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Health Food That Isn’t healthy!

 Health Food?

Health food that's not healthy

Health food is not always healthy food!

Health food it is more likely to be a series of products you will find in a health food shop.  We assume that health food for a healthy lifestyle is about what our taste buds enjoy.  And what the ‘experts’ tell us are the right healthy options.  Nobody asks what our body needs or likes.  There’s a big difference between the advise given by diet experts.  Who cater to our taste buds.  And our desire to lose weight.  – And the natural health food our body needs.  Before it can function properly.

The trouble with diet talk is simple.  It is never about the right types of food.  Or a weight loss that will last a lifetime.    It’s about hopes and desires.  They are wrapped up in our taste buds.  Nobody ever asks how our body likes our food.  Yet, if our body doesn’t like it.  How can we safely eat it?

diet experts

Diet experts!

 Health food is the domain of  self-elected diet experts.

The difference between you and a diet expert.  Is the difference between uncertainty and an unqualified opinion.  Diet experts require no science or medical degrees.  The extent of their expertise is confined to food. They can suggest what  types of food you should eat.  But they are not qualified beyond that.  They can’t tell you what food does to your body. Or what affects it has on your body when you eat it.

What happens to the food after it has passed your lips?  That doesn’t seem to be important.  That’s disturbing because to this day: No diet has ever been researched or tested.  And no human trials have ever been conducted.  We have no proof that dieting is safe for human beings.  There is plenty of evidence to say it is not!  The only human beings who test a diet.  Are the people who are persuaded to use it.   The people who have the qualifications.  Sadly have no interest in diets.  Not till they threaten the life of a patient.  Like a thyroid condition or diabetes.  That’s very remiss when you consider:  “We are what we eat”!

health food

Health food!

Health food myths influence many areas that involve the food we eat!

Why were doctors or scientists not alerted?  It comes back to our traditional diet.  It was a ‘given’ a lifestyle, never to be challenged.  It had evolved with us for generations.  It needed no medical advice or expertise.   Todate, neither Science or medicine have spoken.  For forty years, there has been no response.  Yet, our traditional diet was completely reserved.  Even worse:  Our healthy diet went from 100% natural.  To more than 60% unnatural.

Our body does not adapt.  It evolves.  Yet no doctor or scientist was compelled to do a study.  One that would explains the consequences of such an action.  We know there were consequences.  We only need to look around.  We have developed an obesity epidemic.  Almost everybody diets. Yet in the past.  Almost nobody dieted.  Diabetes type 2 is an epidemic waiting to happen.  Our body has not evolved to process the food we eat.  That should be enough reason for professional intervention.

health food

Health food!

Forty years ago, there were some self-elected experts.  They wanted a niche on the fringe of medicine.  To kick it off they wanted a modern new diet.  They looked at our traditional diet.  And they decided to flip it upside down.  This was the quickest way to get a new modern diet.  The result was devastating.  It eliminated our traditional foods.  The health food that had kept us lean and healthy for centuries.  They called themselves Nutritionists. Meaning: Experts on food.  Their new diet was called The Food Pyramid.  What ultimately made people, who had never dieted.  Willing to switch from the traditional food,  to the food pyramid ?  Nothing less than an international media scare campaign.  it was about cholesterol.  Tests proved almost everybody had high cholesterol. There was only one known solution. The food pyramid.

You see, our new diet experts were clever and quick to act.  They had developed a diet to cure cholesterol problems.  The media recognize a big story when they see one.  They backed the new experts.  And the scare campaign went into overdrive.  Millions of people were tested for cholesterol and inexplicably, most showed high readings.  Millions were forced to abandon the traditional diet.  Instead they found themselves on the Food pyramid.  Today we know there was no cholesterol emergency.  But it took thirty years for the truth to be revealed.  At least to the public.  The problem was a procedural error.  Instead of gauging the HDL LDL ration.  The technicians simply added the numbers together.

A small issue perhaps, had it been quickly resolved.  But millions of people were driven by fear to change their diet.  They went from our  trusted, natural, traditional diet.  To an untested, unnatural pyramid diet.  A diet we can now hold responsible for many health issues.  Like an obesity epidemic.  Diabetes type 2.  A massive increase in heart disease, colon and bowel cancer.  Today we don’t call it the food pyramid.  We call it the food plate.  It is now a little more in favor  of the food industry.  After all, they helped create it.

Fast forward forty years and oure traditional natural food is all but forgotten.  We have an army of diet experts who boldly offer their theories and opinions.  For our own safety and protection.  We need to know that these claims have no scientific validity.  If we suspend our treasured assumptions about ‘the right food’, we have an opportunity to look at our body.  Not from our own point of view.  But from our body’s perspective.  It is easy to assume they are one and the same. – Sadly that’s rarely the case!

But think about it.  Do you really know your body?  Do you know what it does with the food you eat?  Can you describe the foods that please your body? As opposed to those that don’t?  Do you know the foods your body fears most?  The people who provide the answers. Are self-nominated diet experts.  They know no more about your body -than you do!  They get their ‘facts’ from cereal, snack food and diet food corporations.  They have initiated their own ‘science research’. it is conducted under their own auspices.  They don’t answer to anybody.

We live in our body 24/7.  Yet very few of us know, or even care,what goes on inside.  We owe it to our body, to look at our diet from that perspective.  How does it process our food? What happens to the food after it is processed?  We know how we select the food.  But do we know what our metabolism and digestive system wants us to choose?

If we Google those questions. We get millions of different answers.  That’s part of our problem.  We live in a culture where big conglomerates can profit.  Even thrive from our ignorance, – and they do.  We tend to believe: Online information is more authentic. More up to date than a diagnosis. Or an opinion from our local GP.

health food

Health food!

It’s possible that somewhere in the millions of search pages. You will find the right answer. But your chances are very slim.  The system is based on you failing.  That’s the work of the food industry.   They distribute a constant flow of misinformation.  And yes, even lies.  They have the power to ensure their information prevails.  Proving once again that the majority doesn’t always win.

Today’s ‘health food’, is not only unhealthy; it is dangerous to our health.

From the vast diversity of opinions.  Human nature can be predictable.  We tend to adopt the majority opinion.  We play it safe believing that there’s safety in numbers.  Big corporations know that.  They depend on it.  They are able to profit from our food addiction because of it. They expect us to pass our addiction to our children.  Sadly that’s exactly what most of us will do. At least as long as we trust in the  majority opinion.  If you are ready to analyse a different view on health food, then I suggest you read this post.

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