappy.  Tragically, without protein foods, so will our kids. We are responsible for letting bad advice influence what food we eat and the food we give our children.  We are pawns in a much bigger picture, being controlled by the food industry.  They depend on our food addiction to prosper and we let them. Learning about the right  Healthy food to eat. Is our only chance for a healthy future!

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