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Food Addiction!

Is Food Addiction Becoming The Tobacco Addiction Of The 21st Century?

From Tobacco Addiction to Food Addiction!

We are unknowing victims of a food addiction. We are constantly encouraged to eat processed foods. Like the tobacco industry, the food industry, survives and thrives on the back of an addiction. This time it is to manufactured, carbohydrate foods. What are carbohydrates?  Today they are mostly unnatural, processed foods. They are every bit as harmful and damaging as alcohol, cigarettes, drugs. And any other form of addiction.

Like the tobacco industry, The food industry has powerful government support. They serve an important role in the economy. Their products are very profitable and addictive. They are great for business. They are just not good for people!

The Causes of food Addiction

When our interests as individuals, conflict with the interests of big business, we know it’s a fight we can’t win. But in this case, our future, and that of our children’s is at stake. It Is That Important. It is estimated that 60% of the population are already addicted. Our children eat the same food we eat. So they too are addicted. We see that, because it is no longer only adults that become obese. Obesity in children is increasingly common. Even morbid obesity is beginning to affect children

Is This Food Addiction As Serious As Tobacco And Alcohol Addiction?

Absolutely! In fact, food addiction has become the most widespread addiction we have ever experienced. More people suffer from it than all the other addictions combined. There is no such thing as a safe, harmless addiction. If you are getting fat, it’s because you have a sugar addiction. Or some other food addiction. You keep getting fatter because your addiction drives you to eat more and to do it more often.

Overcoming food addiction!

All addictions invade our body and our mind. They are equally difficult to cure and exhibit very similar symptoms. But to an addict, food addiction has one useful advantage. You don’t have to give up your healthy food. Just the types of food to which you are addicted. Those are the foods that barely existed till 40 years ago. We didn’t need them then and we don’t need them now. We only eat them because we are addicted to them.

The Legacy Of The Food Pyramid

It’s true! We can’t imagine a life without processed foods.  But hanging on to bad habits is true for all addictions. Once the cravings are gone, along with the binge eating. So is the addiction. That means, once we cure our addiction, it no longer has any power over us. We become immune. Food addiction tricks our mind into believing that much of the bland, tasteless types of food we crave, like bread and pasta. Is actually filled with wonderful flavors.

Life After Food Addiction

What Are The Food Addiction Symptoms?

Apart from making us obese. Causing binge eating. Making us constantly think about food. And forcing us to eat way more than our body needs. These are some of the symptoms you can expect: Cravings, binge eating disorder, hunger pains, withdrawals, fatigue, high blood pressure, depression, anxiety, headaches and other pains.

The most serious consequences to our health are morbid obesity. Diabetes type 2. Heart disease, strokes, colon and bowel cancer. Some of the less deadly diseases are Alzheimer’s disease and premature ageing. They will not kill you, but some may wish they had. In other words, we are talking about an addiction with consequences as serious as any hard drug addiction.

How Do We learn How To Stop Food Addiction?

The first step is to learn to understand how the body works.  That means learning what is protein and what that means to our body.  This helps us understand the addiction. You can’t cure something till you understand how it works and what it does to your body. You can read much more about food addiction below:

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