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Fast Food! Is it OK For Healthy Kids?

Fast Food!


Trying to raise a family on a fastfood salary | The Great Debate

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One demand of the 1963 marchers. Was raising the federal minimum wage to $2 an hour. In today’s dollars, that’s roughly $15 an hour — what the striking fastfood workers are now calling for.

baby fat

Baby Fat?

The issues of fast food goes much further. Than a debate about the cost v someone’s salary.  This is about a health issue.  It’s about fake food that is not only damaging to people. It’s outright dangerous to healthy kids.  Give them too much of these types of food. And our kids become obese.  But what is far worse, they become addicted.  Food addiction is as dangerous; as drug, tobacco and alcohol addiction.  Yet, often, for the mere sake of convenience. We foster that addiction. By providing fast food to our kids.

Fast food v Healthy Kids

fast food

Fast food!

Make no mistake. Human beings were not designed for human made food. But we have adapted to these foods. Right? Wrong!  We are not designed to adapt. We have evolved. It has taken eons to get us to where we are today. Yet we expect our internal body. To get with the program. And accept these products as food.  We automatically assume. Our body will process foods. It doesn’t understand.  Simply because we are addicted to them.

Fast food is not confined to an outlet. It is just as common to find it in your own pantry!

We have had forty years to get addicted. We now think it’s acceptable. To eat processed foods. Factory produced products. That our body clearly cannot tolerate.  It is not only fast food. It includes the packaged snack foods. And cereals. That line the aisles of our supermarkets.  There is a 60%+ chance. That you are already addicted.  If so, you can be fairly certain. You’re already passing your food addiction. To your children. The food industry depends on it.  Your kids eat what you eat.  If its in your pantry. They’ll eat it.  It is only a matter of time. Before they get addicted.

ready food

Ready food!

How costly is food addiction to our health?

It can be held responsible for the obesity epidemic.  It is close to causing a similar addiction. With diabetes type 2.  It can be blamed for a huge increase. In heart disease, colon and bowel cancer.  There is barely a household. That does not have at least one remedy. For common gastric and intestinal issues.   Forty years ago most people were slim and healthy.  Today, most people are fat and unhealthy.  What changed to make this happen?  Very simply: Our daily diet.  If you want to learn more about that. And what you can do to cure your addiction to fast food. And other processed foods, just click here: 


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