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How To Get An Extreme Weight Loss Result!

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What does an extreme weight loss mean to you?  To me it means not only a complete weight loss. But one that ensures the weight will never return.  Because if it returns, then my time and effort has been wasted.

Do you realize that today 60% of people are overweight or obese.  We are eating too much. Yet the vast majority of those people will have tried dieting at least once. We seek an extreme weight loss but we never seem to get any slimmer.

The truth is we’re all getting a little fatter every day.  We refuse to believe we eat the wrong weight loss foods.  So we keep trying, hoping this time it will be different. We want an extreme weight loss and most of us are willing to work for it, but we go about the wrong way.

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We treat our weight Problems as something we have caused, which means; it is something we can cure. But that’s not how our body works. It is futile to cure a weight problem. Unless we cure THE CAUSE.  To do that we have to relearn intuitive eating.

We have to start eating the type of weight loss food nature intended.  And we have to understand and acknowledge that diets can’t work and the necessary weight loss motivation can only come from eating the food our own body understands.

So what is the real cause? It’s Food Addiction. We have become addicted to fake, processed foods and until we cure that addiction we will get fatter after each diet and we will eventually become obese. Our only hope is to cure the food addiction that makes us fat.

We’re all so busy focusing on our weight and on ways to eliminate it.  We are putting the cart before the horse. The people who tell us to diet are the people who profit from our addiction. They have had forty years to prove to us that their advice can help us lose weight for good.

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They have failed dismally. And unfortunately, that was always their intention.  The biggest industry in the world is not going to give up their lucrative profits for the sake of everybody’s health.  The tobacco industry didn’t. So why should they.

The only people who benefit from the wrong weight loss foods are the people cause the addiction and create the diets.  To them we are like a herd of cattle, trapped by our addiction and sitting ducks to a ruthless greedy industry. But we can still change that.

We can still have that extreme weight loss we have all dreamed of.  We just can’t have it with a diet.  What we CAN do is make a decision to cure our food addiction.  But that’s too hard right?  Let me ask you this:

Is there such a thing as an easy diet?  And bear in mind, your are always going to need to diet again and each time you do, it gets a bit harder and you lose a bit less. After the diet the fat returns faster each time and there’ll be more of it.

Cure your food addiction and the weight is gone for good.  If you can’t lose the weight for good, then surely there is neither purpose or logic in dieting.  Because it is clear the weight will always return. And each time with more fat than you had before you started.

We see plenty of proof that diets don’t work.  Forty years ago only sick people had to diet. We had a traditional, natural diet.  We enjoyed it and so did our body.  Weight problems were rare and invariably due to diabetes or a thyroid condition.

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When you try to lose weight through diet and exercise it will always appear to work for a while.   The journey isn’t easy, but if you persist you will get a weight loss.  The tragedy is:  All the hard work will be wasted because the weight is guaranteed to return.

So how do you get an extreme weight loss without a diet?  First we accept that a food addiction is like any other addiction. It can be cured in a relatively short time.  That’s the good news.  The bad news is that nobody wants you, or anyone else to cure your food addiction.

Food addiction is the backbone of the biggest industry in the world, The Food Industry.  It is also the mainstay and support for the diet and food industries.  Without food addiction there’s no industry.  Think of the tobacco industry and you’ll get the picture.

So get the full story. Learn how you can cure your addiction and get your extreme weight loss and never have to worry about your weight again. It is Awful to be a victim to a monster industry. But it’s even worse not to even know it.  Just click the link below to learn more:





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