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Food Plate V The Food Pyramid!


Food Plate!

the food plate

The food plate!


The original food pyramid

The original food pyramid!

Which 3 Genetically Modified Foods Are Reaching Your Dinner Plate? http://www.theconsciousdietitian.comWed, 21 Aug 2013 01:03:53 GMT The controversy surrounding Genetically Modified (GM) foods isn’t going anywhere. Activist groups have made their voice heard; we have seen protests around the globe, the burning of GM crops in Hungary, and murmurs of 

What is so important about the Food Plate?

The Food Plate has already been accepted as the model to replace the food pyramid.  When we become adults.  We soon realize that there are very few things in life.  Over which we have complete control.  Our body, our healthy and that of our children.  Used to fall into that category.  But take a good look around.  There is a whole food industry laying claim to what we put into our body.  They claim the right to control and feed our children. These same people preside on government boards. That’s where they determine what we must eat. And what our children can eat, at least when in school.  Yet, we are talking about the people. Who were responsible for the food pyramid. And therefore also responsible for our food addiction

Unlike the new, and much lauded food plate..

the food plate v the food pyramid

The food plate v the food pyramid!

The food Pyramid rightly suffered a lot of bad press.  That’s because it consists of 60%  carbohydrates.  Most of that are manufacture, processed foods.  So the experts representing the food industry. And other interested parties.  Got together to restructure the food pyramid.   Members of the public were not asked to take part.  After a considerable length of time and much debate,  It was finally decided to launch a “Food Plate” .

Blind Willy can’t fail to notice that the food plate is made of 75% carbohydrates.  A big share of it is manufactured , processed foods.  In other words: Having acknowledged that the food pyramid does not contain enough protein foods.  It was decided to increase carbohydrates. – Just a little.  They have shown neither regard or respect.  When it comes to the public’s intelligence.  Perhaps they thought we wouldn’t notice. Till forty years ago.  We still choose our food by instinct.  We didn’t need advice from anyone.  Except perhaps Grandma.  There are very few people today.  At least in the western world. Who still have those instincts in tact.

How the food plate became just another food pyramid!

a food plate of Manufactured foods

A food plate of Manufactured foods!

The story of how we changed.  Who perverted our natural diet.  And caused today’s obesity epidemic. – Is just some of the many things you’ll discover here.  What made it such a disaster.  Is that we opened the flood gates. We gave an invitation to the then fledgling food industry. To go ahead and produce ‘food’ products.  Not just the cereals they normally produced. They finally had an open slather.  They could manufacture an endless range of products. – Based on carbohydrates.  Why carbohydrates.  There is no money to be made on protein foods. They are not suited for manufacture.  That’s why so much work is being done right now.  To genetically modify and control our fresh foods. Those that can’t be replicated in a factory.  Well, at least not yet!

processed foods for the food plate

Processed foods for the food plate!

How did it all begin.  And how did it get to this.  The food industry makes products that are highly addictive.  It began forty years ago. With a food pyramid.  it was based on processed carbohydrates.  It was inferred that science was behind it.  But it was in fact nifty reversal of our traditional diet.  It was touted as the only cure for high cholesterol.  This triggered a world-wide media scare campaign.  People were driven to the new diet like cattle to slaughter.  Even doctors began to send their patients to dietitians.

It was one of the greatest con-jobs ever initiated.  certainly the most damaging to our health. If you have a weight problem.  If you have children you want to protect.  You need to get the whole story.  Beware, because what’s coming is far worse.  It’s called GM Food.  Food genetically modified.  Right now, we are being led even further down the path to obesity, diabetes type 2, heart disease and cancer.   By 2030, 86% of us will be obese.  Are you and your family going to be there?

cholesterol v the food plate

Cholesterol v the food plate!

If you wonder why most people who were tested. Proved to have high cholesterol.  You should know that the method used for the tests. – Was wrong.  It guaranteed a high reading.  What you should also know: It took more than 30 years for this to be made public.  By then, most people were addicted to food.  Coincidence?  Maybe.   But right now you should fear the food plate. And those who have created it.  It will not serve you. Or help you get the lean healthy body you want.  It is there to promote food addiction. And that will ensure more addicts. Ready to serve the interests of the food industry.  If you want to get of this cycle and cure your addiction.  Just click the link below.




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