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Craving Sweets! Can it be controlled?

Craving Sweets!

craving sweets

Craving sweets!


craving sweets

Craving sweets!


Whether you are craving sweets, obsessed with pasta, or live on a perpetual diet.  You are always going to need food to survive and live. Unlike other addictions, you cannot just stop eating.  Food is a constant.  That presents an on-going battle, just to keep the food  cravings under control.

Biological Psychiatry reviews a number of studies.  They use the heuristic framework of addiction to examine compulsive eating. Paper topics include brain reward circuitry, obesity, addiction, impulsivity, and self-control, as well as the relationship between food and dopamine, a neurotransmitter involved in pleasure and reward.

But craving sweets and other addictive foods controls a food addict’s life.

Food is a biological necessity.

This fact alone distinguishes food addiction from substances like alcohol and behaviors like gambling.  Also, by eating more, people do not gain a tolerance for the food.  Unlike we see with alcohol and drugs. These factors distinguish compulsive eating from other types of addiction.

When life is met with disappointment, loneliness, anger, frustration,stress and boredom, food can be an escape or a distraction. Pleasure eating shifts the attention from our problems.  Food is a way to lift the mood and put us in the comfort zone. Life has improved for the moment.  But just below the skin, the addiction is growing in power.  Eventually it controls our life.

craving sweets

Craving sweets!

If you are not in tune with your body. And you don’t sense the threat you may think that food addiction is just semantics.   If it is really so bad, everybody would be out to stop.  Unfortunately, although food addiction is very bad for you and me.  For the food industry, it has been a meteoric rise, from a few breakfast cereal products to a multi-national conglomerate that even a government cannot control.

An addiction is a very lucrative enterprise.  It is as good as printing your own money. The industry encourages you to pass your addiction to your children.  How?  By convincing you that breakfast cereal is a healthy food for kids to start the day.  So let’s put this dangerous, false premise to bed right now.

craving sweets

Craving sweets!

All cereal is carb foods.  It is processed which reduces it to a colourless, shapeless blob ready to be transformed.  this is done with chemicals and colorants that add texture and color to the mass.  Sugars, salts and Transfats are added to provide flavour.  Seriously, is this really the food you expect your children to thrive on?  Do you honestly believe it will add to their learning experience?  Yes, i know, you are thinking that cereal provides the energy to improve learning and enhance their health.

This is probably the biggest fallacy of all.  Carb foods do not give us energy.  They are converted to glucose, which is liquid sugar.  Glucose is the fuel our body uses when we have the energy to spend.  To get energy and strength, we need protein foods.  Only then can we use the glucose that’s produced from all those cereals we eat.  The glucose we don’t use cannot be stored for another day.  Our body is forced to convert it to body fat.

craving sweets

Craving sweets!

So getting back to our poor kids who start their school day on food that may as well be cardboard.  Who are then given a school lunch, under the auspices of the food industry provided “food plate” of more useless carb foods.  They are going to need to be very bright kids to learn anything. let alone, concentrate on what they are doing.

The food industry profits and preys on yours and your children’s addiction to food.  Just as the cigarette corporations profited, and still do, on our addiction to tobacco.   They have been doing it for a hundred years. How long will the food industry get away with it?   Forever, if it is up to them.  They are currently, quietly replacing every natural food in our supermarkets.  Walk along and glance down the aisle.  How much”real” food can you see?

Note that the real foods are closest to the door.  That’s no coincidence!   The food industry is the biggest, most influential industry in the world.  Yet, it barely existed 40 years ago.  Today it survives and thrives on the back of a widespread, growing food addiction.  There is no more lucrative market than one that can cash in on an addiction.   Ask any Colombian Drug Cartel!

craving sweets

Craving sweets!

Craving sweets is an expression of Food Addiction

When health issues and obesity appears, many people become afraid.  They begin a vicious cycle of crash diets and food binges. The cycle never stops because dieting leads to hunger which leads to more overeating.  We cannot deny our innate instincts. The human body has not evolved to incorporate diets as normal behavior.  It has only one point of reference, Famine.  That means it slows the metabolism and prepares to store fat.

When the famine is over the body will waste no time restoring the weight.  It even adds a little extra for protection against the next famine.  Slowly self esteem begins to erode, as we spirals downward into the pit of addiction from which there seems to be no escape.  Any attempt to improve our diet is met with even stronger cravings for addictive foods. Attempts to avoid food only increases the obsession.  The more we diet, the fatter we get.

Food addiction doesn’t die off or disappear.  It must be cured, just like any other substance addiction.  This requires expert support and guidance.  I have created a membership specifically to help those who are willing to act.  You can learn to stop craving sweets and other addictive carb foods.  Click the link below to learn how.

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