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Good Protein Foods For Weight Loss!

Good Protein Foods!

good protein foods

Good protein foods!

Choosing Good protein foods can be confusing.  It’s been designed that way.  A healthy lifestyle should be about how to be healthy. And how to recognize the right, good protein foods.  But who decides what are the right healthy foods?   It used to be our own body.  Today our instincts no longer work. Most of us find the subject boring. And we tend to tune out.  We don’t want to think about our body. And about the good protein foods it may want.  We have experts for that – Right?  So let me give you some food for thought.  In this article you’ll discover some things you need to know. Things about how to be healthy. And what that has to do with good protein foods.  Things you may not have realized. That will suddenly fall into place and begin to make sense.

Good health relies on the right foods

Good health relies on the right foods!


Look at it this way; every morsel of food you eat goes through your body where it gets processed.  The good protein foods go to build and repair you bones, skin, muscles, tissue and organs.  They are your sole source of energy.  If you are short of carb foods for fuel.  Your body will select some good protein foods. And convert them to glucose. To use for fuel.  Clearly protein is important.  In fact, we can’t live without it.

protein v carbohydrates

Protein v carbohydrates!

Carb foods are your body’s preferred fuel.  They have just one role to play.  They are digested and converted to glucose. That’s your fuel.  Your body uses it. When it has some energy to spend.  What is glucose? It’s liquid sugar.  it your body can’t use it.  It is converted to fat.  And stored on your body.  If you don’t use much energy, you won’t spend much fuel.

food addiction affects kids

Food addiction affects kids!

Unfortunately, your body is not designed to store glucose.  It can’t hang on to it, till the next day, in the hope that you’ll have more energy then.   Whatever you don’t use is converted to body fat.  How do you recognise it?  It’s the fat that sticks to your hips, thighs and belly.  It clogs your arteries and settles around your vital organs.  Body fat is the fat that makes you fat.  It has nothing to do with the fat you digest with your meals.

Your body evolved on protein foods. And nature’s natural carbohydrates.   It has not evolved to deal with ‘food’.  That rolls off an assembly line.  Evolution takes eons. So it probably never will.  It may surprise you to learn. As much as the food industry. Tries to teach us otherwise.  All our energy comes from protein foods.  Our carb foods merely provide the fuel.  That’s why, the more carb foods you eat and the fewer protein foods you eat – the fatter you get.  That’s how sixty % of the population already got fat.

What are good protein foods?

good health relies on protein foods

Good health relies on protein foods!

In this century our lifestyle requires very little fuel.  Compare that to people fifty years ago.  They used a lot more energy in their normal day.  They had to.  They didn’t have today’s money and conveniences.  They ate only a fraction of the carbohydrates we eat today.  Processed foods were confined to a couple of breakfast cereals.  If you could go back there; right now. The first thing you’d notice is just about everybody is lean. And they all look healthy.

It stands to reason that eating more carbohydrates. And less proteins, combined with less exercise, equals a lot more fat on your body.  It may have dawned on you already.  But the best way to lose weight fast. Is when you enlist the help of your own body.   Your body was not designed to be fat.  It does not want the fat any more than you do.  But it can’t get rid of it without your help.

good health relies on the right foods

Good health relies on the right foods!

 Facts On good protein foods!

You are probably thinking; ‘a low carbs diet right’?  Sorry! but it’s not quite that simple.  First of all a low carb diets can be just another low calorie diet.  To a sugar addict, its the same as a low tar cigarette. To a nicotine addict.  it doesn’t help.  Your body will never help you lose weight on a diet.  It does not want you to diet at all.  It wants its job back. Maintaining a balanced, regular weight. Used to be a job for your metabolism.  That was never meant to be your job.  The second problem is. You might already have a sugar addiction. Or other carb food addiction.

good health v the right types of food

Good health v the right types of food!

You don’t cure a food addiction. By cutting down on food.  The same applies to a smoker, an alcoholic or a drug addict.  As long as you are addicted. You do not have control over what you eat.  Not even on a low carbs diet.  Your priority is therefore to first cure your addiction.  When the addiction is gone. So are the  cravings. The binge eating. And the hunger pains.  Once you begin to eat the right foods.   Your body will reward you with a slim healthy body. That will last you a lifetime.

How quickly can you learn the facts about good protein foods?

good protein foods

Good protein foods!

You have to begin by giving your body. The energy food it understands.  Then let it do the work nature designed it to do.  This is the best way to lose weight fast.  And it is the only way. You’ll ever cure your addiction to sugar. or pasta. Or bread. Or whatever..   This means you’ll never have to think about a diet again.  Much of what you feel about food today, will have changed completely.  Human beings were not designed to diet.  Our body cannot tell the difference. Between a diet and a famine.  Since it’s programmed to understands famine it responds accordingly.  It slows you down and prepares to store fat.

When the famine is over. Your body will keep your metabolism on a slow boil. It then begins to recover every ounce of fat you have lost.  It even adds an extra layer of fat. That’s to protect you against the next famine.  That’s nature!  Nothing good ever happens. When we try to change nature.

Everything begins with the first step.  Your first step is to learn how to be healthy. How to eat the types of protein foods your body wants. Food that will cure your addiction. And give you a permanent weight loss! That’s why the good protein foods are so important!

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