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Eating Healthy Without Dieting!

What Does Eating Healthy Mean To You?

eating healthy

Eating healthy?

I think we can agree that if eating healthy for the inside of our body, conflicts with the food choices we make on the outside of our body, we are not enjoying a healthy lifestyle.

We need to tune into our body and re-establish our connection.  Eating healthy does not mean eating what WE like.  It means eating what our body needs.

Eating healthy means eating the right types of food!

This is not about dieting. It is about eating healthy, and getting a slim healthy body with the types of food your body understands.  You won’t count calories. You won’t be avoiding fat. You’ll eat as much as you like and your food choices will be very flexible. Eating healthy means you will reach your normal weight and you’ll keep it there for good.  it will stay that way as long as you eat the food your body is programmed to process.

eating healthy

Eating Healthy!

You are thinking; what’s the catch?  Sorry, no catch and no diet either. You will simply avoid processed food and cure your addiction. That’s the types of food your body has not evolved to process. They are the unnatural processed foods your body doesn’t understand. They make you fat because they are very addictive. If we want to be slim healthy people, we cannot also expect be addicted to sugar, or other processed food.

processed carbohydrates are addictive

Processed Carbohydrates Are addictivehref=”http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Addiction” target=”_blank” rel=”wikipedia”>Addictive!

When you cure your addiction, you also cure your weight problems.That’s because you’ll be eating healthy  the types of food that please your body. Making the right food choices that’ll make you friends with your body. This is crucial because your metabolism can finally get back to work. It can then control and balance your weight as it was designed to do. That was not meant to be your job. You can finally be the slim healthy person you and your body have always agreed you should be.

Once the food addiction is gone, so is the weight. That’s why the first step is to cure your addiction. As long as you are ruled by your addiction and continue to eat the wrong types of food, your body will not help you to lose weight.

Eating healthy means making food choices your body understands!

eating healthy, an evolution theory

Eating healthy, an evolution theory!

That’s because your body is a part of the evolution of life. It does not know how to adapt. Least of all, to new food it has not evolved to process.

When you reduce your normal food your body responds as if you are in a famine. It slows your metabolism and prepares to store fat. When you return to your normal food choices, your body will begin to restore every ounce of fat you have lost. It will also add an extra layer of fat for protection against any future famine. That’s its job!

Eating healthy once meant eating by instinct!

Eating by instinct also means eating healthy, natural food.  It means Real food, as opposed to products labeled ‘food’ but manufactured and processed in a factory.  We are so used to diets that we can barely eat without a food plan.  It is difficult because we have spent a lifetime eating by ‘the rules’. Learning to break that habit will require some awareness and planning.

This is about a membership that’ll teach you to make the right food choices. You will discover that eating healthy means eating the natural food your body understands and is able to process. You will learn to chose by instinct, the right types of food that will keep yourself and your family slim and healthy for good.

join the membership support group

Join the membership support group!

Why do you need a membership  support group?

You are about to cure an addiction just as real as a tobacco, drugs and alcohol addiction. You have become a pawn to cereal, snack food and diet food corporations. They tell you what eating healthy means. They encourage you to fatten up your children on processed foods like breakfast cereal. Their food choices become your food choices.  Eating healthy is outside your control when you are ruled by your addiction.

 Join our membership and let me help you cure your food addiction and lose the weight for good

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