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Does Emotional Eating Lead To Food Addiction?

Emotional Eating!

emotional eating

Emotional eating!

When we cant stop emotional eating, does a diet help?  the only thing dieting can do, is to eventually make us fatter.  So the answer is no.  But if we learn to understand our body and begin to eat the types of food it understands. Then emotional eating will simply stop and our food addiction will be gone.  Obesity will no longer be a threat.  But it must begin with making friends with our own body. It doesn’t want the weight any more than we do. But it needs our help to get rid of it – The Right Way!

To understand why, a look at the past is a good place to start. Till around forty years ago, it was never natural or necessary for people to diet to get a weight loss. The majority of people were lean and healthy. They ate the traditional, natural foods our body was designed for. Food addiction did not exist and neither did emotional eating. Diets were for sick people who had diabetes type 2, or a thyroid condition.  Only Doctors prescribed a diet.

When dieting began, so did  Emotional Eating 

emotional eating

Emotional eating!

Obesity is not a popular subject but that’s because till now there has never been a truly successful way to deal with it – permanently. Nobody wants to talk about a problem that does not have a genuine solution.  And dieting will never be a solution to a weight problem.  But we have diet experts who tell us otherwise, – right?  Yes, but their expertise is about food, not about our body.  The food they recommend may appeal to our taste buds.  But to our body, they are a disaster.

What the ‘experts’ fail to understand is that the human body does not adapt.  We have all become modern human beings, but our internal system still lives in the stone-age.  It does not understand diets.  When we cut down on food, our body responds to famine.  It slows our metabolism and prepares to store body fat.  Once we return to normal food, our body goes to work to restore every ounce of fat we have lost.  That’s nature!

Despite emotional eating, we may still lose weight dieting…

But our body will make sure we get it all back as soon as possible.  It even adds an extra layer of fat to protect us against the next famine. Dieting is a declaration of war against our own body.  It’s a direct challenge to nature and we cannot ever hope to win that battle.  Nor should we want to try.

emotional eating

Our internal system was designed to process natural foods provided by nature.  Processed foods are unnatural to our body and highly addictive.  Just like the tobacco industry, there is a whole food industry happily encouraging and profiting from sugar addiction and other food addictions.  They are counting on you to pass your addiction on to the next generation.  But this is a harmless addiction right?  You be the judge:

These are some of the diseases linked to food addiction!

Morbid obesity, diabetes type 2 , heart disease, strokes, colon and bowel cancer.  Less serious are Alzheimer’s disease and premature ageing.  They will not kill you, but some may wish they would.  How do you recognize the symptoms?  You can experience sugar cravings, binges, gnawing hunger pains, withdrawals, fatigue, depression, anxiety, high blood pressure, strokes, headaches and other pains.

Dieting leads to emotional eating

Dieting leads to emotional eating

Emotional Eating can be prevented!

You may still believe that a diet can be a good thing, even knowing that most people, who are either on a diet or preparing to start one – will ultimately fail.  You may even assume they failed because they had a lapse of will power. Well, take a good look around. You will soon notice that 60% of the population, so far, has already failed.  Surely, this is the worst success rate of any endeavour to improve our health.

It’s time to ask;

‘Is emotional eating me, or is it my diet?

Foods that keep you healthy

Foods that keep you healthy!

Ask any person who has a weight problem, if they have ever been on a diet. If the answer is yes, and it usually is, they will probably add; ‘yes many times’.  You see, there are just too many people who are overweight, and too many other people ready to profit from their inevitable addiction.  They push their addictive untested, unscientific diet solutions that never work.  If even one of them worked, weight issues would be a gradually diminishing problem, not an ever growing one. No pun intended.

For the past forty years, since the food pyramid began to be widely accepted, we have caused damage to the metabolism that once controlled and balanced our weight.  We are causing our digestive system severe stress as it is not able to properly digest our food. We have caused a dangerous addiction that has been passed along to possibly 3 generations.  It’s time to reboot the body and reconsider the types of food we are prepared to take with us into the future.

emotional eating

Emotional eating!

 But why did we begin to get fat in the first place.  We were persuaded to change our natural, traditional food, for a diet made up of the exact opposite foods. That diet became known as the food pyramid.  This was a very bad diet, but it wasn’t the worst thing we did.  We began to eat manufactured, processed foods that came off a conveyor belts in a factories or processing mills.

There is a membership that will teach you all this.  You can cure your emotional eating  and follow a step by step program back to a slim healthy lifestyle where no dieting will be required.

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