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Protein Rich Food, Can It Prevent Obesity?

Protein Rich Food

protein rich food

Protein rich food!

Why did we abandon protein rich food?

Till forty years ago, protein rich food was our natural, healthy diet.  It had been so for centuries.   But we were persuaded to change our traditional diet.  Some thought we were tricked into it.  But we listened to self-proclaimed experts.  They knew no more about how our body works than we did.   But they claimed to know a lot about the right types of food. And had a diet they said would cure our cholesterol problems.  The food human beings had favored for around 70,000 years – were suddenly the wrong types of food.  it was said to cause high cholesterol.  The ‘experts’ had created a diet that would cure us.  It was our only chance.  There was no other way to cure our cholesterol problems.  Problems we never knew we had.   When tested, almost everybody had high cholesterol.

good cholesterol, bad cholesterol

Good cholesterol, bad cholesterol!!

News of cholesterol and the new diet was picked up by the press.  It quickly led to a major media scare campaign.  Millions of people abandoned our, protein rich foods.  Instead they turned to carb foods.  Primarily some new types of food.  They were manufactured, fake carb foods.  The new diet became known as the Food Pyramid.

Today we know that there was no cholesterol ‘epidemic’.  Just an incorrect way of doing the tests.  Instead of determining the HDL LDL ratio.  The numbers were simply added together.  In most cases, this caused a high reading.  It took around 30 years to correct this mistake.  By then, most people were heading for obesity.  Diabetes type 2 had become a serious problem.  Heart disease, colon and bowel cancer were at the highest levels ever.

During that 40 year period until today.  We have gone from choosing protein rich food.  To fake processed carbohydrates.  These are factory produced products, labeled ‘food’.   In time, this has caused a food addiction.  Most commonly seen as sugar addiction.  Food manufacturers have copied the tobacco industry.  They have learned what is the best business.  One with high growth and big profits. –  It’s a business that can promote a legal addiction.  The food industry has no interest in protein rich food.  it is not suited for processing.  They have succeeded only with 2 products.  Beef jerky and pork rinds.  Hardly enough on which to base an industry.  What’s worse.  Protein rich food is not addictive.  But carb foods have proved a bonanza.  They seem to produce and endless number of products.  Food addiction guarantees a constant flow of buyers.protein rich food

There is a  problem with today’s diet.  It is not just the number of carbohydrate products.  It’s the sugar addiction that follows.  That’s the bit nobody wants to talk about. Here we have a diet our body doesn’t understand.  And an addiction to food it can’t process. This is a diet that’s promoted as a healthy lifestyle.  Yet it leads directly to addiction to foods like sugar.  That means we can no longer ignore it. We cannot allow this to be passed to a fourth generation.  Curing our sugar cravings and binges.  Sounds great, but not to a sugar addict.  A cure for addiction is a scary prospect to an addict.  It is not what they want to hear.  They look for easy reassurance from diet experts.  The food industry encourage them not to worry.  But are we really ready to pass this on to our kids?

Only with protein rich food can we return to a learn healthy body !

Food addicts don’t want to battle with their sugar addiction. Or pasta addiction etc.  Addicts rarely do. We may suspect we are addicted.  But to acknowledge it means we’d be forced to act.  Everyone around us tell us we just need to lose a few pounds.  Things are not that bad;   “Who doesn’t love sugar”?  There is no shortage of affirmations.  Not from communities where almost 60%  are already addicted.

protein rich foods

Protein rich foods!

Cereal, diet food and snack food manufacturers won’t go away. Under pressure, they’ll revamp their packaging.  Today they make sure it includes words like “high protein”.  And “healthy options”.  Before we know it.  There will be a new cereal on the supermarket shelves. It will be called something like:   Healthy Protein Cereal. Please don’t laugh. They are not talking to you. They are talking to the addicts. 

We have been arrogant.  We expect our body to adapt. Even to a complete reversal of our traditional protein foods.  Instead,  we’ve switched not just to carbohydrates.  But to unnatural, processed carbohydrates.  Our metabolism and digestive system are sensitive.  Yet look what we have done to them. Evolution takes centuries, not four decades.  it’s unlikely our body will ever adapt to manufactured food.

For a hint of how our body feels about our addiction.  Pop into your local pharmacy.  Most of the stock on their shelves. Are pills and preparations for gastric and intestinal problems. Bathroom cabinets in every home.  Have at least one of those products ready to use.  The demand is great.  Because these problems are widespread. You might say they are epidemic.


Just forty years ago most people were slim and healthy. Obesity and diabetes type 2.  These are not the work of Mother Nature. This is not about the evolution of life. This is the work of people.  Ambitious people with a selfish agenda. They feel they can do better than Mother Nature. They want to test their diets on us.  They like to hint that science is involved in what they do. Yet no diet has ever seen the inside of a genuine lab, or undergone a scientific test.

Today we have an obesity epidemic.  It affects around sixty % of the population.  it is still growing.  According to recent statistics:  Obesity will  reach 86% by 2030.   This includes a fast growing problem with childhood obesity.  Diabetes type 2 is closing in on all age groups.  It is expected to be the next big epidemic.  This is a devastating disease with no cure in sight. Yet it’s the future we have created for our children

obesity v protein rich food

Obesity v protein rich food!

If we cannot muster the will to turn this around.  Our extinction really is within the realms of possibility. Today we worry about climate change and how we will survive.  But in reality. We have a much more immediate problem.  A lack of protein rich food.  And our own survival!

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