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Food Industry Causes a Food Addiction!

Food Industry!

food industry

Food industry!

How did the food industry cause Food Addiction?

the Food and tobacco industries go hand in hand

The Food and tobacco industries go hand in hand!

The food industry produces the products that cause our food addiction. It’s an addiction that is causing more damage than tobacco industry ever did.  The Food Industry profits from Food Addiction just as The Tobacco Industry profits from Tobacco Addiction!  The food industry manufactures the processed foods that trigger our food addiction.  It causes an eating disorder that is now out of control.

The tobacco industry set the template on how to legally profit from an addiction.  They have thrived on tobacco addiction for a hundred years.  The food industry expects  to do even better with food addiction.  All they have to do,  is make sure we pass the addiction on to our children.  Our kids eat what we eat, so to the food industry, that’s a no brainer.

Did the food industry know they were causing an addiction.  Probably not initially!   But after 40 years of having profited from it, they certainly know it now! They will know that food addiction is an addiction as dangerous as drugs, tobacco and alcohol addiction.   The fact is, if losing weight is a problem for you, you probably have a food addiction.  Till you cure your food addiction, losing weight will NEVER work for long. The food industry is counting on it!

Learn the foods that trigger addiction.  Understand why dieting is just another eating disorder.  After each diet, you WILL end up with more body fat than when you began.  Ironically, once you cure your eating disorder. The weight disappears as if by magic.

the influence of the food industry

The influence of the food industry!

 The food industry knows Overeating is caused by food addiction!

How can I prove that dieting is an eating disorder? Or, that food addiction is as real as drug addiction  – And just as damaging?  I’ll simply point out a few facts:

Till around forty years ago, it was normal to be slim and healthy.  What was not normal was food cravings and binge eating.  It was NOT normal to need help for overeating.  And sugar cravings were under control.

So what changed?  We changed our traditional diet.  But we did much worse.  We Reversed It. We abandoned the natural foods that had created us.  I know because I was there to see how it happened.  I was involved on the fringe when decisions were made to create a modern new ‘healthy diet’.  I witnessed what happened and I experienced the consequences.

dieting is supported by the food industry

Dieting is supported by the food industry!

Our traditional foods were abandoned forty years ago. These were natural foods that evolved with us and nurtured us for centuries.  Why did we do that?  We thought we were smarter than nature and knew better.  The old diet was, well…old!  It was a time when everyone was an expert on something and everything old had to go. There were a few other important reasons. I explain those in detail on my website.

Here you will find the list of articles on the subject.

diet food, the foundation of the food industry

Diet food, the foundation of the food industry!

When we reversed our diet, we opened the floodgates to a fledgling food industry.  They were eager to challenge nature and take over all our food production permanently.  Our new diet gave them a market with endless possibilities.  Our traditional protein based diet did not suit the process required for manufacture.

When we switched to carb foods we opened the way for the food industry.  They now had free rein to produce countless varieties of packaged, processed foods.  What nobody thought to mention, was that processed foods are alien to our body.  Our body does not adapt. it evolves.  These were foods our body did not understand.  There was no way for evolution to catch up and re-design our digestive system.

But Let’s Get To The Heart Of The Matter, The eating disorder we call Food Addiction.

the food industry cannot coexist with a healthy lifestyle

The food industry cannot coexist with a healthy lifestyle!

What are the foods that trigger our addiction?  How do we stop binge eating without going crazy?  And how do we cure our food addiction for good?   It sounds like hard work – right?   I know -I’ve been there.   But in actual fact:  Once you start to cure your addiction. The sugar cravings, the binges, the hunger pains, the allergies, the anxiety and discomfort disappear within days.  They are the things that make your life a living hell.  Once they are gone, you are back in control of your own body. Now that’s a great feeling.  it’s well worth sacrificing a few days.

It is amazing to be rid of the eating disorder and sugar cravings.  It is great to get your energy back. It is awesome to watch as your weight disappears.  It is powerful to know why the weight disappeared and why it will never sneak back.  Not as long as you stay connected to your own internal body.  That’s not difficult. It used to be a natural instinct.  There will be no more food cravings, or fears that the weight will return.  No more counting calories and checking the scales. You will eat without limitations and you’ll enjoy your natural food just as people did till forty years ago, before we reversed our traditional diet.

Consequences of food addiction

Consequences of food addiction!

Your inner body is not complicated, or boring and should therefore be looked after by ‘experts’.  You’ll soon realize that diets are ruining your body.  They have no value except to diet experts.  Diets guarantee eating disorders. They lead to food addiction, which leads to obesity. The food industry depends on it.

None of their concerns involve looking after YOUR health and interests.  The diet and food industry are essentially using you and your family as a daily cash machine. Their products are addictive and their advice is utterly self-serving. Their theories are based on in-house pseudo-science.

What does ‘normal’ mean in relation to food?

It is in our interest to cure our food addiction

It is in our interest to cure our food addiction!

Normal means just the way nature intended.  Your weight problems will be gone forever and you won’t give it a thought.  That means you can dismiss your diet “experts” and take charge of your own body. It’s for you to decide what YOU want to put into it.  That will not be difficult.  You will be back in connection with your own inner body.  Your digestive system will be happy.  Your metabolism will be back at work to control and balance your weight.

What Are Some Effects of Our Addiction V manufactured food products?


food addiction

Food addiction!


The price you’ll pay for ignoring the needs of your body is very high.  It includes obesity.  Possibly diabetes type 2 and even morbid obesity.  Along the way you will become a candidate for heart disease, colon and bowel cancer.  There’s no doubt your life will be shorter.  Along the way your body will constantly protest the way you treat it.  It’ll do that with gastric reflux, heart burn, indigestion and many other symptoms of discomforts.

Diets generate income for the food industry and their agents, the “diet experts”.  They are not for you to get healthy and lose weight. – At least not for long.  Your body evolved over many centuries, with a natural diet.  It cannot and does not adapt to diets and new types of food.  Your body responds to diets as it does to a famine.  It slows you metabolism and prepares to store fat..  When you return to normal, it will recover every ounce of fat you have lost.  It adds a little extra for protection against the next famine.  That’s how nature works!

the food industry promotes dieting

The food industry promotes dieting!

Your body cannot store the processed foods you can’t burn for energy.  It’s forced to convert it to body fat.  That’s the fat that sticks to your body and makes you fat  You have a digestive system created for natural, healthy food.  You have a metabolism, designed to control and balance your weight.   By eating fake, processed foods.  Your digestive system is damaged and your metabolism has stopped doing the job for which it was created.  To control and balance your weight.  To do that job, it needs you to eat the types of food it understands. That’s not too much to ask! – Is it? 

Before you decide that this is something you can put off till later. Let me remind you that your diet is your children’s diet.  Are you prepared to put your children’s lives in the hands of the food industry?  Diet experts serve the food industry.  They will tell you what types of foods to buy.  If it could, your body would tell you to give it the food it has spent 70,000 years learning to process with ease and efficiency.  Your body is programmed to look after your health.  All it wants from you, is the right fuel to do the job.

Sure, diet experts are delighted to take charge of your body and health.  But they do not take responsibility for the consequences.  That job is all yours.  Our food addiction is not going anywhere, but you can stop the food industry at your front door forever, if you follow this very effective solution.


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