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How To get Weight Loss Motivation!

images (36)Weight loss motivation seems to be the biggest problem for most people when it comes to losing weight. You may be overweight, but you have no idea how to raise the motivation necessary to lose the weight.

This probably has a lot to do with the hopeless feeling you get when your confidence in dieting has depleted. You have tried it all before. You had that dramatic weight loss that didn’t last. Why would a new diet be better?

The bad news in that all your dieting has been in vain. You have been eating the wrong foods for weight loss. 40 years ago, when we began to diet, the vast majority of people were lean and healthy. Diets were for sick people.

The fact is we do not adapt, we evolve. Evolution is a very slow process. Your ‘diet expert’, or that ‘great new diet product’ may promise a natural weight loss and better health.  But any diet will only offer more weight problems.

How can I say that? Apart from your vital organs, the most important part of your body is your metabolism and digestive system. When you begin to diet you have already made an enemy of your own body.

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You are stuffing fake unnatural foods into a body that is identical to your distant ancestors. It doesn’t understand your weight loss solutions. It tries to warn you with heartburn, indigestion, and many other complaints.

But instead of responding, and learning to listen to your own body. You numb it with a medication. You have lost the natural connection to your own body. You have probably never heard of intuitive eating.

Although your digestive system screams for your attention, you barely know it exists.
You have ‘diet experts’ to take care of that right?  No wonder; weight loss motivation is such a hard thing to  come by.

Deep down we all know that diets don’t work. We try them because we are desperate to lose weight and don’t know what else to do. So I’m going to introduce you to  something completely different that WILL work.

You will finally be eating the weight loss foods your body understands. The weight you lose will never come back as long as you continue to eat the food your body was made for. It is a method that has always worked.

The best foods for weight loss are forgotten not because something better came along. But because big business can’t make money on the food our body understands.  So they cleverly engineered a change of diet.


This is probably all new to you.  But it’s old knowledge that till 40 years ago, was known by most educated people.  It may be very hard to believe that you don’t need to diet to lose weight. But that used to be normal.

Misinformation has been ingrained in our minds for the past 40 years, though daily doses of pseudo science and misinformation. In fact an entire mythology has been built around diets and dieting. We need a diet plan to eat.

It is probably hard for you to learn that till 40 years ago, it would have been impossible to imagine that dieting would ever be normal.  Till then few people needed to diet and nobody in their right mind counted calories.

Today we have lost our natural instincts. Intuitive eating is unknown.  We gain weight because we no longer connect with own body. Its has become some kind of appendix that only ‘diet experts’ can understand.

Until you learn the right food for weight loss. And cure the CAUSE of your weight problems. You will never lose weight for more than a short time. Not till you let go of diets and dieting and begin to understand your body.

It really is common sense. But the simplicity of the real facts tend to cause doubt and suspicion. Being fat is a big deal. We somehow want to settle on a complicated weight loss solution, so we can justify our suffering.

I know you think it’s all your fault. We all tend to do that. So you dived into that bucket of Icecream. Your fault right? You ate that whole pizza all by yourself Yes? You are overeating, but not because you are hungry.

It is not normal to be hungry all the time.  That’s why it is not your fault. You are driven by your urges and there is a very good reason for that.  So if you are done suffering. If you are ready to use your common sense.

Losing weight for good is not nearly as hard as you think. It’s a lot easier than trying and failing with yet another diet.  Nature is not complicated.  We are all part of nature.  Your weight loss solution is not rocket science.

I challenge you to get the facts, the whole truth about your weight problems and how to eliminate them for good. Just visit The link at the bottom of this page. It is guaranteed to give you some weight loss motivation.

The Healthy Weight Loss Challenge!


How To get Weight Loss Motivation!


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