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Cholesterol Myth! Were we Duped?


Cholesterol myth!

cholesterol myth

Cholesterol myth!

Thecholesterol myth has finally been exposed.  I don’t think there is a greater evil than when power and money overrides the health and welfare of regular folks who are manipulated and kept in the dark. They are placated with misinformation.  Finally the medical profession is coming to their senses:

The Cholesterol Myth!

The Greatest Scam in the History of Medicine

Why Your Fear the Cholesterol myth
Could Be Killing You

about cholesterol

About cholesterol!

If you’re like most people, you honestly believe that keeping a low blood cholesterol level and avoiding fatty foods are the keys to escaping the deadly clutches of heart disease.

For years you’ve been watching your cholesterol levels like a hawk. You’ve been meticulously trimming the fat from your meats, drinking skim milk, and eating only the lowest fat foods you can find. Your doctor has even placed you on statins, those ‘miracle’ cholesterol-lowering drugs that allegedly slash your risk of heart disease by one-third!

Guess what?

You are wasting your time – and money!  

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Exposing The cholesterol myth!

the big cholesterol myth

The big cholesterol myth!

By Aleksandra Niedzwiecki

Hundreds of millions of people worldwide (100 million in the USA) again have their health and lives put at risk in order to increase profits for the drug companies!

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The big cholesterol

The big cholesterol myth!

 Are Cholesterol Medications a Scam?

by Jacob Teitelbaum, MD

Recent analysis of research suggests that might be the case

Published on July 27, 2011 by Jacob Teitelbaum, MD in Complementary Medicine

Cholesterol-lowering statin medications like Lipitor and Crestor have been the #1 prescribed class ofdrugs in the U.S. for years. More than 215 million prescriptions add $14 billion to drug company coffers every year. A recent report from the government’s National Center for Health Statistics showed that an astounding 25% of Americans aged 45 and older take statins, compared to only 2% in 1994. (The drugs came on the market in 1987.)

It’s not surprising that statins are so popular. Cardiovascular disease (CVD) is the biggest killer of Americans, and “bad” LDL cholesterol is one of the bad guys in this national tragedy, clogging arteries and triggering heart attacks and strokes. Taking an LDL-lowering statin is a science-proven strategy for people with diagnosed heart disease or other blood vessel blockages. You’re on that list if you have angina or you’ve had a heart attack, coronary bypass surgery or an artery-widening angioplasty, or a stroke, or you have peripheral arterial disease (clogging of the arteries in the legs). And possibly if you have diabetes, which damages blood vessels and doubles the risk of heart attack and stroke. In other words, if you already have CVD, an LDL-lowering statin might save your life through what medical experts call secondary prevention.

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In my articles, I have often referred to the great phony media scare campaign about cholesterol.  I have exposed it as a fraud many times on this website.  i have shown that the only benefactors of food addiction. Are the the people who created it. – The Food Industry!

the cholesterol myth

The cholesterol myth!

People who remember the late seventies, early eighties. Will remember the scare campaign well.  It eventually drove millions of people to get tested.  It was a great windfall for medical doctors, who had to diagnose and refer unprecedented numbers of people. To get tested.  And for the laboratories that did the tests.  The biggest winner was the manufactured food industry.  They finally had their dreams come true.  An opportunity to get an entire the population. Addicted to their products.

How did the cholesterol myth begin?

It began around forty years ago.  It was a time when the vast majority of people were lean and healthy.  Most followed the diet grandma taught them, the diet we now refer to as our traditional diet.  People could still choose their food by instinct, just as our ancestors did.  Yet, there was no alarm raised, when it turned out almost everyone tested had high cholesterol.  Nobody in the medical profession, or science, ever questioned how people had survived in good health, for eons, obviously with high cholesterol.

Thirty years later, it was revealed, not by a great media campaign, not by a sway of publicity, but by discreet, barely noticeable bits of information.  We learned that the tests had all been wrong.  Instead of gauging the HDL LDL ratio, as they do now, they just added the numbers together.  Thereby, guaranteeing a high reading.  No wonder the announcement was low key and discreetly reported.  It served to protect a lot of read faces in the medical profession.  Not to mention, the interests of those responsible.

about cholesterol

About cholesterol!

Who is responsible for the cholesterol myth?

The real concern is why professional intelligent people.  And authorities charged with the health and welfare of the population.  Willingly became influenced by the interests of the manufactured food industry.  Why, on little to no real evidence of cholesterol issues, they were prepared to back a completely new diet.  That proved an exact reversal of our traditional diet.

In what universe does a reversal of a natural, traditional diet, from mostly protein based natural food.  To mostly artificial, processed carbohydrates, seem like a really healthy idea?  That it required no investigation, no research, no tests and no trials.  Nobody ever said;  ‘let’s test this to see if this will actually cure cholesterol. Or confirm if cholesterol really is a bad thing.  Or discover that processed foods cause addiction”.  But it is so much simpler to experiment on the public. 

the cholesterol myth

 The only beneficiaries of this change, was a fledgling food industry, who could finally branch out with a multitude of products, and not just breakfast cereal.  They already had the perfect template on which to base their business.   Remember the tobacco industry?  They we exposed in court as purveyors of an addiction and responsible for millions of deaths from smoking.  Where are they now?  Right here:  Still hard at work, seducing yet another generation of young people yearning to be cool.Tobacco and food addictions are a great source of income to corporate profits, government taxes and levies and revenue raised from helpless addicts. People who are ruled by hunger pains and food cravings and look to regulations to protect them from opportunistic industries, are in no position to fight back.  Those who should hav and could have fought the, looked the other way.  The food industry has created food addiction.  Just as the tobacco industry created tobacco addiction.

Who are the victims of the great cholesterol myth?

Anyone who has witness a victim of lung cancer, morbid obesity and diabetes type 2 , will realize that the cholesterol myth is not a little problem.  It is a catastrophe.  It’s time to do something about it.

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