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Definition Of Addiction To Food!


Definition of Addiction!

definition of addiction

Definition of Addiction!


definition of addiction

 What is the definition of addiction?

definition of addiction

Definition of addiction!

What is definition of  addiction?  There is no diet that can cure a food addiction In fact, today’s diets often cause food addiction.  Whatever the case may be, every diet will eventually make you a little fatter.   Diets simply don’t work and they drive us to addiction.  They make us fat and they ruin our health.  The evidence speaks for itself.  The definition of addiction, is a loss of control due to irresistible urges for the addictive substance.  In this case, it is an addiction to food.

This is likely to involve sugar based foods, pasta’s and other bread products.  Food addiction leads to obesity which leads us to dieting.  There are very few people who have not dieted at least once or twice.  We know dozens of diets are introduced every year.  If just one of them could produce a permanent weight loss, – or even a very long term weight loss, that would be the diet everyone would choose.   That means we would soon begin to notice a diminishing number of fat people.

Instead we see rapidly increasing numbers of fat people.  Today the majority of people are fat.  Most are obese.  Most are craving sweets and other carb foods.  Obesity is alarming. It is estimated that 60% of us have a sugar addiction or some other addiction to food.  The latest statistics claim that 86% of the population will be obese by 2030.

definition of addiction

Definition of addiction!

So here is a fact that might actually shock you.  Diets and dieting are very new to the human condition.  Till forty years ago, it was normal to be lean and healthy, at least till middle age.  Our food choices came from what was then our traditional,  natural foods. Diets were something doctors used for sick people, like diabetics. We instinctively followed a balance of the types of foods that had evolved with us for generations. Traditional recipes were passed down, from one generation to the next.  Four decades ago, our traditional diet was changed forever.  Why?  Some people thought it would be a good idea.

definition of addiction

The definition of addiction and how it began!

How did food addiction begin?  It was triggered by a fake media scare campaign about cholesterol.  Some self-proclaimed experts reversed the food groups that made up the traditional, natural food.  They then presented it as the only cure for high cholesterol.  Nobody questioned it.  The diet became known as the Food Pyramid.  Did it cure cholesterol? Of course not.  But it redistributed a lot of wealth.  It created a dangerous food addiction and made a lot of people fat.

Suddenly, our metabolism and digestive system were forced to find ways to cope with completely new types of food.  The body will always adapt said the ’experts’.  The fact is, the body will never adapt- it evolves.  Evolution takes centuries to make even the smallest change.  Yet here we were expecting our body to completely reverse the way it dealt with our food.  -To this day, no scientific study has ever been done to determine the damage of that action.  Why not?  It’s called Human Nature.  Bobody wants to accept the blame.  We all want to broadcast our successes.  But our failures are at best embarrassing and at worst, subject to litigation.

good addiction

Food addiction!

So why don’t diets work?  Again; it’s Human Nature.  Through many centuries, the human body has learned to cope with famine.  When we eat less, we alert our body to famine.  It slows us down and prepares to store body fat.  As soon as we return to a normal amount of food, our body begins to restore every ounce of body fat we have worked so hard to lose.  It’s even programmed to add some extra fat for insulation.  This is to protect us against the next famine.   In other words; diets don’t work because our body won’t let them.  The more we diet, the fatter we get.definition of addiction

The right food for our body cannot be determined by our hunches or our taste buds.  it certainly can’t be decided by “diet experts”.  It can only be determined by our own internal system.  If our body does not agree with the food we eat, then it’s the wrong food for our body.  And if it’s the wrong food for our body, then it is also the wrong food for us.  It is tragically common so see people disassociate themselves from their own body.  We spend endless hours tending to our hair, make-up and body sculpture.  But for the inside of our body, where everything really important happens, we leave it to self-proclaimed experts who are not qualified to explain how the body works.


definition of addiction

Definition of addiction!

Maintaining a slim,  healthy  body is not about endless theories on the right or the  wrong foods.  It’s simply about your body and what IT considers normal food. What IT wants you to eat and what IT can do for you if you follow a healthy lifestyle.  Your body will face dangers and limitations if you do not accept your body’s food choices.  Only when you work with your body and satisfy it’s needs – can you expect to get a permanent weight loss.  When you think about it; it’s basic common sense.I hope by now you realize that your needs must coincide with the needs of your body.  You cannot afford to be influenced by home-made theories.  These become untried and untested diets.  They are offered by people who have a vested interest in your weight problems.  They do not know, or want to know about food addiction.  Think about it: If you no longer have a weight problem, they no longer have a customer.

Fifty years ago, most people understood their own body. They instinctively knew the right food to eat.  But today, the food we eat has become a political issue.  It covers the interests of cereal, snack food and diet food manufacturers, as well as grain growers. They have the protection of governments. The public is not welcomed in this debate.

definition of addiction

Definition of addiction!

The less we know, the more likely we are to accept misinformation.  The more misinformation we accept, the more distance we put between ourselves and our own body.  That’s what keeps the wheels of industry turning.  Our internal body has become mystified by a culture that encourages us to trust only the ‘experts’.

Today everyone is an expert on the definition of addiction!

definition of addiction

Definition of addiction!

You too can contribute your theories to the mountain of misinformation.  Sure! The experts want you to lose weight. They just don’t want you to lose it for good.  If you do, then how can they continue to promote their theories about the right balanced diet, and healthy lifestyle?

Why do you need my book?  Knowledge is power.  With that power you’ll know the reason for your weight problems and how you can fix it. Your uncertainty will disappear.  You can step away from all the hype and misinformation and finally be in control of your own body.  Once that happens, you will never again have a weight problem and the definition of addiction will no longer be relevant, at least not to you.

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