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How to Not Eat Addictive Food!


How to Not Eat

how to not eat

How to not eat addictive food!

how to not eat

How to not eat

How to not eat addictive food will remain a mystery till we re-learn to eat the right types of food.  Not one of the thousands of diets we have been offered in the past forty years have made a dint in our weight problems.  In fact, the more we diet, the fatter we get.  Ever wonder why?  Forty years ago, there were no weight problems. Most of us were lean healthy people.  We didn’t diet and we chose our food by instinct.  There were no diet experts.  Diets were for sick people like diabetics.

Today 60% of the population is considered obese.  Obesity statistics predict that 86% of the population will be obese by 2030.  We all diet, but we are not losing weight.  At least not for long.  We are dieting and we keep getting fatter.  At some point we realize we have become addicted to food.

These are not facts that suggest we are on the right tract.  That we are aiming for a healthy lifestyle.  Or that we are successfully managing the obesity epidemic or the growing threat of diabetes type 2.   In fact, the opposite is true.  We keep getting fatter.  We like to blame the wrong food, fast food lack of will power.  Anything but the truth.

food addiction

Food addiction!

How to not eat processed foods.  What is the truth?  We have a food addiction, it makes us eat to much addictive food.  This makes us fat which makes us seek the solution in a diet.  Our body is not designed for diets. it doesn’t adapt and we are filling it with the wrong types of food.  If this was not the case we would see people grow slimmer, not fatter.

How to not eat the wrong foods!

Today most people are fat.   It doesn’t take rocket science to figure out why.  We have become addicted to the food we eat.  This makes us eat more and more food, which makes us fat.  That’s what makes us begin to diet.

The cause of food addiction

The cause of food addiction!

If you greatly reduce your intake of calories below what your body is accustomed to, it will go into famine mode.  It will reduce your  energy and prepare to store protective body fat.  The moment you return to normal food, your body won’t waste a moment making sure every pound of lost fat is recovered.  It will then add an extra layer of fat to protect toy against the next famine.

In other words, the more often you diet, the fatter you will get.  That’s not a prediction.  That’s nature.  Your body is locked into centuries old programming that says when you lose weight over a period, it’s a sign of famine.  It is simply doing its job.

The moment your body becomes aware that you are back on normal food, it is programmed to restore the fat it has lost.  It will keep storing fat till it is satisfied that you now have more fat on your body than when the famine began.

how to not eat

How to not eat!

Do you really think you can fight nature?  Because that’s what you do every time you diet.  You’re probably thinking; your body will adapt.  That’s what diet ‘experts’ tell you.  The fact is; your internal body never adapts.  It evolves.  Evolution is a very slow process.  Our ancestors evolved with a natural diet that was made to suit the human metabolism and digestive system.  Our food changed often over the centuries but our basic foods remained the same.

How to not eat the foods that make you fat!

I know you are thinking; We’re are masters of our own body. We can change it!   Yes, we can change our hair, our clothes our physique our mind.  But we have no power to change our internal body.  No matter how modern we get, our internal body will remain identical to the cave dwellers who emerged from the last ice age,

Till forty years ago, there was only one diet.  It was our traditional natural food.  It evolved and changed as more food choices were provided by nature. But no sane person would have dared to meddle with it till the sixties.  That was an era when everyone was an expert on something.  Nothing was sacred, nature was old hat, everything had to be changed.  Only with change could it be made better.  Nature did not foresee the twentieth century’s insane need to improve on everything natural.

Human beings did not evolve with a digestive and intestinal system that could be adapted to processed packaged carbohydrates or any other manufactured food.  The human body was also not equipped to function on erratic fluctuations of calorie intake.  With each diet,  your body gets more adept at restoring the weight and it adds even more fat for protection.

Nature cannot tell us how to not eat!

We are born with a metabolism and digestive system.  One of their tasks is to control and balance our weight. In the past, not so long ago, food addiction was unheard of.  People did not get food cravings, nor did they binge eat.   They could rely on their body to signal hunger at the appropriate times.  We ruined that awesome system in the seventies, when we allowed untrained, unqualified people to hijack our traditional, natural food and reverse it for their own benefit.

how to not eat

How to not eat!

At any other time in history, this would have been challenged.   After all, people had existed in good health for centuries on the old diet.   But this was the age when change reigned supreme.  Nobody checked if this was safe.   The new diet was simply accepted as a modern,  improved diet that would eliminate a cholesterol problem that did not exist.

The result was our digestive system was forced process foods it had not been designed to digest.  This is “Food” that is rolled off an assembly line and presented in our grocery stores,  in wraps, boxes and packages. It is labeled ‘healthy food’ and it is marketed to our children.  It is highly addictive. It did not even exist till the twentieth century,   It is like something out of a 1950’s horror movie.  Processed foods are killing us!

how to not eat

Nature did not anticipate that we would assume to know better,  That we would decide to create our own food.  Or that we would reverse the traditional diet.  Our body was not equipped for that kind of change.  It cannot tell the difference between a famine and a diet.  It is programmed to respond to famine.   To learn more about how to not eat the wrong food and how to get 24/7 advice and support to cure your addiction to food and lose the weight for good – Just click here:

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