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Food Addiction – How Does It Affect YOU?

Food Addiction!

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The words ‘Food Addiction’ seem vaguely familiar but what is it exactly?  You may be shocked to learn that food addiction is a condition estimated to affect more than 60% of the population today. It’s as life-threatening as any drug addiction.

Food addiction strangles your will to choose the foods you know are good for you. That’s because you are not addicted to natural, healthy foods.  An addiction will always make your choices for you.  It prevents you from being rational and decisive.

It pre-occupies your thoughts with longings for addictive, processed foods. It suspends your common sense and clouds your thoughts with cravings.  It makes you hungry shortly after a meal and you will stay hungry most of the day.

Food addiction owns your free will, your emotions, and your desires.  It makes you want foods you barely looked at before you became addicted. It makes you fat, obese, diabetic and it will end up killing you unless you act.

So why is nobody saying “food addiction” out loud?  Where are the WARNINGS?  Why are they covering up those words and replacing them with a selective eating disorder like; emotional eating, or compulsive eating.  Why the fear of saying: Food addiction?

We first need to understand our position in the general scheme of business and the economy.  We are not the ‘doers’ and the ‘providers’ we are the receivers and subjects.  We are meant to trust labels and purchase the products we are offered.

That holds true even when those products start killing us. Before we even become aware of a problem it is quickly hidden away by the food industry.  That’s how a food addiction can turn into a selective eating disorder. Let me explain:

A selective eating disorder like compulsive eating is considered a Psychological problem. That means it is caused by issues suffered by the victim. It is said to be self-inflicted.  Treatment requires long-term analysis and drug therapy.

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A food addiction is very different. Everybody knows an addiction can be cured in a relatively short time.  It instantly leads us to ask; Who and what is causing food addiction?  To the food industry, this is a very dangerous question that must never be directed to THEM.

Nothing will make them admit they knowingly created and now profit from food addiction. Least of all that they intend to go on creating new, more addictive products every day.  What’s even sadder? No government will try to stop them.

If food addiction disappears, so does the food industry. We are talking about the biggest most powerful industry in the world. Their greatest fear is questions like; “Who is profiting from food addiction”?  There is only one answer: The Food Industry.  Their entire industry is founded on food addiction.

We have seen it all before with the Tobacco Industry. In fact, we see the top CEO’s move comfortably between the two industries.  An addiction can and is blamed on the manufacturer and distributor of the addictive substance.

In this case; we are talking about processed foods. Everybody knows an addiction can be cured. That leaves a wide-open question: What is causing food addiction?  the answer: Processed food. And there you have it!  The question no government, institution or industry will answer.

Why is “food addiction” taboo.

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Like most people, I’m sure you think that only a diet can solve your weight problems.  But you are wrong.  No diet will ever solve your weight problems. Diets are a mere band-aid. They’ll give you a temporary weight loss that cannot be sustained.  There is only one way to lose weight for good. That’s to cure the cause of your weight problems, – the food addiction. Instead of working on the symptoms – The weight.

Your only option is to cure your food addiction.  When your addiction is gone so is your desire for processed foods.  Your weight will fast disappear, along with your hunger pains, food cravings, and binge eating.  It’s the fastest way to lose weight.

Ironically, it is also the easiest way, because it is what your body wants.  We are not designed to be fat. We’re out of touch with our own body. If we cure our addiction we will get back the lean, healthy body nature intended.

Learn how by clicking the link below:

The Challenge.

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