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Fast Food Addiction, What Is it?

fast food addiction!

fast food addiction

What Is Fast food addiction?

Before  fast food addiction appeared, Our normal diet was based on fresh, natural food.  Not that fast food wasn’t available.  We just weren’t addicted to it.  Forty years ago we did something very foolish. We reversed our traditional diet of mostly protein foods, to a new modern diet of mostly fake, processed foods.  This turned our pantry into a storage space for fake, manufactured foods.

processed foods

Processed foods!

Some food addiction facts!

What causes fast food addiction?   It’s an addiction to manufactured, processed food.  People call it junk food, because basically that’s what fast food is.   But in truth, your food addiction is far more likely to be caused by the food you store in your pantry. Fast food addiction is as real as any other food addiction.  But you need to eat a lot of fast food to match the amount of junk food you already store at home.

Fast food addiction symptoms are caused by our sudden change from mostly fresh, natural foods to manufactured, processed foods.

Fast foods, like all other processed foods, are highly addictive.  They are manufactured by some of our biggest multi-national corporations.  The food industry is one of the largest, most powerful industries in the world.  The industry has created a business model that relies on food addiction for their revenue.  It is a copy of the tobacco industry.  They set the benchmark on how to profit from a legal addiction and remain immune to the law.   Before we agreed to reverse our diet, we had a  healthy lifestyle, based on natural food.  We took it for granted We never imagined that our traditional foods could ever change. or that food addiction even existed.

fast food production

Fast food production!

But we were coerced, even tricked, by an international scare campaign about cholesterol.  This was something new and scary.  It was claimed our diet was at fault.  It caused high cholesterol, they said.  Nobody questioned how a diet that had evolved with us for generations, could suddenly endanger our lives with high cholesterol.   But people became afraid.  Luckily some people quickly appeared with a solution.  A diet that cured cholesterol problems.

Food addiction help!

How did unqualified people produce a diet that cured high cholesterol.  Simple; they looked at our traditional diet and reversed it.   it produced a new diet.  They called it the Food Pyramid.  Over the next forty years, people began to change from a majority of lean, healthy people, to a majority of fat, unhealthy people.  It took more than thirty years to reveal that it was all a big mistake.  The cholesterol tests were wrong.  Instead of gauging the hdl ldl ratio as they do now.  The numbers were added together.

The result of this ‘mistake’, exposed us to new diseases like diabetes type 2 and morbid obesity.  It has greatly increase our risk of heart disease, colon and bowel cancer. Today, obesity affects 60% of the population. It’s expected to increase to 86% by 2030.  We are eating ourselves to extinction.  We can’t stop. We are addicted to our food.

addicted to fast food

Addicted to fast food!

That’s why I had to write a book.  I realized nobody was going to Tell!   Let’s face it!   To some people, misinformation is sometimes necessary.  Especially  when you have to keep a whole industry running efficiently on a food addiction.  An addiction that the industry expects to pass smoothly, from one generation to the next. Without any awkward pauses or questions.

I have been around for 72 years.  By chance, I have often been close to significant events.  I tend to notice things others ignore or choose to forget.  I also have the benefit of hindsight.  Over time, I watched as our natural instincts were dulled.  For example; our innate connection to our own body.  And our instinct to recognize the foods that suit it.  Most tragic of all.  The loss of common sense, where food is concerned.

The human diet has never been adopted by either science or medicine.  There was no need.  Everyone adhered to our traditional, high protein diet.  When we reversed that diet, nobody qualified was alerted to at least investigate, if this was a safe thing to do.  Nobody wondered if it would harm our body.  Those involved knew nothing about how the body works.  They were only interested in managing our food choices.

How to eliminate fast food addiction and achieve a slim, healthy lifestyle…

fast food

You and your body will need to agree on the same types of food.  – Think about that.  it’s not a lot to ask.  It’s not like you can divorce your addicted body and get one that will be more in tune with the food YOU want to eat.   If a recovery from food addiction is important to you; And it should be.  Your first thought should be: “Is this the food my body wants?” Is it able to process it?  In time, you will learn to tell the difference.  It used to be second nature.

Forty years ago, even a child could tell real food from processed food.  But then we went and changed it. We developed diets and food plans, followed by a food addiction.   Instead of our normal, natural food, We began to choose fake processed food.  We sensed it was wrong, But all that fake science, produced by the manufactured food industry soothed our fears.

The experts were self-qualified.  They studied all our natural food, and reversed it.  What better way to get something modern and different. They called it the food pyramid. It was almost devoid of protein foods, the most crucial food to our body.  Instead we began to eat fake processed foods, alien to the body.

food addiction

 This was manna from heaven to the fledgling new Food Industry.  They were ready to profit from a very convenient food addiction. They were trying hard to get their products on supermarket shelves.  Our food addiction proved to be a shot in their arm for the industry! ( pardon the pun)

Soon overweight people began to stand out.  So they turned to dieting.  There was only one diet, the new Food Pyramid.  Symptoms of food addiction soon followed.  Like sugar cravings, binges, hunger pains, withdrawals, fatigue, high blood pressure, depression, anxiety, headaches and other pains.  But nobody took any notice.  Certainly not anyone qualified to make a diagnosis.

But our body DID take notice. It cried out in a dozen different ways. With indigestion heart burn gastric problems and a dozen other diet related problems.  But we ignored it.  After all, those were symptoms everybody had.  They were normal -right?  Food addiction never entered the picture.

Natural Food Or Processed Food?

Making a choice: Natural Food Or Processed Food?

The question is; why did millions of perfectly healthy people agree to abandon our natural food?

The answer to fast food addiction!

We have lost our natural connection to our body.  We listen to people who tell us what to eat, but do not understand our body, or what it needs.  You need to find out if you have a food addiction. You need to learn the reason diets don’t work. What prevents them from working.  And what you can do to  cure your food addiction.  It is the only way to get a weight loss that will lasts. Reconnect with your body.   Put your metabolism back to work. So it can control and balance your weight.  That was never meant to be your job.

By the time you have finished the book, you will know exactly how to maintain a lean healthy body.  You will have cured your food addiction and know exactly what eating healthy means to your body and why it should mean the same to you.   So start now. Cure your fast food addiction and get a slim, healthy lifestyle for life.

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Kirsten Plotkin Author

Kirsten Plotkin Author

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