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Food Addiction Help?


You don’t ask drug users why they don’t stop using, or alcoholics why they can’t stop drinking, or why smokers can’t stop smoking. You don’t ask because you know the answer. They are victims of an addiction. They are robbed of the ability to control their habit.

Yet strangely, we rarely think of food in the same category. How to beat food addiction is every bit as hard as beating a drug addiction. Some would say it’s even harder. You can’t buy alcohol on every street corner and you can’t sell it to kids. There’s a reason for that!

Nobody is trying to stop the purveyors of food addiction. Governments don’t tell the food industry what to do. They tell governments. Food is everywhere which means temptation is everywhere. Packaged food is cheap. Everyone can get it -even kids. Every school provides it.



The ready availability of processed food is on par with offering cigarettes and alcohol at the school cafeteria. Deep down we know processed food is doing us harm. But we are addicted to it. That means we’d rather hear what we want to hear – than hear the truth.  Food addiction help has become crucial to most of us.

It will be at least a couple of decades before so much damage will be done, that nobody can hide the truth. Governments and regulators will no longer dare turn a blind eye. But by then it may be too late. Statistics already predict that by 2030, 86% of the population will be obese.

Eventually it will be stopped. It happened to the tobacco industry. And in the not too distant future, it will happen to the food industry. But in the meantime, millions will die, not of lung cancer this time. But of diabetes type 2, heart disease, cancer and other diet related diseases.

Watch the video and download the PDF. Save it and share it with your friends. You may actually save a life. It may even be someone in your own family. Knowledge is Power – Use It!

Download the PDF below:



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