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What Is An Extreme Weight Loss?

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An extreme weight loss is one that eliminates all excess weight from your body and does it it in minimum time. Sounds impossible right?  But the fact is: You are not designed to be fat and your body doesn’t like it anymore than you do.

Yes, this is yet another case of “We Know Better Than Nature”. And we don’t.  We assume we eat the right weight loss foods, because “experts” tell us.  The fact is, they are are not trained in medicine and know no more about our body than we do.

We are creatures of nature.  We evolved and we do not adapt.  Only evolution can change us.  To think we are in control of the best foods for weight loss, is based on misguided information and pseudo science that emanates from in-house food industry labs.

We do not have the right to fill our body with anything that takes our fancy and then assume there will be no consequences.  We are eating the wrong weight loss food in the belief that they are healthy and suitable for the human body.

We are talking about foods that are addictive and have caused an obesity epidemic.  How do I know?  We all know,  that is, if we have been around long enough to remember when and why we were driven to change our natural diet.

We were fooled. We need only look at each other to know that the food we eat is not food for weight loss.  We have been eating this food for forty years. It should be clear, even to a child, that it is not working. There is no sign it ever will be weight loss food.

Those who advice us have an agenda. The weight loss industry need us to keep on dieting.  And the food industry needs us to keep eating the types of weight loss foods that make us fat.  They know as long as we eat their food we’ll keep getting fatter.

An extreme weight loss becomes very easy when you begin to understand why you get fat.  It is not eating too much. That’s just one of the symptoms of why we get fat.  it’s eating the wrong food and allowing misguided people to advise us.

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In the past, intuitive eating was the normal thing to do. This was before diets and dieting. It was before weight problems.  There were no food limitations. we ate when we were hungry and our natural instincts told us what to eat and how much.

There were no hunger pains, no binge eating no food cravings.  Natural food was unlimited and readily available.  Hard to believe?  Common sense must prevail.  We have done this to ourselves.  If you want a change you need to get the facts.

This is bigger than any one person.  Even governments have proved it is too big for them to handle.  But you can change this in your own family.  You decide the food that is brought into your home. You can choose to use your common sense and protect your family.

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