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A Healthy Lifestyle New Year Resolution!


A healthy lifestyle!

a healthy lifestyle

A healthy lifestyle is always relevant!

a healthy lifestyle

A healthy lifestyle!

But never more so than when Christmas approaches and our priorities about a healthy lifestyle begin to change.  It’s a time when we focus almost exclusively on food, fun, gifts and indulgence.  This is not a time to practice self discipline or to fret about our weight problems.  It is not that we are weak of will, or don’t care for ourselves.

A healthy lifestyle is put on hold till we are ready to resume healthy living!

We know our body is not forgiving, when we decide on the healthy food we eat. That’s why we have a tradition called New Year’s Resolutions.  It’s a ritual that makes us feel better about our lapse in self discipline.   So we repent and promise ourselves that a healthy lifestyle is next on our agenda! a healthy lifestyle  We hope a promise to ourselves is enough to prove our good intentions.  We will try to resist sugar cravings.  We will choose a better healthy diet -just as soon as the new year begins.  The fact is deep down we know better. We know diets don’t work. At least not for very long. We know because we have tried it many times before.  Diets cannot give us a healthy lifestyle. They don’t even help us lose weight, beyond the brief period while we diet.  Eventually we are forced to return to normal food and that’s when the weight begins to return.  So here is a thought – why do we do it?  For the past forty years most of us have gradually lost touch with our own body.  We don’t listen to it anymore.  Most us us don’t even know how it works.  Instead we listen to a variety of self proclaimed ‘experts’, who tell us what we want to hear, like: “yes this new diet will give you a rapid weight loss”” or, “Yes, this will work because it’s a brand new special diet recommended by a well known celebrity”.  The fact is, today there is virtually no one left, except doctors and medical school graduates, who know and understand how our metabolism and digestive system actually functions.  Yet, in the past, even a child could tell us.   “Diet experts” certainly don’t know, or they don’t care.  Their advice may please our taste buds, but it does not please our body.  If our body is not happy with the food we eat, we probably shouldn’t be either.

the means to a healthy lifestyle

the means to a healthy lifestyle

This lapse in knowledge between ourselves and our own body puts us in serious danger.  It lets us accept, untested, unproven diets that our body is unable to process.  Where is the proof of that?  Look at your neighbors and the people down the street. Everybody is getting fat.  We are on target to reach projected obesity statistics of 86% by 2030.  Pharmacies are stocked to the rafters with digestive and intestinal remedies.  Hospitals are over crowded with people needing procedures like colonoscopies.  Heart disease and cancer is increasing at a rapid rate.

a healthy lifestyle

A healthy lifestyle!

Yet, it’s not that long ago, that people understood their own body.  They knew how much carb foods and how much protein foods they needed to guarantee a healthy lifestyle.  Today we need a diet expert to tell us.  Who are these experts.  They are like you and me.  They have neither science or medical qualifications.  They are not in a position to explain the workings of your body once the food has passed your lips, or what your body does with it.  They are nutritionist, or dietitians, which means they are qualified to talk about your food – not your body. How can we expect to know if a certain type of food is suited to our body if we don’t know how our body works?     It forces us to accept life changing advice on face value. Never a wise thing to do.  If we don’t know how our body works and what it does with the food we eat.  And we take advice from experts who also don’t know.  We become ‘test subjects’ for anyone who has an idea on how to make money on a new diet. Would you feed your animals on such dubious information?  We all know different animals require different types of food. Should we not at least  know what type of food our own species requires?

food for a healthy lifestyle

Food for a healthy lifestyle!

 What we have seen over the past forty years, is a purposely designed ‘dumbing down’ of the population.  It is driven by manufacturers of carb foods and diet foods, and promoted by diet experts.  We are unprotected by the government and the law because our ‘normal diet’, whatever that is, doesn’t come under any science or medical or legal scrutiny.  it’s a kind of buyer beware situation.  We are responsible for knowing our own body, providing it with the food it understands and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. 

But constant misinformation prevents that.  Too many people and corporations base their business and income on our confusion about what is healthy food.   I would like to show you the truth behind the camouflage of pseudo science and self-serving misinformation. It will offer you an opportunity to make a new year resolution that will guarantee a healthy lifestyle for life.  Check it  right here:  


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